Is this the BEST Android tablet? | Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

The Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is huge and it also has a huge price tag, but what’s it like to use for an extended period of time?

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34 thoughts on “Is this the BEST Android tablet? | Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

  1. I miss the Ultra tablet. I had the Tab S8 Ultra and through many tests, it passed with flying colors. Its just app support that hurts the android tablet market. Samsung's ecosystem has come a long way!

  2. I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 9 Ultra, and I'm disappointed. My previous tablet was the Samsung Tab S6 and I enjoyed it very much and was hoping for a comparable experience from the Samsung Tab S9 Ultra. Not!! To my surprise, the only thing that's surpassing the S6 is screen size and the IP68 rating. I found the speakers sound to be hollow and the display's colors are not as brilliant as the
    Super AMOLED display of the Tab S6. In essence, I purchased a down graded product at a much higher price. 😮

  3. Here's my review of the 16GB/522GB S8 Ultra.

    I got the 16GB RAM/512GB SSD S8 Ultra it was $517.59 from Samsung with a Tab S7+ Trade-In. They gave me $600 trade-in credit (my total cost from Samsung for the Tab S7+ was $531). I also got the Book Cover & the Rugged Stand cover free…

    The 14.6 Super AMOLED screen is amazing. S-Pen is the best stylus on any platform. Super fast processor. Speakers are fantastic with lots of bass – loud and clear, crisp highs. VERY impressive. The S-pen and it's low latency is spectacular. The super-amoled screen at 120 mHz is hard to tie, let alone beat…

    One of the GREATEST features of the Tab S8 Ultra that no one talks about is the 'Second Screen' feature. SuperDisplay a $10 app works really great. The Tab S8 Ultra has basically replaced my Wacom Cintiq as my main Photoshop editing device. It's higher resolution, wireless, lighter, portable, and the S-Pen might be even better… Samsung's built-in 'Second Screen' works OK, but it used to work much better than it does now, I don't know what happened, but hopefully they will update it to work as good as SuperDisplay does.

    Plus, the device is awesome all on its own… Literally blown away by how great it is!

    The S-Pen is fantastic and FREE in the box. You don't need to add a paper-like screen protector ($40) in addition to the $130 you'll pay extra for the Apple Pencil…

    I'm a 30+ year Professional Graphic Artist. When some say that there aren't Professional Visual Arts apps on android it's just really incorrect, because I use them everyday. Autodesk Sketchbook, Infinite Painter, Concepts, Krita are just a few of the apps available on the Google Play store… There are many more… Are there a few apps available on iPad that aren't on the Play store? Yes, of course, but a good carpenter never blames his tools, and with expertise and talent you can do anything and everything on android apps that you can do on iOS apps – NO DOUBT.

    If you're already entrenched in the Apple 'eco-system'… Then pay the extra $500 to $1500… But guess what, the Tab S8 Ultra supports HDR10+ and has a 120Hz refresh rate, so your covered.

    Best of luck with your decision.

  4. About the size:

    For me, the Plus tablets are the perfect size. The ~11 inch tablets are just slightly too small to read small text in things like e-textbooks, PDFs, digital comics, etc., without a lot of pinching and zooming.

    The 12.4 inch Plus models are just big enough to read that small text without pinching and zooming (hey, I'm getting old), but about the maximum weight that I can cradle in my arms for extended periods of time on the couch (say, for an epic e-book reading session).

    Further, the 12.4 inch form factor seems to be the maximum for using swipe input easily. Any larger, and swipe input would get obnoxious.

    I've never used the 14+ inch Ultra tablets, but I'm pretty sure that for me, it would be a strictly tabletop device.

    My use case is odd, I'll admit. I don't stream Netflix, I don't do much gaming, nor am I an artist in need of a digital sketch pad. I'm mostly reading e-books, browsing social media, light office app use, or watching YouTube. From the reviews I've watched or read, the Ultra is an absolute dream for artists in need of a digital pen and a tablet to draw on.

  5. Something that’s bothering me recently is the Ultra keeps losing internet connection. I have to toggle WiFi on and off for it to reconnect. I’ve seen others online with the same complaint but no fix. Anyone out there experiencing same? I really love this tablet and don’t want to get rid of it.

  6. I would say yes but, it can't play WMA / WMV audio. So, no. My Tab S7+ can. Samsung music was ruined with the removal of WMA / WMV.

    Edit: Also, the cameras are shit on the Galaxy Tabs. They need to come up to the 200MP cameras and sensors.

  7. I tested the s9 series of tablets, personally think the S9 base version is the best option since it has the same screen, just smaller.

    this is meant to be more of a laptop replacement which it cannot live up to.

  8. This is a great device for people who are overpaid and have a very large house but the average American who is struggling just won't be able to fathom owning such a device

  9. I Hope Samsung Change that notch Position Outside Screen like a Laptop or Just Change it into Punch Hole in the Next Generation!!! Because this notch I Bought other Great Brand Ultra Tablet without any notch!!! 👍🏻🙂👍🏻

  10. I have both the largest iPad and the S9 ultra, both with the most expensive keyboard options and I used them as laptops (S9 in DEX, of course).
    Both have their strong points as goes also for the keyboards. At the moment I don't even use my iPad and it's off. I can really recommend it for everyone except Apple sheep.
    The wider and larger screen make it more practical.
    I also have the TAB S5e and if you want portable this is for you! Wow, the thinnest tablet I ever seen!

  11. Watching on my Galaxy Tablet 7+, my 4th Samsung tablet & 6the Android tablet, Galaxy Samsung Galaxy AMOLED Tablets have always been the best tablets to buy, even better than iPads.

  12. i'm an android enthusiast(i'm subscribed to android authority and xda) and a digital artist who just likes to draw before sleeping. So, I'm thinking of upgrading from tab s6 to this.

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