Is the race for the fastest charging smartphone over?

Are super-fast chargers going to stop here?

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With some phone makers like Apple and Xiaomi leaving out the chargers of their smartphones, is the race for the fastest charging smartphone over? Let’s talk about that.

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Author: Rafael


44 thoughts on “Is the race for the fastest charging smartphone over?

  1. Most companies : upgrading overtime
    Apple: we still have tech from 4 years ago but we removing stuff and charging more so follow our trends
    People: i dont like this please stop
    Also people: pours thousands of dollars in apple, supporting them thus allowing them to continue this

  2. If oneplus hypes 65w charging and doesn't include charger with 9 series, I'm going to be POd. Already had to buy a warp 30 one for 7 pro because cable came apart

  3. This fast charging fad kills your phone faster. No one of talking about this. It's why Sony have battery care as an option in their settings. You connect it at night, and it chanrges really slowly until you wake time. This improves the life of the battery.

  4. If reviewers start to add the price of chargers to the phone price and mention how fast they are, the companies will continue investing in fast chargers.

  5. Im totally against this chargers not being in the box but look it in this way if we are paying for the chargers, the competition wont be dying its the same scenario as subscription based platforms where u pay monthly and thus they bring in more features and they care about the consumer feedback. Leaving the fact that what more innovation we need for chargers if we are already having 100+W chargers on the market.

  6. They should make chargers an optional add on when you're purchasing the phone, with a bump in price for a fast charger. That way people who want fast charging (or even a charger at all) can pay for it, and those who already have a bunch of chargers lying around don't have to accumulate more clutter and can save a few bucks. Win-win.
    That's similar to how it was back when I got a Moto X (paying more if I wanted the fast charger).

  7. *I just stay with LG.*
    Headphone jack (with the Quad DAC), expandable storage, charger in the box, comes with the earbuds, durable with the certifications to prove it, manual modes for cameras/videos, usually available for a reasonable price, comes with extra accessories (like the dual display) included with the phone and is continuing to innovate in several areas that others don't bother. They were among the last brands to get rid of the replaceable battery and their LCD screens are great for not getting burn in compared to the OLED that everyone is using.

    The rest of the industry can rip themselves to pieces for all I care. People support these terrible decisions with your/their money and they still have the audacity to complain about it when companies continue to do it to them. They have no one to blame but themselves.

  8. A tech channel using an analogy of turbo charger of an internal combustion engine car is so outdated. Better to use an electric vehicle analogy. It's not in keeping with the tech channel.

  9. You're decent at advocating your talking points but you need some improved lighting and video quality. Half your face is covered in shadows.

  10. Simple, it gives people the choice to have faster charging if they want to. I think better battery life is more important than charging speed.

  11. Any BS you put off from Apple will be copied by other BS corp. What happens to warranty now that they don't include original charger?
    Apple is the ultimate anti consumer company, they always comes up with ways to press everyone for pennies & cents.😡

  12. I'm still one that buys Sony and LG for their headphone jack. But for chargers I buy charging docks as I need it for laptop charging anyway. Most laptops don't come with USB c charger. Charging speeds though I would appreciate faster charging if they continued to increase battery size. Just think back when 2000mah battery phones also took 1 hour you charge and today we can get 5000mah in that timing

  13. I see fast charging over 30 W and wireless charging as noting more than unnecessary gimmicks, and they may as impact longevity. Both of them are also less effecient, which in a world that needs to drastically increase efficiency, neither are good.

  14. I like how everyone is complaining about chargers in the box, but the big issue is tbe lack of ports on a single charger. I got a 120w with multiple ports so that it charges the laptop, and 2 phones at the same time. There aren't enough wall plugs for these devices.

  15. Let the battery charge in a charger for the hour or so it takes then switch it with the one in your phone… literally immediate "charge"

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