OnePlus 9 Series: OnePlus’ moment of truth

Will the OnePlus 9 be a return to form or…something else?
All the latest rumors:
OnePlus has hyped up its OnePlus 9 series and is taking yet another swing at a flagship camera. Has OnePlus rediscovered the identity it seems to have lost sight of recently? Is the OnePlus 9 the device to get the company back on track? Or will the OnePlus 9 be just another phone?

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28 thoughts on “OnePlus 9 Series: OnePlus’ moment of truth

  1. Hey Guys, my name is Luke and I’ll be producing videos here on Android Authority. Super excited to be here. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

  2. I don't trust OEMs anymore. My pixel 4a 5G is good enough to do everything I want it to. Phones really don't hold value since they depreciates so much every year since new versions come each year. Treat your phone like a laptop or your car.

  3. I don't ever remember one plus saying they are flagship killer that phrase came from the reviewer , with the phone getting more expensive and better user experience I'd say the never settled branding never change. So far happy with my one plus 8 pro and looking forward for the 9

  4. OnePlus's problem is simple: They've made the mistake of focusing on the Indian market and users; this has demolished their sense of producing a well designed product and turned their focus to a market that aggressively focuses on lower prices in the expense of a great product. Cheap mentality.

  5. On the curve screen display issue i remember back in 2017 when Samsung release 2 Version.of galaxy S7 1 with flat screen and 1 curve screen. But why company doesnt think of that now?. Even galaxy s21 series tone down curve and has the regular and plus series in Flat screen. Hope other android take note from Samsung once again in the curve display issue . Funny because back in 2017 Samsung was also the one who make others android follow suit with curve screen.

  6. Camera quality is important to me, why I've never purchased a One Plus. But I've also have heard their support and customer service is dismal as well, so we'll see. But I'm curious to see how the 9 holds out during reviews. Great video thanks. I enjoyed David Imel's videos for A A but I heard he went over to work for MKBHD.

  7. I'm waiting for this phone but if it has curves screen, I'll pass like the rest of them. It will leave me no reason to upgrade from s9 which would of been a good phone had it not been for the curved screen.

  8. The primary and the wide angle is the same as the oppo find x3 pro 😂 and wow, they have didn't add a periscope lens and dream of competing against the s21 ultra 🤣

  9. Your video was quiet accurate, I've been using the 7 pro for year and a half.. and let me tell you (lots of problem with the curved display??? Touching the unwanted command because its curved lines happened maybe 5 times in 18 months is a lot of problems ???)
    Most gorgeous screen I've ever seen.

  10. Am I the only one not excited about this phone?
    Sure, it'll have a good 120 Hz display and I don't really mind the cameras, but my problem lies with the bigger decisions that OnePlus is taking. I've been sticking with OnePlus since the 3, and my favourite part about these phones has been their design and their software. And honestly, the OnePlus 9 pro looks downright boring, with the 2 big sensors popping out, it's borderline an eye sore. Another part is the software, OxygenOS has become a sad copy of OneUI, which is a pity, knowing what OnePlus is capable of, they've just 'settled' for what works.
    I really am worried about the direction OnePlus is going in, with the recent news that the OnePlus 9 series will have ColorOS instead of HydrogenOS, is even more worrysome. Coming to the overhyped OnePlus watch, I'm sure it'll just be a Oppo Watch remake with a design similar to the Galaxy watch active.
    I think the company lost its direction the moment Carl Pei left it.
    I can understand that OnePlus is competing at a global scale right now and it cannot afford to take bigger risks, but some bolder moves wouldn't hurt.

  11. Love my 7 Pro, I care so little about a amazing super camera. The camera works fine, the pictures look good. No dumb camera cutout on the screen is a BIG plus as well. Unless this thing breaks I don't see myself upgrading anytime soon.

  12. If all they do with Hassleblab is develop the colour science I am done with OP. Been using OP since the OPO and it was a no BS phone. Let's hope this Hassleblab colab is more than just a gimmick and just not to justify a high price they are planning for OP9 series.

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  15. yep, i think oneplus 1 still the masterpiece out of all oneplus phones. it was so outstandingly beautiful, imo even by today standard

  16. Now that LG is Gone Cos Channels Like This Complained Never Gave Them Any Fair Press…One Plus is Next…These Big Tech Guys could find Faults with PERFECT.

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