Google’s BIG plans for the Android ECOSYSTEM!

Google has HUGE plans to make Android a little more interoperable with every device you own…


00:00 – Intro
00:28 – Nearby Share is now Quick Share
1:02 – New Cast and Fast Pair functions
2:25 – Android Auto hits a new gear
3:07 – Google Built-in x Android Automotive
4:08 – Google on the up

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31 thoughts on “Google’s BIG plans for the Android ECOSYSTEM!

  1. Eh, this is stuff that should have been here for years. Google is still very much playing catch-up. And I still don't see anything close to stuff like Handoff or taking phone calls on a Mac. Also Wear OS 3 seems to once again get lost in irrelevancy.

  2. Problem is the phone is usually (if not always) the most important node in your ecosystem. If the phone loses out to another, the ecosystem is irrelevant. Samsung’s had an ecosystem, but again not as cohesive as Apple’s. But good enough I’m sure.

  3. I'm not a fan of any ecosystem because the manufacturers intentionally lock features to certain brands and you have to have those particular brands to use certain features. Android used to be about not locking certain features with certain brands, it's going back to the old days of when manufacturers would lock certain features from there particular brand. I use a variety of different brands, when one manufacturer does certain things that I used to use that they remove, I switch between different brands like a different pair of shoes. For example, bluetooth earbuds and headphones, you have to have a certain brand to use certain features and functionality. I don't want any of the manufacturers to treat android devices to be exclusive and be proprietary because that's not what android was about when android devices were first coming out. All the manufacturers did certain things that made them different and unique. Locking certain features with certain brands behind an ecosystem will only make things worse because they are consumers that use a variety of brands for each specific purposes and using ecosystems will further complicate things for the consumers. No one has ever mentioned that using ecosystems is making it ok for the manufacturers to make things proprietary for the manufacturers and not useful and helpful for the consumers and not every consumer wants to be locked down by certain brands just to use certain features and functionalities. Nowadays, the majority of consumers want to be locked down to certain brands which offer less features and functionality to any of the consumers with less options. I miss the days of when android devices were different from each other and they were not proprietary like how it is now. At least with hifi audio, there are so many brands to choose from and they use standard components but they offer there own unique ways of manufacturing and designing products but they work well with each other no matter what brand they are. I use android, chrome os and windows from a variety of brands and manufacturers since I don't care about brand loyalty and ecosystems. Ecosystems are designed to lock features with there particular brand and if you don't like what the particular manufacturer or brand is doing you are stuck like quick sand.

  4. The problem with Apple, when you try to make an Apple device work with a non Apple device, it doesn't "just work" at all, instead a lot of the time you are out of luck.

  5. Changing android phone to new one is still a pain. Backup/restore is better and better but still garbage. No in-app accounts and app data stored on phone, no wallpapers, widgets, many settings, on screen icon locations an more. I understand, many want this life changing feature like transfer currently playing music to tablet, but after restore there is many hours of tuning phone to looking and working like previous. And allow me to get rid off Discover screen.

  6. As a sammy user for a long time, Sammy’s had all kinds of useful features going back years. That being said the main reason I bought my jbl authentics 300 was because it had cast built in. Great to see what google’s doing.

  7. Let's hope Google won't kill off applications and service in the future. These reinventing and killing off their 1st party apps are some of the reason why Google isn't that strong yet in the ecosystem. I do not want to use any Google app with a thought this very app will going down someday…..

  8. As someone who recently switched from the Apple side to the Android side of things, there's only two things I'm really missing. A proper AirTags alternative and more (useful) third party apps on smartwatches.

  9. The problem is it might work between android devices. It is welcomed that nearby share was introduced for windows. But still google needs to expand more to windows. They need to make apps switch between windows and android and vice versa. Microsoft is working hard on their end but I see google still keeping a distance.

  10. My iPhone 15 pro max hotspot doesn't work. It also cannot play audio when connected with a cord. These things just work in Android.

  11. None of the new android auto features matter until Google acknowledges and fixes the fact that Android auto is bricked on Android 14 for numerous people

  12. It's time for google to make android ecosystem goes with other non android devices, introduce App in Windows/Mac that can make you read messages/Duo calls/share files directly, etc.. I know its possible now but different applications and methods, make it like you can integrate any device and building an ecosystem of your choice.

    Also, a problem that really need to be solved is Video compressing (I know its not what the video is about)
    whenever i record something and share it, applications compress it and result into a pixlated video.
    Google should have an API for apps to compress videos and keeping best quality, it might be a peoblem of mp4 that need to be switched to something else.

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