LG G6 Review: The Verdict On LG’s 2017 Flagship!

Alex reviews LG’s new metal and glass creation with an extra-tall screen, the LG G6!

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Author: Rafael


42 thoughts on “LG G6 Review: The Verdict On LG’s 2017 Flagship!

  1. Its great that the g6 has gone way down in price because the uk gets no wireless charging or even the quad dac. wtf lg?!

  2. It trips me out that people walk around with their phone totally naked and expect their screens not to break… How tf. Mine would be broken almost immediately if I tried that, but more power to y'all.

  3. don't get me wrong, I love LG. But why is the front camera shit?! I mean seriously the quality is terrible, no where close to a flagship quality.
    What do you guys think?

  4. WHY THE FUCK everyone keeps saying the LG G5 was a HUGE failure. A GREAT disappointment ?!

    I mean: It's the FIRST one to feature a wide field of view lens camera, the design beats many Galaxy S or A or J series.
    If you don't wanna use the "MODULAR DESIGN", then DON'T fucking use it !
    Why bash a perfectly good phone, which also has the EASIEST way to swap the battery ?

    SHIT !

  5. This is the 3rd G6 review I have watched and the first one that has actually answered all the questions I had. Excellent review

  6. Yeah NAhh!! I love my G5! Bought an extra generic battery ($30 with charger) means am literally never out of battery, 5 second recharge man, lets see your "quick charge" what ever compete with that. Expandable memory, great cameras… AMAZING PHONE IMHO!
    – Screen brightness/glare and bloatware were my only complaints, oh and yeah the other attachments were rather gimmicky(didn't buy em).
    And I still have my G3 which has similar functionality (spare/replaceable batteries) and it still works great, I use it during my Emergency Services Work as im unafraid to break that.

  7. Man such a good looking device totally ruined by the regional options. I mis my G2 and really looked forward to this, now it looks like its S8 for me.

  8. Ugly phone, old chip and no perks! If you spent anywhere near $700 for this crap, you must be slow!! That's like buying Windows Vista when you can get Windows 10. 835 chip will be way beyond what is available now!!!

  9. Just in hot off the stove news YON HAP NEWS KOREA dated March 22 2017
    The LG G6 has passed and obtained United States ""MIL-STD 810 G"" designation.
    Those of you who doesn't know what it means
    It basically means that it has passed US Department of Defense Military suitability specification test. In short it can be utilized as Military GRADE Cell Phone.!!!
    For whatever reason LG Marketing team is not actively promoting it.
    Most of Koreans are used to the Marketing dumbness of LG Marketing team. I believe Westerner are not aware and or like me can't comprehend why…. so, I thought i'd let you know

  10. i might consider this phone if my g4 and g5 hadn't boot looped so many times. I went thru 3 different lg g4 and I'm currently on my 2nd g5. no thanx

  11. Is it just me or does every single comment after a new phone launches just straight bitching? Like yeah region specific features are stupid but Jesus everyone wants to just hate on the thing. This goes for every other phone launch too like, all the features people complain about missing are really not big deal breakers considering this phone excels at everything else

  12. Thing about LG phones to me is the screens. Even on this review the screen color just doesnt match up to other phones, even like the moto z. Theres just always a touch of dullness on lg phones in my opinion. Dont get me wrong I love the company but the phones arent that great yet.

  13. I always feel LG, like HTC, make great phones… After several months in the marketplace, they seem to fade away. I feel like it is a Samsung and Apple world, everyone else is just looking for those willing to blaze their own trail. Marketing dollars matter!

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