HTC One (M8) video walkthrough

Phil takes a look at the all-new 2014 HTC One!

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47 thoughts on “HTC One (M8) video walkthrough

  1. Does anyone know how to upload a video from HTC to Mac? I can upload my pics but not the videos, it's driving me crazy!

  2. Wow, this phone is so damn busy. There's a bunch of text and images on almost every screen you open. So much junk included, too. There are already small sized apps that allow you to do all that lock screen junk.

  3. Its fine for giants with big hands to call it average, still hope to see the htc one m8 mini to make an appearance

  4. I just returned my gs5 and got the m8 Wow! I don't think i could ever go back to Samsung unless they upgrade materials on there phone, it just feels so good compared to my gs5 and the tap screen feature is something I need as I take my phone out 50 times a day during work while switching from Podcasts to Pandora to other things, camera is not that bad at all so far they all look fantastic, not sure why people a freaking out about the camera it really isn't bad at all and the low light is an added bonus it really does look decent in low light compared to my s5 better that is. The other thing is the speakers, I don't understand how they can make it sound that good its ridiculous very clean sounding, they have the sound nailed down hard no crackle or anything just crystal clear sound, WAY better than the gs5 and the call quality sounds better as well because of the speakers.  HTC has a convert, no more touch wiz to deal with, sense is WAY better less bloated, feels a lot like stock android when you swipe down to get to setting and such, clean and easy to use. Oh and another thing just download an app to put a widget size icon on your main screen that will turn the phone off if you don't want to reach to the top of the phone to hit the power button, theirs like a 1000 of them in marketplace, tap an icon phone turns off just as easy as that, tap screen to turn on tap to turn off on icon problem fixed.

  5. Hi Phil!  Great review..and great site!  I've been a part of Android Central for years, and the forums provide me with all of the latest information.  I had the original HTC ONE, but called AT&T customer care the day the phone was announced!  I love the M8!  Keep up the great work!

  6. I got the m8 last weekend im in the UK and I can say without question it's really a fantastic phone. It just feels right. I came from a note 2. Software is much different to Samsung galaxy's but that's to be expected. I love blink feed and the camera it great but you do lose quality if cropping or zooming from a far. Boom sound is fantastic really loud and as for build quality it's just beautiful. Can't wait to get the dot case for it now and then it will be complete. For anyone wanting to protect there m8 on eBay you can buy skins for the phone. Really look smart. Stops the phone getting battered.

  7. I can't believe I got mine for just $32 a month on Att, by far it is the best phone I've seen. The dot view cases are sold out already 🙁

  8. I own it, great phone with great pictures. Operation is very smooth. Battery life is much better, will last two days or more with regular use. Speakers are much clearer sounding . Very fast . Flash is extremely bright ,will light up a very large area at night. Perfect,yes

  9. I can't believe it's already been dropped by the reviewer. Seriously man? How the heck did you drop it already… I feel embarrassed for you when watching the video. 🙁

    Phone is very nice looking though.

  10. I love your review, the sample of pictures you took, seem to be very nice, I have seen reviews were the pictures look horrible.Again thanks for the review, the phone is gorgeous.

  11. those black bars, i just cant get over them. the metal is cool but i couldnt get an htc phone if they keep using those damn black bars and taking up so much screen space

  12. I have the HTC One (M7) now. I hate how the HTC logo alone takes up so much of the bottom of the screen in this new version as well. I wish they could have just extended the screen real estate. I like my camera now, the 4 ultra-pixels is still amazing for it's low pixels but I was hoping they would have some sort of upgrade with the new phone but nope. Just an added camera. Not impressed, HTC. Sorry, not enough to make me want to upgrade.

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