OnePlus 9 / 9 Pro Review: Nailed it!

Strap in: These are OnePlus’s best phones yet.

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49 thoughts on “OnePlus 9 / 9 Pro Review: Nailed it!

  1. Underwhelming camera performance especially considering how much they hyped it over the last few weeks. I guess I'll wait a while, probably for the 9T series and see how things evolve. Those higher prices change things quite a bit, it's harder to accept these shortcomings when you have alternatives like the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

  2. No offense but I don't quite agree that this is their best looking phones. OP9 design looks like iteration from 8t than 8 Pro in my eyes mainly because of the rectangle camera island. Last year's 8 Pro is more distinctive, uniquely OnePlus. The colour selection also more creative and more radiant especially the deep marine blue, so gorgeous plus matte finish ! Again, design is subjective, each to their own I guess.

    Btw I heard that OnePlus only promised up to 2 years of OS update, that's extremely disappointing 🙁

  3. What you also have to mention is how you'll be treated like shit after a year or two with extremely late and buggy software. OnePlus is NOT good at updates and saying they are because ONE of their devices are updated quickly doesn't give them that reputation

  4. I'm sorry,I just can't get over the oneplus 7 pro. I didn't even have one but that phone really stood out to me. This is the type of phone that you take the discounts of last year's model in my opinion.

  5. It's too bad that Hasselblad failed in making sure the colors are uniform across all the cameras. Seems they did not live up to their reputation and failed. I hope we will see updates to camera software with the proper colors that the Hasselblad hype promised.

  6. One Plus have comeclose to Samsung flag ship S21 ultra.,Maybe next year with their one plus 10 pro,but offering super fast charging with the 9 pro will not be enough to take the crown away from the S21Ultra.

  7. The fact that manufacturers are stating to use plastic and other cheaper materials on the "lower end" flagship model is so stupid, especially considering previous phones that were cheaper were made with metal frames and all.

    Also, how can you not put OIS in a flagship camera? Especially at this price, and when you've slapped Hasselblad on the back?

  8. Still no F#%*ING SUPPORT for OnePlus 7 series and below, still on Android 10, don't buy this $hit unless you're only gonna use this for a year! This company sux big time!

  9. a lot of people (mostly 1+ owners) are talking trash about this phone, but it IS the best one they made so far.. no denying that. So i'm guessing they just don't like phones that are priced towards 1000? Imo the phone is pretty interesting considering you get a free super fast wireless charger when you pre-order. Also you get a charger and case in the box.. When you buy the galaxy s21 ultra you will be paying more for the phone and still need to buy a case, charger and wireless charger… Also the charging speeds are disapointing.

  10. OnePlus/Oppo need to copy Samsung’s initiatives and give us 3 OS upgrades and one extra year of security updates, or I am not opening up my wallet.

  11. As far as camera sensor is not made with hasselblad , it's not called as hasselblad camera, it's just regular camera as any other mobile with some software addons

  12. B.e.S.T f'u"l'l D.a.T.i.n.G h.o.T G.i.r.L's —L—o—V—e—S—e—X—..❤️⤵️


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  13. While these are undoubtedly the best OnePlus phones yet, the Galaxy S21 Ultra being so closely priced to the 9 Pro really makes the OnePlus a hard sell to me. Samsung has undoubtedly got the superior cameras, with both 3X and 10X optical zoom, far better HDR, and a better selfie camera. In addition with their promise of 3 years of major updates and a 4th of security updates, and given One UI is just very well put together, I struggle to see why I or anyone I know should choose the OnePlus instead.

  14. I don't know why YouTubers saying 9pro is an upgrade or go with click Bait review!! $1000 is not less it's big also the camera is Overhyped disappointment of a mess compared to the 8pro . Lastly their aftersales service is shit !! It gets more worse with release of each new model!! Also this is coming from a longtime OnePlus fan and currently an 8pro owner. Better off going with Samsung for an actual flagship rather than a pretentious one

  15. Buying this just because s21 ships with Exynos and has bloated UI. Used my Oneplus 3 for 5 years and this gonna be an upgrade in full sense of this word.

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