Is Google Gaming Your Search Results? – Android Q&A

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Jayce talks about what the EU’s legal attack on Google may mean for the search giant!

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42 thoughts on “Is Google Gaming Your Search Results? – Android Q&A

  1. Google is a search engine. They have the choice to put what they want on their engine. If people is not happy about this, they can use Bing.

    It's not really monopolizing if people have other choices.

  2. How about we start an investigation into Apple at the same time ? Google is leading the way in development of all sorts of technology. Can we please stop with the "Tall Poppy Syndrome". Instead of dragging Google down, how about all these draggers start to
    "raise themselves up" and do great stuff themselves. These old evil ways of thinking are over. Embrace the good things they've given us………for free

  3. As a user, i admit i like it when google went straight to the point and put the answer on the top. it's easier and faster. it's somekinda look like google now. I know its wrong but most of the time consumer want that too. I agree that google is too powerful in the net and we must prevent any power misuse.

  4. i totally approve with google !! its there own site , hell they can ban u from it and no one cares ,, do your own site and do whatever you like with it !!

  5. This is a bullshit argument. Why would Google favor other people's content over it's own? It's a search engine. Therefore, if you search something and Google has the answer, why would it not show it?

    Or going even further, if I want to know some info and its right there as soon as I search it without me having to load up another website, then Google as a search engine, is doing its job.

    Next we have android. Google's product. As the product owner, it is within Google's right to tell you what you can or cannot put on it. 

    You dont see them suing Apple for not opening up their platform. Android is open source in that you're allowed to use the source code to build your own OS. But in the end, android requires Google services. Just as iOS requires Apple services and Windows requires Apple services. If anyone could just take the android source, make their own store and whatever, then what would Google gain? They'd be essentially giving away their product for free.

    And no, Google isn't stopping anyone. Chinese companies have their phones using android that dont even have the play store installed on it and hardly use any Google services.

    Now what if Google were to say you cant use Youtube on anything but the internet or an Android phone. Or you can use their maps services, etc? It's their product and they're free to offer it to whomever they please.

    The EU needs to sit their asses down and stop trying to sue Google for every little thing cuz they need money.

    I benefit from the way Google does things and it makes my life easier. 

    TL;DR? Fuck the EU

  6. Google took down the Windows Phone YouTube app that was made my Microsoft and is refusing to make their own YouTube app on the phones and all windows devices. I don't know about you guys, but I call that a monopoly.

  7. Google controls the internet, they could completely remove Google apps from iOS foe e.g. Youtube, Google search, gmail etc. Do you realise how important Youtube is to people who use iOS? But the iOS peeps couldnt even go on strike of not using Google owned programs because Google owns literally everything. Google owns the world.

  8. My honest opinions: Why the hating on Google? Who cares if you don't have to open the weather network page? Google is trying to help my beautifully and easily displaying the information so you don't have to waste time opening up the webpage! All Google is doing is making things easier for people THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT 'HIDING' CERTAIN WEBSITES. They are HELPING! Google is trying to help the world.

    They provide the searching service do they should be able to do what they want as long as its not malicious (which they wouldn't do).

    And THEY PROVIDE THE PHONE SO THEY CAN PUT WHATEVER THEY WANT ON IT! ITS THEIR PHONE! NO ONE CAN DECIDE WHAT SOMEONE ELSE PUTS ON THEIR PHONE THEY DECIDE. If Facebook doesn't like it then make your own dame phone and when you don't put every other social messaging service in existence you get sued?!? How does that make sense? Your phone you decide end of story!

  9. You've merely highlighted the (Catch-22) logical paradox of being a search engine.

    You can't scrape other people's content, unless you pay them, so you feature your own content, which leads to people complaining that you're discriminating against their content.

    And by the way, you're wrong about how the EU views monopolies.

    The current EU Competition Commissioner, Margrethe Vestager, explicitly told News Hour's Gwen Ifill that what drives the EU's complaint against Google is that it has gained market dominance.

    In essence, what separates "abuse" from "standard, acceptable practice", is market position. Six years ago, Google's rules separating Android and AOSP were kosher; today, those same rules are now considered "abusive", for the simple reasoning that Google has a dominant position — Vestager openly admitted this was been driven by consumer choice.

    Everyone should play by the same rules, period.

    Uniformity of rules, matters a great deal. Imagine if you're trying to get ahead in school, but it turns out that favoritism played a role in your grades. In the work place, nepotism is frowned upon, for this same reason. When the EU Competition Commission published a series of studies and created laws that fundamentally favored domestic companies over foreign ones, that looked a lot like protectionism.

    If it's okay for DuckDuckGo to scrape content, it should be legal for everyone else. If it's okay for Apple to restrict licensing, then everyone else should have the freedom to restrict licensing.

    Manufacturing competition just for the sake of competition, denies the basic role of competition, which creates winners and losers. Should elite athletes be handicapped by rules that artificially create competition with the mediocre?

  10. I already know what I'm looking for and I'm aware of the different avenues in finding information. How come we don't see the same uproar against Apple? Apple has a business model that is completely locked down. The mistake Google made was leaving their product wide open. They should have took the path Apple did and handled everything internally. The only thing Google is guilty of is letting numerous company's make billions of dollars off of their back.

  11. I rely don't care since I like what Google bring me as results search. If you are telling me that the content that Google brings me is not relevant to what I'm looking for and is blocking the content in looking then yes. But using your example, if I'm looking for the weather in Toronto and Google brings me a whole glance of the information in looking for why I want to chick the weather channel? Is that a marketing problem for the weather channel because people won't visit their site? Maybe but if I need more in detail information I'll personally go to the weather channel. Thanks to Google I don't have to click links and get bombarded by ads.

  12. I couldn't care anyless if google is manpulating my brazilian fart porn search . Or if they're a monopoly they do almost everything right os services products ect I couldn't imagine a world were apple or twc had the power google has

  13. I'm sick of this communist bullshit. Google should not be subject to government intervention when it comes to what search results they display. The reason Google became the number one search engine long before Android even came around is because people do in fact prefer Google's search results. If you commies don't like it there are plenty of other options like Yahoo search, and many others.

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  15. Of course Google can show whatever results they want. It's a company that provides a service, and that service is whatever the company chooses it to be. Not necessarily what you want or need even if you use it.
    Strange that Google has risen to the pedestal and it's not even considered a company anymore, seems like it's considered more like a public service? Which you people need to freaking understand that it most definitely is not.

  16. one phrase to sum it up; 'money!…. is the root of all evil.' even a billion dollars can't satisfy some human beings.

  17. This is so stupid, of course google is going to favour their own, on their own website where else can they do it? Example the weather channel mentioned above on google results, does that weather channel then have competitor weather channels on its own website for other results? I doubt it very much

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