iPhone 15 Pro Max: A 10-year Android fanboy’s view.

As a hardcore Android user, will I be able to comfortably switch to an iPhone as a daily driver? Watch on to find out.

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27 thoughts on “iPhone 15 Pro Max: A 10-year Android fanboy’s view.

  1. I've watched countless videos on this topic, but yours stands out from the rest in the most extraordinary way. Your passion and genuine desire to help others shine through, making this video a true gem. Your explanations are clear and concise, and I appreciate the practical tips and actionable advice you've shared. I've already started implementing some of your suggestions, and I'm already seeing positive changes in my life. Thank you for creating content that truly makes a difference!

  2. It's good to see this channel addressing iPhones in a reasoned manner. The reality is that 99.9% of what people do with their phones is possible on either iPhone or Android, and that final .1% usually isn't a dealbreaker. Someone who cares about smartphones should care about both sides improving, because it keeps both sides from stagnating.

  3. Eventho everybody working here is what we would actually call them "android enthusiast" …. CALM TF DOWN guys.. nobody's gonna tell you to only use ANDROID.. its a free world.. just use the things whatever fits in your needs and styles.. and prolly in the next few weeks you might also need to change the name of this channel.. just so people dont get confused..

  4. I think you should start changing your channel's name to a neutral naming. I think for over the years, it's limiting you to cover Apple products which makes Android users subscribing this channel disappointed since you're not living to its name. And lately, we've been noticing you have been covering Apple products.

  5. Ios is good and all but price to parity sucks. And it just wont work well with other brand's smart watch and pods. I just cant see myself using apple anymore. I do buy and sell apple products tho haha

  6. If Samsung could could solve the blurry images of my kids indoors I’d be a S23 Ultra user in a heartbeat. Blows my mind that they still haven’t’ solved the shutter lag issue.

  7. Which part you guys don't get??? Stop posting stuff about iPhone and/or iOS here, at Android Authority. You love your new iPhone? Fine, go post under iPhone Authority or wherever the hack else you want, but not here. Is this unequivocally enough?

  8. Control center, Android update frequency, clearness of calls. Coming from Motorola edge Plus 2023 it's cutting out frequently during calls.

  9. I used the pixel and loved it but once I switched, everything just works a bit better and faster. AirDrop is a huge thing for me since I can quickly share files from phone to macs etc. I do think the battery is horrid coming from a 13 pro, but both were far better than any battery i experienced on pixels

  10. I used iOS for six months for work and it was horrible. And it's not that I'm unfamiliar with iOS. I have an iPad and I worked for a national carrier for years. I know iOS. I just hate it. Just general navigation around the UI is torture. Even trying to add a photo or file to an email is unnecessarily difficult. In fact, everyone I worked with (many of whom had personal iPhones as well) didn't know that you could attach photos from the email client. They still think you have to attach photos from the gallery. I knew that this couldn't be the case, but I really had to dig around to figure out how to do it. Honestly, I think it was by accident. Notifications are a joke. I don't even bother with them.

    iOS sucks. I'm not an Apple "hater". I have an iPad and a MBP. I just won't be going anywhere near an iPhone unless iOS get overhauled completely.

  11. The Iphone 15 pro Max is indeed the perfect phone for any content creator. However, if you step into the Apple ecosystem, you risk being locked in & buying all their other products…

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