Pixel 7 Pro REDUX: Solid Foundations!

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Author: Rafael


40 thoughts on “Pixel 7 Pro REDUX: Solid Foundations!

  1. Mercy. Those numbers are awful. My Pixel 7 running 14 Beta are good. 20% to 100% in 35 minutes or so. That is on a Samsung 45w charger. Data radios are bulletproof. My main cell was a Fold 4 and it's data reception is unusable. The Fold 4 is now just a home tablet. Battery life Fold 4 is just ok. Battery life in Pixel 7 is awesome. Pixel 7 Pro is using the same processor as the 7 and 7 Fold. The Fold 7 must be rough. But, perhaps Android 14 is that good🤷 I hope the Tensor G3 and Android 14 can clean up the indiscrepancies.

  2. cons this is throttling, it needs better cooling like on Chinese devices, preferably with a thermal tube

    lack of DLSS in Genshin 37 frames lol when the iPhone has almost 60

    I’ve already heard a bunch of times that the modem is bad, not like a dragon, I think it’s in the bends of European countries and America

    the price at the start, as for me, was overpriced and scared me off a little, but now it has become cheaper, not surprising, I noticed its disadvantages, I don’t want to wait for it anymore 8 Let’s see if they brought an analogue of DEX

    and something tasty DLSS) for example

    + if it’s cold you need to take it

  3. Any kinda upgrade with the Pixel8 series would be a win-win situation for pixels lovers. We definitely want pixels to stand tall against the likes of Samsung and iPhones. Hope we could witness that one day since Google is a giant.

  4. I loved my pixel 7 pro a lot and had to sell it eventually coz I just couldn’t make phone calls, other person can’t hear a thing ..! Specially in areas with bad network and landlines, it wouldn’t connect at all.. At one point we were stranded at the airport and I just couldn’t connect with the car agency to arrange a pickup.. Thankfully I found another phone.. It’s in such situations, you can’t keep a phone that can’t make calls..!
    I even got a replacement after Google acknowledged the issue but no use.. Same thing again..
    I really wanted to keep that phone, I loved everything about it, but a phone first needs to make calls, remaining is secondary.. !

  5. It's a shame they went with the metal camera bar for the 7 and 8 series. I absolutely love the look of the black glass housing on the 6 series. I've never owned a Pixel before, however, so I'm really looking forward to getting the 8 when it releases to replace my OnePlus 8 Pro.

  6. Galaxy or iPhone, everyday for me. Google don’t respect customers with this G2. They have so much money: they could do better and they have no excuses

  7. Having a Pixel 6a I'm curious for the 8a drop. Assuming they'll put a tensor 2g chip in there which will make me not buy it and probably look for another phone sadly. I love the 6a but I'll just have to see what next Easter holds 😉

  8. I had a Pixel 4A and it was THE worst phone I've ever had. A friend has a 6 and it's garbage too. I'll never buy a Google phone again. Samsung for the win!

  9. Unfortunately, with Google it's always "getting better," "almost there," "on the right track," etc.

    The bottom line is Google's phones are far from the best, no matter how much we'd love them to be great. And it always seems that the improvements are slow, minor and incremental.

    I own the Pixel 5, in itself a disappointment, and I purposefully stayed away from the 6 and 7 after reading and hearing so much dissatisfaction from a significant portion of users and reviewers.

    I want to stay loyal to Google. My phone is from Google, as are my ear buds, and almost all the apps and services on my phone. But the prospect of buying the 8 Pro, and then being massively disappointed, has me worried to a certain extent.

  10. I've had the Pixel 7 Pro since launch and it's been a mixed experience.

    The design is nice, feels good in the hand, a bit too slippery.

    Software is solid, haven't encountered too many weird bugs.

    However, the camera is my biggest disappointment.
    The rear main camera shoots well if you use RAW, and can produce excellent results once the photos are processed in Lightroom, but the photos are too overprocessed by default.
    If you zoom in on any picture of a human subject, you'll notice patches of blurriness on hair and skin, it's really inconsistent and oversharpened.

    Baterry life has been decent, similar to my previous phone, an iPhone 11 Pro Max.
    If using the LTE/5G network, the battery will drain fairly quickly, even without in standby. Same goes for using navigation.

    Overall it's a good phone, overpriced, but needs a bit more polishing, so hopefully the 8 Pro will being that.

