HTC: How Can HTC Turn The Ship Around?

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47 thoughts on “HTC: How Can HTC Turn The Ship Around?

  1. Make a second Oneplus 2 with nfc and fast charging capabilities. Change the look a bit. Experiment with different materials rather than just a shiny and slippery metal body. Put out two models of the same device, one with a design which will attract teenagers and the other with a more corporate look, while both essentially having the same features.Keep both of them under 450 bucks and also,take the extra HTC shit out of the htc sense UI. Since HTC won't face any problems in manufacturing enough devices to meet the demand unlike Oneplus, it should sell more.Moreover, HTC has an added advantage of having more service centers than Oneplus. What do you think?

  2. HTC fucked up my HTC one, died in under 2 years, the camera broke in the first 3 months,  and the screen cracked,  the phone finally shit it self last week,  i am going back to apple,  my apple 3GS is still working and I got that day 1.  Fuck HTC

  3. if google made their own devices like apple, apple wouldn't be that far ahead. look at android as a whole, and the numbers would be a hell of a lot different, but everybody and their cousins brother makes devices based on android. with that said, it will be very hard for one company to compete with apple.

  4. apple only makes profits because these 16 year old white girls with rich parents think it's the best phone out their cause everyone else has one but really if they had any self preference they would know that almost every top line android phone kills the shitty outdated dual processor apple shit phones

  5. In 2013, htc camera had OIS and now, there is no any htc with that great feature… is just falling & falling because of their ediotness

  6. they need to deliver on their phones in every category I have the m9 and I couldn't send A video without a second app thats crazy when it's such a nice phone well so how to send it back for repair of a clicking sound

  7. they need to deliver on their phones in every category I have the m9 and I couldn't send A video without a second app thats crazy when it's such a nice phone well so how to send it back for repair of a clicking sound

  8. did you remember some phone brands that make good quality phone with good cameras and with durability materials? did you remember Nokia? well that brand its dead now, I think the brands have to move around the wave investigate in what the people need and what they are looking for

  9. Everything was right with the m9 except for that shit camera. If people are going to flush out 600-700 bucks for something, they want a full package. especially the camera for facebook, snapchat, etc. 
    I like the one series, the metal build, the boomsound speakers on the front, but the only reason why I didn't buy the phone, versus the s6, was the camera.
    Nobody wants to be seen taking 2009 quality photos man.

    I say, do a subtle yet sexy revamp of the design of the one m10 (keep metal and add a removable back), add a good ass camera with ois, keep the boomsound, up the processor and specs for 2016, up the display to 2k or 4k, make the phone slightly ticker to add a bigger battery (htc, i like a little pocket weight but not a brick) and boom!
    You got a good ass smartphone.

    Oh! And add multitasking, and some other useable features for that big screen.

  10. They need to stop making the products so goddamn ugly. Not to mention the hideous colours they offer. Stick with black and white, seriously. Also terrible, terrible customer service and shitty cameras. A spec that was nice is the front facing speakers, however, you can't really appreciate it until you have a side by side comparison/experience which is why it's not a good selling point.

  11. It's simple, Apple is first because Apple has only ONE phone, well,  2 phones 2 sizes, if there was only ONE Android phone Im sure it would sell quite well, but Android is available on a shit load of phones, if Apple ios was available on LG, Samsung, HTC, Motorola devices than the iPhone would probably have less sales

  12. htc needs to make the next one exactly like the m9 except improve the camera to the G4 or S6 camera and fix the button placement so that its like the onelplus one

  13. Stop putting garbage cameras in their phones, stop putting out multiple versions of their flagship and stop overpricing their phones at release.

  14. True, HTC hasnt been putting out the best phones in the market as of late but keep in mind that its HTC ONE M7 did win smartphone of the year in 2013, and personally the functionality and reliability are the two vital elements that have made me brand loyal towards HTC. HTC has managed to give their phones both a premium feel as well as a robust build which many other companies such as Apple and Samsung have failed to provide, its reliable,classy and is built to withstand the most demanding environments, such as our pockets, unlike some 😉

  15. specs is already good. add bigger battery. the htc one m7 had 2300mah, m8 had 2600mah, m9 2840mah, break the 3000mah battery.

  16. 1. The CEO ruins the product launch with his ambiguous English accent.
    2. The presentation for the product launches is a complete disaster.
    3. They possibly lack strict, vehement performance evaluators to honestly and fearlessly critique the companies decisions overall.
    4. After sales service(in India, at present) has been horrible. This burden is self born by the company due to the unorganized and bulk product launches.
    5. They aspire to cater to new product categories by dismaying the need to bolster the quality of service for the products already launched. They certainly are the master of none, but they also apparently have failed being the jack of all trades.

    If HTC wants to prove its mettle and get back into the competition, there is a quintessential need to fix the above problems(and many more that fellow users/critics can effectively point out). All this, sadly comes from a former HTC user. I do believe they have the potential, if only they realize it at the right time!

  17. M7 , M8 And M9 they all look alike.

    It's human nature, people wants to see something fresh and new.

    time for them to go back to drawing board.

  18. Switched from Galaxy s6 to an iPhone 6 plus and the animations and smoothness of iOS not to mention better exclusive games and apps seem more polished its unparalleled although I miss chat heads and running two apps side by side I wouldn't dismiss iPhones so quickly just based on looking at numbers on paper because even with an Samsung 7420 processor and 3gb of ram it still stutters and app crashes are frequent

  19. they had the HTC One M7 Max that had a removable cover.

    just make that microsd expanded, water proof and removable battery and HTC will be back

  20. HTC just need to make visually symetrical phones that work perfectly. The last one was the first HTC One M7. After this all their phones have had too much going on at the bottom of the screen and effectively making the useable screen surface smaller. i.e. bring back some capacitive buttons so that there is more space on the touchscreen. Then just put a workable camera on and absolutely use Optical Image Stabilisation. The speakers facing you are great for playing games at home and watching some video…..Obviously not to play on a packed bus! Then give the phone a battery that more than lasts a day and give it a super duper screen. The body doesn't have to be ultra thin, just stylish and minimal. Fingers crossed that HTC manage to produce a flagship in March!!

  21. HTC  Needs a solid camera. On paper and reality. I love my m8. But that and the m9 pulled their new cameras out of a parts bin. Put OIS back into the cameras. I know at least 4 people who told me they chose the gs5 over the m8 because of the 'mega pixel' count. So HTC changed it to a 20 mp camera that was horrible in other ways, in my opinion worse than the 4 ultra pixel camera thanks to low light. The majority of America doesn't know that megapixels aren't everything. They need to find balance with their camera specs because in my opinion, thats what holds them back. Enough with the gimmicks. Insert useful features and study the market. Figure out what basic bros and bitches want first and make those features easy to access and work properly 90% of the time. Finally, HTC's marketing campaign sucks so bad, oh so bad.

  22. Instead of too many phones….
    Make 2 phones:
    -HTC one (flagship with a camera that can beat all others)
    -HTC desire one (moto g – like low end awesome phone)

  23. I think is HTC should start making computer display because it's not a category where one particular clear winner, and as you say something that comes first to the mind can actually be the best 1. this industry is always going to grow

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