Nexus 9 hands-on

Here we’re getting our first hands-on look at the Nexus 9, the first proper 64-bit device for Android, and one of the first to run Android 5.0 Lollipop. The Nexus 9 is manufactured by HTC and sports an NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor. It’s bigger than the Nexus 7 and switches to a 4:3 aspect ratio.

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49 thoughts on “Nexus 9 hands-on

  1. Just received my nexus 9 from google a couple days ago. only compaint I have is the storage options, but you can work around that! Other than that its a solid tablet! 

  2. Its so cool its like a better iPad haha it looked just like an iPad from the front but runs android that's been my dream and front facing speakers IMG but no micro SD card and only 32gb ;( why google why

  3. Im starting to think that google just doesnt care about the hardware build quality of devices.. I recently bought a nexus 7 (2013) for my mother and the screen is horrid. By that I mean its touch responsiveness. It is a nice display but if you google search something like "Nexus 7 (2013) display grounding and sensitivity issues" there wil be TONS OF PROBLEMS. I have this problem and it pisses me off that google and asus have done literally NOTHING to address this issue. most people dont notice it but apparently on the majority of devices when placed on a glass or wooden surface occasionally touch will not respond. If you have it try it you will be disappointed like I am. I am never getting a nexus tablet again. im going either ipad or samsung. and sorry I really just wanted to vent…

  4. Honestly: This is huge! great looking and slick, super smooth and fluid, yet with so much customization. Android is (going to be) on fire! Game-changer, I think and believe!

  5. And I still don't know for what purpose people use android (or iOS) tablets for…

    (except for letting their young ones play half-ass endless runners..) 

  6. Hello everyone! I am trying to decide if I should upgrade my Nexus 7 2nd Generation Tablet to this one ,the Nexus 9.The reasons I would like to upgrade are this looks nicer ,has higher screen resolution,my Nexus 7 has a broken headphone jack,it has consisting UIDs, and the Nexus 9 has better software.But I have several questions before upgrading that I hope someone can answer.
    Can I transfer my apps,data,photos and all that stuff over to the Nexus 9
    Is the price worth it?
    Is the Nexus 9 better then the Nexus 7 2nd generation?
    Is everything about it ,including the camera improved from the Nexus 7 2nd generation?
    Does the Nexus 9 have a case somewhere like the one the nexus 7 has that can stand the device like a stand or like the iPad mini smart cover.I'm sorry if my spelling/grammar is wrong but don't be a bitch about!I really hope someone responds to this and thank you for reading my comment!

  7. I too am trying to choose between the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 and the Nexus 9 like Halimali below. In addition to the points she raised, I am wondering if the fact that the Nexus 9 is a 64-bit device means that 32-bit Android is now officially over, as far as new devices from this point on, and that if I were to buy the Samsung, I would essentially be buying dead technology.

  8. When the Miui My pad came out 4:3 aspect ratio K1 chip people gave it a very hard time because of the 4:3. HAHA now Google does it and …oh its great this is nice!..

  9. You Android folks are going to like the 4:3 factor. It's much better than the 16:9 ratio for a tablet. I've been using iPads for years and have a Nexus 7 and the apps, especially Neflix, is much better in the squarer ratio. Neflix uses the black space for options / controls. Steve Jobs knew what he was doing.

  10. My biggest gripe on Android Tablets are the applications! Tablet applications are still very very limited on Android compared to iOS and that is the biggest disadvantage. I think Google had enough time already now to concentrate in encouraging developers to make Tab friendly apps. Even the Twitter & Facebook apps on Android are phone apps and not optimised for tablets. That is one big disadvantage Android tablets will have until Google does something about it. 
    Saying this, I love the multi tasking of apps on Android. Multi Tasking on iOS is a nightmare! To be more accurate iOS does not even have any multi tasking. Not even when an app needs it. 
    Take for example "Dropbox" on iOS. You went in a picnic and taken say 45 pictures. On Android when there is a Wifi those pics will be uploaded automatically to dropbox even without the need to open the app!. On iOS that does not happen. You have to open Dropbox and keep it on screen until it finishes the uploading. if you leave dropbox on background it stops working after 4 minutes (Thats the maximum amount of time any app can stay live on background). iOS does not have any multi tasking and whoever claims it does he has to wake up.

    – Android: Much better in multi tasking, but lacks Tab optimised apps and many apps do not have the full functionality of their counterpart iOS apps.
    – iOS: Much better Tab applications, be it functions or looks but a very horrible system to multi task

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