LG G4 vs Samsung Galaxy S6/edge – Quick Look

The Korean giants go head to head in this quick look at the LG G4 and the Samsung Galaxy S6/edge.

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Author: Rafael


41 thoughts on “LG G4 vs Samsung Galaxy S6/edge – Quick Look

  1. 4:55 Different heart rate in both hands… was your right hand more excited about holding the s6 edge than your left hand holding the s6?

  2. I own the s6 edge and although I think the phone is great and looks amazing, I hate the finger prints all over the device constantly and the way the glass back is so slippery….. making you use a case taking away some of that beauty anyways.

  3. LG G4 is Best To All side…i have i buy black leather its awesome…
    samsung is so pour just hanging issue who buy samsung better buy chinese product..

  4. Been a samsung user for years but sorry this time Samsung,the lack of expandable memory and removable battery is a big deal breaker for me…got my G4 yesterday and i'm happy…

  5. Whatever happened to testing the antenna?  When the iPhone had a problem with its antenna, everyone was all about testing the antenna.  Was that just to prove that Android phones were better and nobody cares anymore?  I'm often in places with bad reception wishing that I could add on a larger antenna to my phone.  Maybe wifi calling will get around some of that, but there isn't always a wifi available that I trust.

  6. I'm experiencing touchscreen issues with my LG G4. The model that was in the shop had the same problem. Does it go under warranty or should I replace it?

  7. Bye bye samsung. I wanted a s6 until they released it. If I wanted an iphone I would just get the iphone. Looks like it's the g4 for me. I just wish the g4 was waterproof that would just be icing on the cake.

  8. Really Really Disappointing review.
    Has said nothing of how the specs compare in practice.
    You have just held the phones up side by side and read out the specs. Often after a long readout so by the time you get to the other phone I've forgotten what you said about the first. (ie display specs).
    The only comparison I took away was the SD and fingerprint. I don't think you even mentioned G4 screen size ??
    If this is a quick look why is it 8 minutes long? 
    Just a really average review. Mind is blown that over 2000 people have liked this. 
    Destroyed all faith in Android Authority.

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  10. I always feel like s6 has much better photo quality than the G4 although they are supposed to be on par. Has it something to do with the amoled display?

  11. Not sure why they need QHD, the PC monitor I watched this video on is only QHD, this video is only 1080P, I couldn't even tell the difference between a720p and 1080p screen at 5 inch…

  12. I had the G3 and loved it… I made the jump to Samsung S6 despite my horrible experience with the note 4. And I made another wrong choice. This S6 feels super awesome in my hand although on the small side. It's super laggy and all of the android standard apps like YouTube maps and a few other apps keeps force closing. I have already done 3 hardware/manufacture resets. Currently waiting on a manufacturer refurbished phone. Smh…

    Features I wish this S6 had that my LG G3 that I miss dearly is the notifications drop down quick access botton. The ability to hide pics and albums right from the gallery without the use of 3rd party apps and without switching to guest mood. I miss that I was able to customize my keyboard with the ! And ? Buttons and make the on the main keyboard. I also liked that I was able to change and customize my apps and widgets with the widget maker that's standard.

    The G3 even though the phone was a 5.5 inch screen it felt like it was smaller. Compared to the S6 where this 5.2 inch screen is small and feels even smaller in my had. The screens seems a bit touchy or sensitive especially since i dont have a lock on the phone when im workingout or jogging i feel the phone hot in my pocket, because my leg hit the button and the phone is not smart enough to turn off while in my pocket so it messes up my music and kills the battery. I don't like how fast the battery dies in the S6 but I do like that it charges very fast. However the phone is constantly over heating if I'm playing music and using the Nike+ workout app or if it's on the charger and I'm using instagram while listening to music. It has a serious case of multi tasking failure.

    There are a few more things that I like about both. But I'll hold off until i get the new one to see if it was just one bad apple or if Samsung actually pulled the wool over my eyes and deceitfully tricked me into buying an over priced sub par phone…

  13. OMG why does everyone cry about the SD 808 I mean for me personally, I dont play games on my Phone because I have my PC. I only listen to music and surf the web and instagram, take pictures and so on… when the G4 doesn't lag like the G3, then its the best phone in 2015. I like the S6 Edge too, but I prefer big phones.

  14. I hate how samsung is trying to keep up with its strongest competitor Apple by starting to copy iphones body built. Battery of samsung tbh is not so good so I dont see the point of not designing it as is. A little disappointed here. I hope they dont make the future Note line like Iphone where you cant change battery.

  15. Calm down people. Nothing "Destroys" it in anything. They are both powerful phones. Just one has a bigger battery and more storage. But performance wise and picture taking, they are both beautifully elegant. A few apps/features here and there, but you can't really go wrong with either phone.

  16. so which phone is better overall? and can the lg g4 read the eyes of the people and scroll down like the s4 and note? what is lg g4 hook and s6 hook

  17. I upgraded from a Motorola RAZR MAXX to a G3 back in October. The main reason why I got it is because most of friends had the S5 and M8 at the time (it's a silly reason for choosing out a phone, but I wanted to be different). So far I really enjoy this phone, and I'm really loving the Quick Circle case. Is there any reason to upgrade from the G3 to a G4? I haven't seen the phone in person yet. I have seen the S6 Edge though. Its a really nice phone.

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