Nexus 7 root guide

Casey from Android Central gives a visual guide to unlock the bootloader and rooting the Google Nexus 7.


Author: Rafael


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  1. I know this has been asked before and answered but I can't update my tablet with clockwork so every 5 minuets I'm told an update is available, I'm still stuck on stock 4.1 not even 4.1.1 XD

  2. You can get rooting apps for the nexus 7 but I prefer to do it manually.
    As a side note because I don't use them I can mane any but they're pretty easy to find, just type it in on the Play store 😉

  3. this is quite tricky compared to jailbreaking my ipad… >.< i'm trying ad trying now… the jailbreak teams are absolutely better than the root team T_T absinthe jailbreak : just one click "Jailbreak" and it's done

  4. Hey I had the same issue, I just restarted and got Android set up with wifi etc, then rebooted clockwork.img through cmd, pushed the zip file again and it worked. Hope this helps.

  5. Tried it a second time. NOw the Sending recovery started, it got to three "dottes" (…) and then it seemed to hang. Did a restart of the phone and got a "Status Falied", of course.
    Why is it so difficult to root a Nexus device compared to a Brand Phone like SGS2. Shouldn't it be the opposite around. Have tried 2 toolkits, another manual guide and now this fourth(4!) method also fails me. I thought a nexus device was supposed to be about being open and flexible.

  6. Doesn't work for me with the CWM. When it is sending recovery it says "FAILED <status read failed (Too many links)).
    I have also noticed that in "Device manager" in Windows 7 it says "Samsung Anroid Phone" instead of android Phone (the fastboot driver for N7 is under it though). I have a SGS2 phone and have fiddled with it earlier.
    Is there some kind of conflict due to this, that is making this not work?

  7. hey Casey. For some reason when I go to the CMD, and after I type in cd c:nexus7. The part where I unlock fastboot it says command write failed. Unknown error. What am I doing wrong?

  8. I had this problem until I just dragged the file over in Explorer. Then I just went back to clockwork and continued from where I left off. If you follow the link in the description it will take you to the authors notes with questions and responses.

  9. ok so i followed the video, everything was perfect untill the part I had to flash, it wasn't there, and i started the tablet without it being there, its on but no anywhere to be found, can someone help please.

    bootloader is unlocked, but the tablet is not rooted.

  10. Excellent vid! I was able to flash TWRP and SuperSU by following your instructions and changing the things I needed to change. I have a much better understanding of the process now!

  11. Awesome video! Thank you!!
    Very detailed and in a pace we can easily follow.
    I was having a hard time trying to re-root my Nexus using the Root Toolkit 1.5.2 but i got it done thanks to your instructions. Thanks again!!

  12. i thought it was because the file was corrupt so i replaced nexus7 file in c drive with newly extracted same file and now in cmd it says "fastboot is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file". am i just worsening the situation here? @-@

  13. hmm i get a message saying the data transfer failure too many links when i try to flash recovery clockwork… what do i do now? i'm just stuck here….

  14. My doesn't look like a .rar file or what ever that little stack of books are like yours does. It just looks like a folder. Will that make a difference? Thanks in advance =].

  15. Great video and I'm contemplating on rooting for several reasons. Maybe try a mod when they get stable enough with Jelly bean!

  16. usually after a root most of us guys just go to sleep or leave 😉 only an Australian will get that joke hehehe.

  17. no you can own the phone all you want and have a GREAT time with it a nexus device is simpler to root and hack if thats not for you you dont have to mess with it

  18. You are the only person who thinks so. Google developed this with Asus in the hope that developers would buy it? This is a commercial tablet aimed at potential kindle users and anyone who will spend money buying media, films, books, media, games.
    Nowhere in Google's promos costing million do they suggest anything else. I have a lesser specced 7" tablet which I use for entertainment. What do you do with a Nexus after you root it?

  19. Oh aren't you so clever? I don't know how to root one but I'll read instructions somewhere. Have you ever read a manual for something or do you just inherently know it? Were you born educated, knowing everything you know now or did you get your knowledge from someone and through experience?

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