iPhone 15 vs. Pixel 8: Can Google WIN?!

Is Google capable of responding to the iPhone 15 with the Pixel 8 series? We work it out early…

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Author: Rafael


50 thoughts on “iPhone 15 vs. Pixel 8: Can Google WIN?!

  1. 5:25 Typical Android fan boy, getting upset over things that aren’t even true. The iPhones don’t support Thunderbolt, so they don’t need a Thunderbolt cable, they just need a USB-C cable, and because of the way USB-C works you’ll need a slightly better cable for 10 Gbps speeds than you would for 480 Mbps speeds, which has nothing to do with Apple.

    Great to see Android fans are still getting mad over literally non-existent issues in 2023.

  2. If google hikes it prices that a darn shame cause if it was gonna be 899 for the larger 8 model this year I would’ve definitely switched, but this is just speculation. If anything I’ll just get my free iPhone with my carrier and pay the difference for the pro model

  3. I don't really understand why everyone is saying that Google Tensors are weak this isn't true people look at the AnTuTu and Geekbench and say oh this processor is weak, but in real life if you look at tensor G1 and G3 specs you will realize that they are on bar with any flagship chip out there

  4. I'll never understand why iPhone fans are complaining about the price of the Pixel 8 while completely ignoring the price of the under-equipped iPhone 15. For example, Pixel 8 will come with a 120Hz refresh rate, iPhone 15 only has a 60Hz refresh rate. Pixel 8 will support USB-C 3.2 with a wired 10Gb/s data transfer rate, iPhone 15 has USB-C 2.0 with only a wired 480Mb/s data transfer rate (much slower). Pixel 8 will come with a 50 megapixel main camera sensor, iPhone 15 has a 48 megapixel main camera sensor. Pixel 8 will have the 5X crop-in zoom as the iPhone 15, but with a larger 50mp sensor to let in more light and increase image quality. Pixel 8 will support night-sight video, iPhone 15 says "What's nightsight video?" The thermometer on the Pixel 8 I'm assuming could be used to aid the camera in the nightsight video mode, but we'll have to wait and see. Pixel 8 will use Face Unlock AND an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, while iPhone 15 will only support FaceID unlock. Yet, Pixel 8 will cost no more than the iPhone 15 which starts at $799 US for the generic base model. All the upgraded equipment in the Pixel 8 and it will still be a better buy than the cheapest iPhone 15. How you like those "apples"?

  5. Sorry guys, I love my pixel 4a I dont want 1000$ phone but we need to admit Apple CPU is monster kill, IOS on iPhone is to much optimized nobody can compete they have earpods pro apple watch… They always win on day to day comparaison 😢

  6. Phones have plateaued long ago. The phone you bought four years ago has basically the same features barring a few fancy gimmicks of new launches. Hold on to your phone, particularly if it is an iPhone, and buy a battery case if your battery has deteriorated.

  7. Google had a competitive advantage in pricing. Yes the iPhone is an engineering marvel and Apple charges accordingly. That said for all you get with the Pixel line there's good value there. That is unless they jack up the price. This year's I/O was to be perfectly honest a snoozefest of the first order. Nothing this year in 14 has been up front customer facing changes. Meanwhile Apple copied screen calling (in their own way) and Standby mode is a duh why didn't we think of that feature before kind of deal. Now from a day to day use Android and in particular the Pixel line have great features (call holding, voice tree screen promts). That said those are things that aren't thought of or known from the outset.

    As much as I hate to say it, this might be a hard year for the Pixel 8 line. Let's hope the Pixel Watch 2 fares better this Year.

  8. Excellent video, mate! I'm going back to an iPhone after using Androids since 2016. My last two Pixels (6 Pro, 7 Pro) have been disappointing, especially the screens and battery life. My last iPhone was the 7 Plus. I'll get the 15 Pro Max this time. Might as well go all-in with this purchase.

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