Leak: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Design

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Jayce talks about the new leaks on the Samsung Galaxy Note


Author: Rafael


46 thoughts on “Leak: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Design

  1. when i heard that samsung wont include a sd card or removable battery 
    first thoughts that came to my mind were 
    fuck you samsung dont treat me as a fucking isheep 
    i want the  freedom to choose what i want not 
    what you greedy pigs think is the best for me!!! 
    you idiots apple wannabes are killing the note series too!!

  2. I have the note 3 and i bought it with the intention of switching out the battery and sd card as well. I have a 64 gb sd card in mine. I do also switch out the battery its nice to have a back up on hand at all times so that I don't have to keep it on the charger. I probably wont be in such a rush to upgrade now.

  3. I was interested in the S6 until I found out that it has no micro SD slot or removable battery. The same will apply to the Note 5. Apparently these companies are loosing money in the cell phone market and this may be their solution to save money thus turning a profit. Being a power user, I will only purchase products that fit my needs and not the next best downgrade.

  4. I replace my battery 80% of the time. Every one I know replaces their battery or buys a extra for travel. Where are they getting these ridiculous statistics from. It's just another move for big companies to make more money what's going to happen when the battery inside gets wet or malfunctions you're going to have to pay someone to get it fixed . I hope they don't move in this direction replacing batteries and SD cards is what separated then from Apple now they're going to be the new Apple can't wait to see who's the new Samsung

  5. no sd slot no removel battery just like the galaxy 6 that suck im stayin with the my note 4 there not goin to sell much

  6. If they get rid of the removable back and the lack of Micro SD support I will not be purchasing a Note 5.
    I will buy the Note 4 and save money on it.

  7. I can live without the removable battery but not without the expandable memory slot. That would be a big step down from the note 4

  8. Pure shit. Let's keep this real. Samsung just turned the note into shit. 80 % of the batteries loose 20 % of charge capacity over one year. And as fore the SD card, are they on crack? Just lost a long time customer. P.S. looks like Apple phone now?

  9. Who the Hell at Samsung had the idiotic idea to give the Note 5 a curved glass back because with the size of the phone it'll be like holding onto a slippery wet fish which means you have to have a case for it, and having more than double the area of glass you need a seriously heavy duty case since if you drop it at any angle it will shatter.

  10. I have a note 4 and I have 4 spear baterries for my phone If thry take away the removable battery I will be upset ….. when ever my phone is dead I just pop the battery out put another one in and I'm back to 100 %

  11. Shame that gave into a more iphone design (no removable back, no expandable storage, iphone 4 glass back) i look at my note 4 and s5 and previous gens knowing that they are the last to be with expandable battery n storage with samsung phones.

  12. I hate idiots like you OMG you do not know if ppl like to have spare battery and sdcard if they say they not gonna buy it then they won't do you not understand? The LG G4 my current phone has what you say is going out and guess what LG plans to keep it that way and will be glad to take the Sammy customers when the G Note 4 is released. Nuff said

  13. omg a phone design leaked. wow it has a big screen!!!! omfg the sides are curved!!!!!!!!1111111oneoneoneoeneone. Leaks were good when phones had their own different personality.

  14. Okay… now i have said this from the beginning. Galaxy is going to an apple product. And no one wants a glass phone. Look at apple. How many people have broken screens. One drop and your dishing out more money to replace. Now the other thing is. No removable battery means when the battery finally gives up cause your charging it two or three times a day your gonna have to send it off. Fk that. When your paying the prices you are for these phones. You should be able to change out that battery without having to take it apart to do so, or make a 5000mah battery… people need to look at the big picture….

  15. Just recently read on some more recent leaks that there will be a microSD support so let's hope they keep that at least. If not, I'm definitely buying the note 4.

  16. The question should be ,Why the hell do i need cloud storage when i have SD card slot?You know for a lot of supposed smart ,bleeding edge technology companies,They sure know how to stifle innovation and themselves.Samsung should have actually took the time to organize & optimize those software features, not scrapping most of them and making multi-windows trash.How does one go from note 3 multi-windows with even recents apps…… to what the hell is on the s6 and s6 edge.Touchwiz needed refinement not nuteredment. And HTC made the first phone with all metal and removable back.The battery was still embedded but you get the idea and If i'm not mistaken it was an M7 Variant.People are not as Absent minded about it as we would like to believe …..

  17. I have a Note 2 which I love, looking forward to the next Note 5. But if there no SD card will not buy.. will hold on to my old Note 2.

  18. No sd… Cloud storage sale increase. I love streaming and multidevice connectivity, hate to think how much we pay to borrow or access our own stuff.

  19. MicroSD card expansion is not a "geek power user thing" that's such a cop-out. Firstly, why would I want a glass phone backing that can't be removed, when 99% of people have cases for their smartphones. Secondly, the higher storage models are significantly more expensive than simply buying a microsd. It's a card you put into your phone… That's not being a power user, that's being frugal or smart and it's definitely not rocket science. Sure, I get a phone every 3-4 years, so getting a new battery is not really an issue.. So until they create a model with a 500 GB capacity as the ONLY model, I'm done with Samsung.

  20. I'm not too bothered about the sealed battery but if it's going to be too expensive, that would put me off. I love the Samsung display but they really should put front facing speakers…

  21. The responses to the Note 5 and S6 lines will determine what the 2016 phones will be like. I have a two-year contract on my Note 4 and hope that the Note 6 will bring back some of the power user flexibility of the Note line.

    I just cannot be without the S-Pen. If another manufacturer came out with a Wacom style stylus – and it's under a patent, of course, but only if they did would I jump ship.

  22. I got the note 4 now but wow if that's how the note 5 going to be let me tell you i think it would be fucking amazing foreal though :)))

  23. The fucking manufacturer are dicks the whole piont of having the galaxy and the reason or one of the reasons y we got one up is cause we have removable back …those dumb asses can copy iPhone if they want 2 their gonna loose ah Lotta clientele

  24. I own a Note 2, Note 3 and am currently writing this on a Note 4 (which has damaged middle frame because my iPhone using ex dropped my Note 4).

    I can live with with a non-removable battery in the note 5. But no sdcard would would lover the phones userbility.

  25. I think same as the note 4, or s6, it will has the "edge" edition, but i think they will put some great ideas in the "edge" just like what they have done with Note 4 Edge, but it would be better, probably,

  26. Wow I am now a fifty year old geek ..power user lol lol … I use an SD card to save 3000 song tracks and use it in my sd slot in my car etc… And have some movies saved on Sd when travelling I do not own a camera but use my phone camera so need a decent GB memory ..But defo no tech geek
    I use a note 4 now …. If there is not SD slot on the new Note 5 I will not be upgrading to it when my contract expires in Oct .but will looking elsewhere G4 maybe …..will have to wait and see ….great Video

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