  11. I love my Pixel 7 Pro. I just wish I had more control over the image processing. Like a slider or a setting. Portrait shots are pretty disappointing as they come out over sharpened 🙁 but when it comes to landscapes, night photography, iphone users are asking me to take a picture 😀

  12. Recently bought one as was looking for a better camera and at the price point the 7 Pro was best out there. Joined the Android 14 Beta out the box and I don't see any of these overheating problems I've been reading about. Given the phone will be discounted even more when Pixel 8 is available the Pixel 7 Pro will become even more of a bargain buy. With updates to the OS coming the phone is going to get more refined. Not unhappy in the slightest with the phone.

  13. I have pixel 6 pro (256 GB). Very disappointed with the phone, the first half of the year or maybe a bit more the phone was overheating on simple phone calls. it didn't even have any other applications open in the background and just having 10+ minutes voice phone call would ridiculously overheat the back of my phone. And it is not like you described for Pixel 7 pro a slight heat on the back, not at all, the pixel 6 pro would legit heat, so that over time the google brand silicon case melted (lost its form and grip, became more loose and didn't hold on the phone). I don't play games on my phone, I have just regular applications, my screen time maybe 2-3 hours a day and mostly just chatting or listening to music and even for that simple tasks the over thousands dollar pixel phone was really bad with that overheating problems. I literally wanted to exchange my phone after just few months of buying it and I regretted owning the phone, but on the market of android phones the other phones weren't great too, better for sure but not as great and no-one was accepting a new pixel 6 pro as a trade-in, such as Samsung for their S22 they wouldn't accept pixel 6 pro as a trade-in, I guess because the phone was still new for that year. So I held on to my pixel 6 pro and the heating problem got disappeared over-time, maybe after a year or so.. it took them a year to resolve that issue with the software updates. The next pain point for me was the optical finger print, that thing is lighting up the whole room during the night whenever I try to unlock my phone and it really sometimes just interrupted my night sleeps, I do sometimes check-in my phone midnight but with that fingerprint scanner when I can't find the spot and the scanner wouldn't work from the first time really makes unlocking hard. and the light it emits is ridiculous, you could really use the fingerprint scanner as a light stand in your room at night. The edged curves is another pain point, when I hold my phone it will "wake up" as I touch on curves and my fingers tap on notifications or tries to enter the passcode and I don't even do anything specifically other than just holding my phone while walking. that is because of those curved edges that are tappable. The next pain point is the size, why all android phones are so big, there is only zenphone from Asus is 5.9. Literally no other android phone maker is doing small phones anymore. look at the iphones, they start at 5.4 inches, that is beautiful. I don't think there is 2023 android phone that is 5.4 inches display size. Anyways, I will switch to pixel 8 regular this time, not the pro version. Hope the 8 version is an upgrade and not a downgrade.

  14. Great video. I love my 7 Pro but a few things bother me; it occasionally just gets warm in a pocket (I’m in UK), the outrageous pink flaring when a bright light source is in a pic and google transcribe is very hit and miss. Had no problems myself with the modem.

  15. Hm, I agree with most of what we said, but not everything… According to my personal experience as a Pixel 7 Pro owner, the battery life is actually pretty good. I get SOTs between 4 and 6 hours, especially when shooting videos or taking many pictures. The modem performance has been good too for me without any connectivity drops or whatsoever, no matter if I am at home or abroad. The biggest concern that I indeed do have is thermal management, as I could see the battery health degrading faster. Other than that, no issues at all!

  16. I feel if it just had a good modem the heating and battery life would have been much better. But with android 14 beta I haven't experienced any excessive heating even at 35-37°C with 7hrs SOT so pretty decent on 4G

  17. One critical annoyance is when switching from speakers to earbuds while in a call in discord or Whatsapp, it gets bugged out, then you have to end the call and call again, and sometimes you have no sound, when you call back the first time, so you have to turn off Bluetooth, turn it back on, and call again… It's really annoying, I've been using pixel, when it wasn't even called pixel, since Nexus, it is the best android phone, but not the best phone. Not only that bug that I mentioned is common, also how youtube bugs out to transform into a tiny square in the left top corner of the screen, this buggy system also has many other issues. For now I won't be using pixel again as my main phone, they really have to work to make the system perform flawlessly if they want to compete and brand their product as " The best phone. " ( Let me add that, till recently I was using a pixel 5, those same bugs that I mentioned exists also in that phone, so, how much of an upgrade is it if you're going to experience the same bugs ? )

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