OnePlus 12: A Pro phone without the Pro name.

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0:00 Intro
0:25 Design
1:15 Display
2:05 Performance
2:58 Cameras
3:48 Battery & Charging
5:04 Price & Conclusion

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34 thoughts on “OnePlus 12: A Pro phone without the Pro name.

  1. The preorder is a pretty good deal. I traded in my OP 10T and got a generous $310 credit, plus free upgrade to 16/256 configuration, plus a free wireless charger, plus a $30 coupon code, and 6% off through my credit card. Ended up paying $490 out of pocket. Not too shabby…

  2. To me, the One Plus 12 is the most compelling phone out there for the money. If you're into gimmicky features, there are probably a couple better phones. But at the end of the day, all I really care about is snappy performance, good battery live/fast charging, and a nice screen. And the software is perfectly fine. One Plus nails those aspects better than anyone. Most other features on top of that is marketing to me. I don't need AI to think for me either…

  3. Whats the point of such review? You only repeat Oneplus marketing claims, without actually testing anything yourself. Not 1 reviewer got 4000 nits brightness, not even 1600 even under automatic brightness, even when watching hdr content. Then you talk that Oneplus 12 has same main camera sensor as Oneplus Open, that is Sony Lytia-T808. FALSE. Oneplus has Lytia-808, it's good old CMOS sensor, nothing to do with Lytia T808 or double stacking. You haven't done your homework at all

  4. IMO OP main flagships for the last 5 or 6 iterations have as much interest as a Huawei product. Zero. The only smartphone from OP id buy nowadays is the foldable.

  5. In fact, this year's black is entitled silky black. Once more, the alert slider used to be on the right side and has been moved to the left hand side to make room for the new 5G antenna bands. They also did this to make it easier for gamers to clutch the device.
    As far as wireless charging is concerned, it's nice that it has it but, I view it as kind of a gimmick. It was present in the 10 Pro but, they deleted it with the 10T. Of course, the T variance usually are not equipped with it anyway.
    I've been using an 11 for the last year as my daily driver and I love it. Still, I will be investing in at 12. I require two devices so, I'm really looking forward to this next generation.
    By the way, OnePlus is still producing sandstone bumper cases.

  6. What about the gorgeous WHITE model shown on the pre-launch pictures? I tried to research its availability (in the EU or the US) – but so far I couldn't find any info on that. Perhaps it will be available as an upcoming release / color variant in 2024?

  7. If i end up getting a new phone this year it will either be the galaxy s24+ or the OnePlus 12. The OP 12 has so many features the galaxy phones dont. Which one takes better pictures and videos?

  8. I stopped watching the video after 2min and I give a thumbs down all because of this man's vocal fry. OMG vocal fry is unbearable, I really hate it.

  9. My pre-order is also done. However, pricing in the UK is absolutely brutal when compared to the US and Europe. Don't get me wrong, I understand lower prices in Asia as they're generally poorer countries with developing economies. But I don't see the broad difference between the UK and US market so why do much more? Come on OnePlus!

  10. I was with oneplus from OP3, OP6 to OP8T. Then I switched to S23U and could not be happier. Oneplus got so boring and terrible at that point. Btw, the 120x looks like terrible oil painting, lol. (Not that 100x on S23U looks great, but it's not THAT bad.)

  11. I like the design over the 11. I actually am considering this one. I have the 9pro and it's a mess but I can't get behind the pixel or zenphone or rog just yet. The battery tech in op phones is truly a treat.

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