HTC 10 Revisited: One Year Later

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With the HTC U 11 set to be announced soon, we take a look back at one of the most underrated flagships of 2016, the HTC 10.

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44 thoughts on “HTC 10 Revisited: One Year Later

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  2. This phone is good for the first 2 years of purchase but the battery life after that is appalling. Whether its a con by the company to upgrade to a new phone or, not the battery life (if used constantly) would probably now last me 2 hours now and would often die at 25/30% battery. Having to resort to buying an iphone as many people have them and I know that they're reliable enough. It's a shame really as it's the only aspect of the phone that I can complain about, but it is a biggie…

  3. Another reason is there are a lot of failed HTC phones, say HTC sensation XE, which it's touchscreen failed after 1 year… The phone is still in my possession… With it's touchscreen halfway broken….

  4. Despite having Note 8, I ordered a brand new HTC 10 in Camellia Red from Amazon for just 270 €! How lucky is that!
    I bought it just to use it as a brilliant mp3 player, because of its built in 24- bit DAC/AMP.
    Also, I miss having full metal unibody phones.

  5. Bought it just 2 weeks ago, a grade A refurb, couldn't be happier with the value and performance even in 2018. Upgraded to Android 8 on Verizon, and greatly helped the battery life too!

  6. Hey guys, I also have an HTC 10, and I love it. However I've been having some trouble with software updates. I'm running Marshmallow 6.0.1 and every single time I check for an update, a message pops out saying that there was an unexpected error and that the file system may be corrupted, and that I need to contact HTC support for assistance. Any recommendations??

  7. Great phone, WHEN IT WORKED. I have been a loyal HTC owner since the HTC One (loved this phone, won't even boot up anymore). Exactly one year after I purchased the 10 the battery started to erode. I can't even keep it running unless it is pulled into some sort of power source (WITH the original quick charge USB C cable. The customer service is USELESS. They would not grant me the 1 year warranty, even though I was only 3 days past the warranty. After numerous phone calls into customer service, they agreed to send me a 100$ discount code (which I have yet to receive after 2 days…..)

    So I am thinking about jumping over to the ONeplus 5t or staying with HTC purchasing the U11. I would be paying almost htc exact same price, so that is not the issue. Anyone thoughts?

  8. Watching on my HTC 10. It's been a really solid phone. I'm planning on an upgrade soon and I'm most likely jumping to the pixel 2 xl or the galaxy s9 depending on how it turns out since the u11 seems like such a letdown. Unless HTC comes out of nowhere with another killer phone this year. Still holding my breath, but there are so many great phones on the market now.

  9. I loved my HTC 10, but after only 1.5 years the battery went dead. Very common, apparently. The battery extremely hard to replace and many phone repair shops won't touch it.. HTC really bungled the engineering on this phone. For more about this check .

  10. He's not lying, because when I bought the M7 I couldn't go anywhere without people asking me what it was then I start seeing a lot of people with it I used to love that phone.. It was with me on my journey when I lost 72 lb and I took a bunch of pictures with it, pictures this still stored in my library only replacing the M7 for the Note 4, because HTC would not allow multi screen use for some strange reason.. and I held on to the Note 4 then got sick of Android crashing and moved to iPhone 6s plus, which I'm currently watching and commenting on this video

  11. Hi, Lanh – Is there a setting that enables burst/continuous photos? I've read that all I need to do is hold the capture button, but all I get is a single photo. Thanks!

  12. I tried to get one, but it was sold out and they weren't bringing anymore in. I could get a phone of any value and a phone under $200 , so I'm using a Sony xa , I also got an iphone 7 and sold it. Black friday sale is apparently still on , so I'm gonna get a htc 10 now.I kinda miss htc phones, mainly because nobody uses it , heck I have a butterfly and a butterfly 2, the butterfly 3 isn't sold here, even htc users didn't know what phone I was using. So excited about finally getting a hifi phone

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