LG G4 video walkthrough

The G4 comes as LG needs to up their game to compete with Samsung. While the phone feels relatively small it’s got a 5.5 inch display and is just a bit larger than it’s predecessor. Thankfully it feels more like a phone than a phablet when you’ve got in your hand. The screen is curved ever so slightly, making it more friendly in your pocket and easier to use at a swipe. Lg’s new IPS Quantum display that delivers bright punchy colors, excellent visibility in daylight, and great viewing angles. The regular pack panel on the G4 is plastic, albeit plastic embossed to look higher end. The nicer back panel available is leather, giving it some serious flair comparatively. The power and volume buttons are rear mounted, which can be weird at first but is super easy to get used to. The camera here is also a big deal, with a 16MP unit and plenty of technical options. You can expect fantastic results in just about any kind of lighting conditions, with rich realistic colors. There is some slightly agressive focusing and noise reduction, which can result in fine detail being lost. While we can’t say that it’s a better camera than the Samsung Galaxy S6, it is on par. LG has also added a manual shooting mode, putting you in control of all the technical controls. The LG G4 comes with 32G of internal storage which can be expanded with a Micro SD card, and has a 3000 mAh removeable battery.

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25 thoughts on “LG G4 video walkthrough

  1. Still the best phone I have ever owned. Too bad LG lost their mojo after this model, especially when it comes to the cameras.. :/ The camera in the G4 was way ahead of the competition then, and actually still hold it´s own against most mid range phones at the end of 2019.

  2. Okay, I need help. I'm getting a new phone today in about 2 hours. I still don't know what I should get. Should I get an LG G4 iPhone 6S Plus or a Nexus 6? Please respond in 2 hours or less, lol. Thanks!

  3. 1:39 I'm really glad you mentioned this!  I don't know what it is with smartphone consumers today, but I want a plastic frame on my phone, but nobody advertises this feature because they think it's a "bad thing".  Plastic is an incredible build material that's flexible, shock absorbent, lightweight and much more affordable.  Combine a plastic frame with a 2-shelled smartphone case, and you get an incredibly durable phone.

  4. Good video, and I like the lower key delivery  – a refreshing alternative to our post -MTV  creaky voiced  "Hey Guys" buffoons that litter the net. Good voice talent seems to be a thing of the past and I would like to hear a clearer delivery that a little slower and with less regional accent.

  5. I got one a few days ago. I like it a lot more than my S5. It is much more responsive and much easer to handle. Love that the volume and power button are on the back.

  6. What annoys me is that people complain about that it has a Snapdragon 808. People get so spoiled when they buy a high end phone. Then they expect everything to be perfect. Well my phone has a Snapdragon 410 and it runs just fine. Or people say "The phone takes one hour to charge and that's to much" well my phone takes 2 hours to charge and I think that is good.

  7. i love Lg i got th G3, but the only prob is the screen will dry out your battery, Even in this video (G4) you can see at 4:52  the screen already comsuming 43%   and when you play games for few minutes or some  video i will drain super fast lasting maybe 5 to 6 hrs.

  8. Alex and your coterie of dummies, the stitching is baseball stitching. Additionally, the screen is most assuredly NOT as good as Samsung's Super AMOLED.

  9. Lg is so right 5.5 inches is perfect i would have bought the s6 if it was 5.5 inches.I am more than happy to have aplastic phone if it keeps sd card slot and removable battery.99% of us put a case on the phone anyways

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