HTC U12+ review: Digital buttons in a physical world

The HTC U12+ has an 18:9 display, a speedy Snapdragon 845, and some of the best dual cameras around, but an unconventional hardware decision may spoil the phone’s overall experience.

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Author: Rafael


46 thoughts on “HTC U12+ review: Digital buttons in a physical world

  1. These reviews crack me up. Some are going crazy about the buttons. Some are going crazy about the LCD screen and others about the audio jack and I'm just sitting here like DOES THE PHONE LAST MORE THAN THREE YEARS with no communication issues (i.e. text and phone calls) and how is the Customer Support in need of having to contact. Everything else is just childs play to me LOL I'm defiantly purchasing this phone. My HTC Desire still works like a charm and amazed by the battery life after having this phone for 5 years. The internal memory is the reason for the upgrade now.

  2. Still gonna get this phone.
    For me, Bloatware and Slow Android updates (Samsung) closed Software without any freedome and unwarranted price (Apple) are REAL dealbreakers. But no one is saying it bcs u know, its Samsung and Apple. Also, bcs of LCD. My Wife has the S7 and the Display is blurred and the colors are washed out now if u compare it with Day 1. Even the best Amoled/Oled Display is just hype trash

  3. Mr mobile : thanks for that… But it is not that bad to take the phone out of the game…. Regardless of all the negative points I will go for HTC_U12…. thanks HTC for the great performance

  4. I don't have U12+, I don't know how "bad" is its Edge Sense and "buttons".
    However, I played with my friend's U11 many times. I have no problem using the Edge Sense to launch camera (short squeeze) and Edge Launcher (long squeeze) . Can say 100% works fine. My friend had been using it for months, no complains too.
    Wondering what's going on on the U12+, whether the problem was on the users or the U12+ only (where U11 has no problem).

  5. So basically it is a well-spec'd phone which packs excellent internals but is completely ruined by horrible button operations making the whole experience utterly atrocious… Even its only selling point (Edge Sense) doesn't seem to work half the time! Elevate members, if you have time to defend their terrible marketing decision and design failure in this comment section, why don't you go Help This Company by getting one from them? Surely HTC would love it.

  6. It seems that the point of this review was just to Bach this phone he doesn't talk any of the phone feature like, the 4 mic door 3d recording, when zoom like recording the mic with focus on object, you say no headphones jack but forgot to mention the headphones that box with noise cancellation and far better than any other phone, I can keep going but you guys already know. If want to see a honest review go watch high tech traveler

  7. Edge sense worked great on my U11 and i set it to screen on/off. It was like a huge power button that was a lot easier to trigger than an actual power button. It was really the best part of the phone to me. Is that button SO horrible that you would not recommend the phone altogether?!

  8. So close. I guess that's the risk when you come up with something new, but don't quite get it right with the review units. Other reviewers have not had the button issues, so hopefully things will pan out and show this to be an early quality control or calibration problem with some units. Other reviewers have not had this problem. Edge Sense is dead reliable on the U11, and if it can be fixed via software, HTC will. Unlike Samsung who just tells users an issue can be fixed, but they are not going to bother ( exynos battery problems).

    However, when Samsung has had QC failures in the past, Android Central has defended them (sample size). When the Pixel 2 had quality control problems, Android Central defended them.

    It least it has better performance, battery life, camera, audio, and media viewing experience than Samsung, so there's that ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. He doesn't hate the phone but if you pay 800 bucks, these problems shouldn't have been there in the first place and HTC rushes out this phone.

  10. Once you don't like it, you seem to out negativity on the phone. Holding the edge can be adjusted. Edge sense has it all unless you haven't use htc phones before. The user experience may vary to those who firstly use htc.

  11. It is a shame. My first smartphone was the Hero and I would love to get an HTC again. But these quirks and the huge size of thier devices is a turn off. HTC, go back to a metal case design, put useful features in (headphone port!) and leave the gimmicks out. Make your phones unique by giving them a unique style, like in the old days.

  12. This is an actual sequence of events that just happened on my U12+:

    Picked up U12+ to take a photo. Unlocked first, then squeezed for camera. Camera launched, but then squeeze was falsely interpreted as a long press on the power button so I got the power/reset dialog box. Before I could do anything, phone rebooted in my hand.

    Guys, this is not an isolated incident, and it wasn't user error. I've been using this thing for over a week and I've gotten to know its quirks. Its many, many quirks. The combination of Edge Sense and virtual buttons on this thing is a usability nightmare from hell. And this is with the same software shipping to buyers. A summer update might help, but no amount of Elevate Kool-Aid will.

  13. I believe the only real downside you can say about HTC is their after sales support the rare times you're going to need them. For the life of me I've only needed to send my phone for repair once and that was way back WinMo days. I've bought every flagship release with no problems. Other than that, they make great phones.

  14. Believe it or not, those pressure sensitive buttons could be great, but they need to hurry up and get that update out. Also I love edge sense and downloaded edge sense plus on my U11. I do understand how the digital buttons could hurt the phones overall usability. It's all about perspective. Hopefully the digital buttons will not going to be on the list of things that are killing HTC.

  15. You said your HTC fan for years sounds like B'S look at thoes pictures in that camera they look amazing this phone has so much to go for and the buttons on the side are made to last more and helps for the waterproof

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