No 3.5mm jack, welcome USB Type-C audio – Gary explains

Want to know more about USB-C audio and how it compares to a traditional 3.5mm audio jack? Check out this full feature:

The 3.5mm audio jack is in danger of being phased out. In its place comes USB Type-C audio. What does it mean? And how does it work? Let Gary Explain…

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37 thoughts on “No 3.5mm jack, welcome USB Type-C audio – Gary explains

  1. 3.5mm jack making come back for many flagship phones. They have too bcs my headphone cost more than the flagship phone anyway.

  2. its been a long time since the removal of headphone jacks. i wonder if the people in the comments still have a headphone jack on their phone. The innovation in bluetooth earphones and headphones have come a long way and seems to be a convenience now ngl especially if you're not a gamer the removal of the headphone jack makes sense fpr you.

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  4. Just purchased a early 2019 flagship just because of all current gen top tiers don't have the 3.5 jack. What a bad move removing it.

  5. Wow so android also has the problem with 3.5 mm jack gone great btw I have an iPhone XR and I bought a dongle and I bought wired headphones with wireless earbuds because just in case I go somewhere else which is not near my phone I use Bluetooth and it is also useful when you are sleeping because you don’t want wired headphones to break during sleep but yeah, now I like using wired headphones because most of my devices except my phone has an headphone jack and I also use my wired headphones when I go outside with my pants which has a pocket or when I have my Bluetooth earbuds charging so I would prefer wired headphones more than wireless headphones because of the battery reason but as usual I have both which work pretty well.

  6. Is not having the headphone jack a big problem? I'm trying to decide if I should get the S10 plus (has the 3.5mm) or the S20 (no 3.5mm).

  7. i was ready to grab samsung s10 lite, but i saw that there is no jack… nop, go away 😫😬

  8. The OEMs have made all of this needlessly confusing. They are not providing enough basic information, such as what kind of adapter, exactly, is required if the buyer wants to use word headphones.

  9. Apple and Samsung and or Google have probably already decided to change the USB-C or a version of it to make the present USB-C' standards redundant!

    With card drives I haven't seen any phones with the MicroSDUC 2TB – 128TB

    Infact, I haven't seen any MicroSDXC, V90, 1TB or 2TB to store apps onto with the functions A1 or A2, yet neuther!

    I wasn't impressed with the USB-C to 3.5mm adapter reviews by Android's website neither!

    Therefore, besides the Cubilux HC-1 amplifier gold plated USB-C to 3.5mm, TRRS, DAC adapter that wasn't mentioned which adapters have been tested and works with the S20 Ultra and Bose QC20 Noise Cancelling, 3.5mm, TRRS, and DAC Earphones?

  10. You've completely lost me !
    I shall have to watch this countless times to understand it and I probably will still be lost!

    A USB-C to 3.5mm adapter to be compatible with a Samsung S20 Ultra phone and a Bose QC20 Android, Noise Cancelling Earphones, 3.5mm, TRRS, DAC, adapter wasn't easy to find!

    It took months and eventually I think that I have found a compatible the Cubilux HC-1 amplifier gold plated USB-C to 3.5mm, TRRS, DAC, adapter purchased from Amazon UK = about £48 or so.

    The quality of the sound is excellent and since writing my review on the last time I used it the should kept cutting out.

    But the following day whilst home I simply left the music playing on for at least 4 or 5 hours and there were no problems.

    I would just listen to the music now and then.

    This is because if it did cut-out I would have to reboot it again (remove the adapter and plug it back in again).

    I tried at least 3 different types of USB-C to 3.5mm adapters that in theory should have worked, but were completely useless!

    Eventually, I found out that I require an adapter that had both; TRRS (4 segmented jack or pole on the tip of Bose QC20 Noise Cancelling earphones tip) and DAC (Digital Analogue Conversion).

    This video implies that all the consumer has to do is select one of 3 adapters but doesn't take into account the importance of TRRS and DAC.

    One YouTube video that I've seen was created in 2016 about removing the 3.5mm socket and being replaced with USB-C.

    It is impossible to pick the correct adapter just by looking at the adapter!

    The information given about the numerous adapters even on Amazon is virtually useless to obtain the correct one. I had to return two that in theory should have been perfect but was completely useless!

    Locally even an Apple's USB-C to 3.5mm adapter was useless because the sound was far too quiet!

    It was the equivalent of the volume being 2 using a 3.5mm jack when on full 10 using the USB-C to 3.5mm adapter – completely useless for yhe Bose's QC20 Noise Cancelling Earphones!

    Hence, I was elated when the Cubilux HC-1 amplifier gold plated USB-C to 3.5mm adapter was compatible and worked properly with excellent audio!

    Any problems 99% certain isn't caused by the adapter.

    It is probably caused by Google Music or the way the music is stored within the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, maybe electrical interference with my Aviche M1, pressure on cables from my Osprey Farpoint 40, backpack or tinned food when I rarely go shopping.

    I shall have to consciously be aware if problems only occur when I am coming home from the supermarket that appears to be the case.

    When I have time that I shall also ask Cubilux's company if they have any idea what could be stopping the music.

  11. Exactly what you said 4y ago. It's now a big mess…. Just spent $40 usd on a Usbc external mic to discover after 48hours of tests and research that Samsung removed DAC on Galaxy S series for input. The mic is then useless. Well the phone is now useless as well. Who wants to buy and add an extra hugly dongle. This is crazy. 2020 is shitty as f***

  12. I've been doing some searching, but somehow couldn't find the answer, if headphones with 7.1 surround can still be heard when lets say paling game on a smartphone? (Please don't bully my bad English)

  13. The problem with USB-C to headphones adapters is that having a weak output. I have buy the apple one and is only 30mw which is pathetic.

  14. The Pixel 4 seems to have analog audio coming out of the USB C port using a simple wired converter. But I have noticed the sound cuts in and out sometimes. Could it be because the audio is still digital or is there a phone setting that I need to change?

  15. I dont know but the 3.5mm jack should be enhanced to make it more universal and capable of high speed data transfer so that type-c should not exist. This reminds me of the early generations of the Apple ipod shuffle. Thoughts?

  16. i feel frustrated my older phones can do more than new phone due to lack of headphone jack. my old phone even had a fm radio! i dont use it often but more features is always better. if it wasn't for the speed i rather use my old phone

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