Microsoft Surface Duo review: More prototype than product

Microsoft is back in the phone game. Is it any good?
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Author: Rafael


36 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface Duo review: More prototype than product

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  2. If it had an integrated pen of any size, better camera and 5G, even if it had to be thicker I really go for this due to the dual screen but currently it is not versatile enough in comparison to my Samsung Note when I am on site or business trips. Although surface pen compatible I have not yet seen a video with it being used ( probably folks might query where you store the pen!). Personally a slightly reduced display ratio to allow the remaining space behind those bezels for extra battery and pen housing. Less elegant but the 2 sides do not automatically need to be symmetrical. Using the dual thickness in limited areas for the extra bits like improved camera would be great. I cannot remember what my current phone looks like out of the case. If I purchased a $1400 phonePDATab the base thickness would be somewhat irrelevant due to the need to protect it ( more so that that awful after thought they have appeared to bundle with it). Definitely worth a wait to see how Microsoft react with the next version or if Samsung produce a dual fixed screen equivalent of the Z fold 2 which seems to have much improved software implementation. Great video, well done.

  3. I bought Microsoft surface Duo phone unlocked for US $ 1483.99 from Best Buy zip code 40503 on 15th sept 2020. after few days this phone start giving me problem such as camera,microphone,speaker and many more. This is a rubbish garbbage phone. When i contact to Microsoft coustmer care they simply refused to help me out and same time they e mailed me company policyPLEASE PLEASE DO NOT SPEND YOUR HARD EARN MONEY BUYING MICROSOFT SURFACE DUO..THIS IS NOT A ALLEGATION ON MICROSOFT. I AM FACING ALL THESE PROBLEM IN REAL.

  4. Microsoft didn't develop a hinge, they copied the Yoga hinges that have been used for years.
    Sony had a dual-screen tablet 8 years ago.
    Toshiba had a dual-screen laptop 10 years ago.
    There is NOTHING NEW here folks, this more like vintage tech than sci-fi

  5. When a new form factor is released, it will take time for apps to be adapted for it. Panning this off as a negative is kinda stupid. Software always has to catch up with hardware, Since All of the available apps as now are for one display, then that means you should understand how this isn't really a con.

  6. prototype. Seriously? So are all 1st gen products, just prototypes? Have you ever seen early prototypes of devices? They usually look nothign liek the finished product.
    1st gen products are a work in progress. But calling them prototypes is disingenuous.

  7. Great review. I appreciate the candor. I bought a unit today. I believe I fall into the use case. I use a device mostly for media consumption and work. Little camera usage, except for calls, mostly social media, email, and web browsing. I know its version 1.0, and expect issues, but I also hope they keep fixing the issues, this is the patch Tuesday company. I am also an owner of an original Surface RT, and Nokia Windows 10 mobie and Win8 phones. So I probably give them more chances than a lot would.

  8. Without the millions of problems absolutely i loved the design the moment I was it and I still do bit after watching all the reviews if the software doesn't match the hardware its not for me. I do hope the next gen is much better

  9. If it’s Windows it’s going to forever be buggy, that’s how it is. It may be smooth for a month or so, but stuttering and lag will begin and only get worse until it’s nearly unusable.

  10. In my experience everything Microsoft has always been glitchy and laggy. Why would this be any different? Why would you spend so much money on this device when you could just get a Samsung tablet or Apple iPad? Because you can use it as a phone? Could you imagine putting that to your ear? Ridiculous in my opinion. I think Microsoft just released this to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 but there is no competition. The Fold 2 is way ahead in form factor and usability. Expensive but worth the price since you are basically getting a smartphone, tablet, and computer in one and it won't look ridiculous putting it to your ear since it will just look like normal cell phone when folded.

  11. A fair review. If they worked out the bugs, put a faster CPU in it, upgraded the wifi and camera, this would be one of the best phones on the market.

  12. Hi everybody. I'll be straight forward. I want the surface duo to be water-proof and have two sim slots plus one sd-card memory slot that supports up to 1TB or 2TB. And we should have two 2500 mAh batteries under each display. I don't mind if the thickness increases by a millimeter or two for each half. Why do all mobile phone makers not include sd-card slot in their phones. a mobile phone is nothing without this slot.

  13. Duo gen 2 or 3 will be an instant buy. I believe this is the product for me but it just has too many compromises right now.

  14. As someone who lugs an actual camera all day and does a lot of work on my phone, if it were say 1k with no bugs, I could see carrying this.

  15. Sadly, we all forget how inept the first iPhone was. It took several generations to get simply things like copy and paste. Has our patience thinned up, or are we truly objective in our assessments?

  16. I've been wondering why I keep finding these reviews so frustrating. Let me just say that this is one of the better reviews I've watched, but I'm still unsettled. I think I've come to realize that the reviews are all written by people who have tried just about every phone and trend in recent memory. I think most of us aren't getting new phones or devices that frequently; so some of the comparisons fall flat. I do not have a foldable phone; so comparisons to those form factor phones aren't working for me either. Although I do think comparisons to such devices are unavoidable, I just want to know what the thing does. Can I see its functions in the video? Can I see the glitches? I feel like Tech reviewers have very different use cases than most people so while their impressions are great, they may not apply to me. Maybe I just want too much? Maybe I'm never satisfied?

  17. I am writing this on a Surface Duo. I agree there are numerous issues. I have seen things change that I thought worked a different way. Little things like the screen brightness wants to always dim. I do not have battery saver on. I use to be able to swap an app away. Now it doesn't work. I just click the white line at the bottom. If I want to close all apps I have to scroll through all the apps to get to the close all apps message. Sometimes apps disappear or fly away depending on the finger move. Some apps appear weird on the screen and Huffington stops loading after the first time. Sometimes it feels awkward in the hand. Please Microsoft do not change the size.
    Having said all of the above and there are more, I love love love the Surface Duo. I expect Microsoft will have another update in a month or so. Even if it doesn't happen I can live with the blemishes. So many times on a single screen I swap between apps. Having two screens is such an advantage I can live with the other shortcomings. This is not a beta device but as a first generation device it needs help. I have to believe we will see updates. I said that earlier. If you are comfortable with new tech and understand there are compromises then I say give it a try. I am glad I didn't wait for the next version. Finally, it is a super cool device.

  18. My opinion on this device is quite a bit different than this video. Sure it's not a perfect device it has issues but for being first gen device it is great. Review of this video was done on pre-built software and not the final build which the final build of the software is much different than the build that went out to reviewers. Most things that reviewers first looked at in the preview build that were issues, I have seen very few issues once on the final build.

  19. If the device did not have so many bugs, lag and general orientation issues, I would have kept my device, my experience was so bad that I returned mine less than 3 days after it arrived…I am thankful for the return policy for sure…

  20. The hardware of this device, even though arguably underpowered, is very different and extraordinary. If MS can refine the software experience to be on par with the hardware then they may realize the success they achieved with the surface computers. Additionally if they can figure out an ingenious way to integrate a pen then they could make this device really sing. I have an idea for that but they seemed awfully mired by bringing it to market to soon with too many glitches and not a strong enough identity.

  21. For me , nope. But as a proof of Concept, yes 100% yes. But also the software side needs to be better. We need it to be able to use that extra screen effectively.

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