LG V20 hands-on preview!

The LG V20 takes on much of what we saw in the G5, making it far more appealing to everyone. GET MORE LG V20: http://phon.es/v20

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Author: Rafael


20 thoughts on “LG V20 hands-on preview!

  1. Definitely looks like a solid effort from my old OEM but too late on the launch. I needed a phone a few weeks ago and Samsung beat LG to the punch. I'm now the happy owner of a Note 7.

    I think I would have liked the V20 thought the word is the display is not great. Well it is super bright (a first for LG) but the color accuracy is way off which is too bad for a phone that very likely takes great photos and video. I'm a long time LG user going back to the 2011-12 LG Optimus G. This is my first Samsung phone (ironically it has the same glass backing that the Optimus had).

    I hope the V20 helps LG get some of its mojo back. Maybe next time.

  2. I just got the V10 and once I seen the v20 I wish I waited I've never had an LG before I've had Galaxy LG tops them all especially the V10 I can hardly wait to the v20 comes down a little bit that's the next song for me

  3. the v10 IMO was the most underrated smartphone in 2015. Even some of the top competitor review companies didn't even give it a score rating which I found odd. As a professional photographer and cinematographer, the quality and features Combined of the camera for that year's release is unmatched, especially in the cinematography department with the Cinematic 24p mode! Was tired of using Filmic Pro, that was best suited for an iPhone and only had half the features working for some of my other android phones such as the s7 edge or when I had the note 7. On top of that, the audio recording and output was amazing. I have the Blue Microphone MoFi's with the built in Amp that allows you to not have an external DAC rubber-banded to your smartphone in order to get the most out of your expensive headphones that more than 50% of buyers don't realize that they are not getting the absolute best potential in sound/soundstage/bass/treble/etc.. from their headphones without an amplifier/DAC. The V10 changed the game with that (though some other companies may have tried it before but not as powerful or fine tuned as the V10) and gave me wonderful sounding audio on my long weekend drives to and back home for work which totaled 4-5 hours.

    Now with the V20.. what a well thought of and amazing upgrade! yah there are some quibbles about screen choice, lack of front facing speakers on a highly acclaimed top notch audio converting/recording/sounding phone, battery mah small increase, not waterproof or water resistant, Lack of Dual Pixel Phase Detection Autofocus like the Galaxy Line (that may be exclusively patent pending to Samsung) etc.. but when you weigh out the pros and cons against the competition.. the Pros outweigh the cons.. and i feel LG is playing the marketing game smart by giving soooo many Pre-Production Review Units to be reviewed by many of the top smartphone reviewers/vloggers/bloggers in the industry even after their first Official Apple-Esque style Launch that also took place in San Francisco 1 day before the iPhone 7 and until recently without an official release date for weeks… though LG has received heavy criticism for not taking advantage of the recent downfall of Samsung and their flagship Note 7 Worldwide recall… they looked passed it because they BELIEVE in their product and are entertaining a Niche market. I believe all the reviewers are giving LG all the right feedback they need to finalize and correct as much of the negative feedback they can that is possible in order to have a very well planned out release. Many people will disagree with me.. but sometimes.. you need to take a step back.. put yourselves in their shoes.. and see it from another standpoint. Good Job LG! They say "You want what you can't have!" and you guys' are definitely making many want the LG more by keeping us on our toes.. well at least for me you are!

  4. Sorry Samsung, but LG is the clear winner here. Removable aluminium case vs glass? Aluminium clearly wins. If you drop your phone and the glass cracks on both sides? Double the repair cost. Non removable battery? And dual cameras? The Note 7 will take a beating from LG's V20.

  5. this phone actually reminds me a lot of the HTC HD2 with its removable aluminum centerpiece. Hell even the HTC made T-Mobile G2 had a removable metal backplate that was similar. looks cool either way and I'm glad someone's doing it. It just didn't feel that mind blowingly original.

  6. If LG can make a removable metal back cover, and my HTC from 5 years ago can have a removable metal back cover, I see no reason for any phone to NOT have a removable battery.

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