Samsung DexPad First Look

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Alongside the Galaxy S9, Samsung announced its new DeX Pad accessory. Join us as we go hands-on!

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48 thoughts on “Samsung DexPad First Look

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  2. Ehh so FOR ME The First DEX would be better . I dont have Space for a monitor in my room but i have A tv on The Wall….would hook it up to dex and use wireless mouse and keyboard . Now it seems i need to be close..

  3. It's a bit sad that Microsoft came out with the whole idea of windows continuum but Samsung simply stole it. Whereas Microsoft ditched the whole idea.

  4. Ive used the Dex for awhile now. It has kept me from going out amd buying a laptop so far. Very useful. I only wish they would make it so the sound output would be on the TV instead of the phone's speakers.

  5. Hell yeah I'm down for a DEX if it'll allow me to do all the things my laptop can do such as writing documents, printing (wired or wireless to a network and USB), using the browser, playing games, working on CAD, pictures/movies etc. It's nice you can plug in a keyboard but does it work with a mouse too?

  6. Here's an idea for the Dex platform:

    Keep the ability to connect directly to a monitor and whatnot, that is fine. Add the capability to connect the Dex device to a PC or Mac. New software will be needed to effectively remotely control and stream the device's session to this new application.It will definitely require USB-C connectivity for the best graphical experience.

  7. They need to try to do the laptop thing that Razer is doing. I feel like it'd be much more useful as people are more inclined to be using their own laptops out and about rather than random monitors as desktops.

  8. Dex-like desktop functionality should just be built into vanilla Android… I don't want to use something that requires me to always have a Samsung phone in order to use it… If this was an Android thing instead of a Samsung thing, it would have a lot more support and be way more realistic as a desktop replacement. Especially if they added Linux desktop support (like Samsung is planning to do with decent).

  9. Why would you not put a thunderbolt 3 port in it? Single cable to monitor is where it’s going to be, why do we have to wait another generation???

  10. They should adapt/update this with the 1st version which will be more useful. Also you can't use video call/conference with the phone lying down. So the first version is still much better in my view

  11. I hope other phone and pc makers take this and run away with it. This is a great idea, already for most people, their phone is more powerful than their laptop or desktop i know mine is. This turns a cell phone into every electronic you need. camera, computer, phone, and more. I cant see apple developing this though

  12. I like the whole concept, Razer's approach is much more nicer but Samsung's approach seems affordable since it is just a small dock. Looking forward to see how both companies tackle their concepts.

  13. I own the regular DeX Dock and the Note 8. I can tell you that plugged into a 55" 4k Samsung TV, it's a powerful experience. However, I rarely use it; and have never taken it with me on a business trip because of the need to bring a keyboard… I think this new pad idea is cool

  14. So, what happens to video conference call while on the new Dex pad? Is it still there? The old Dex station set up has the phone's camera pointed at the user, this new Dex pad has the phone's camera pointed at the ceiling.

  15. Motorola did this 10 years ago and at face value… was a better system.. It was before its time. I love Samsung, I have the Note 8 and S9+. I connect my Note 8 to smart tv using Screeshare… I connect a bluetooth keyboard to my note 8 and in portrait mode…I've got all this without the wires.

  16. As I get older Nd getting in to my 30s, I feel that I don't need a gaming pc and don't need a hefty stereo system plugged in. This lefs me pass wifh just a monitor, and wireless keyboard mouse. Even if I want to game I got a ps4 and game on cell phone mostly.

    I also belive they can add more components in to the dock. As in dock having extra ram and better video card for better video and gaming experience when plugged in to docking station. Will also help with enterprise as I'm in I.T.

    Will definitely look in to this.

  17. So the only difference is that the phone lays flat. I can't imagine using the screen for a mouse and keyboard Why not include a small mouse and keyboard!!! I thought they said this thing was gonna be wireless btw? =

  18. Still seems like at a certain point it makes more sense to just get some cheap laptop or something. The only thing these kinds of hubs provide is you don't have to sync data I guess, which sounds more like a software solution than hardware.

  19. Seems a bit gimmicky, if you have a monitor and keyboard chances are you have a laptop or desktop nearby. Plus the way he reseats the phone suggests it's not stable enough to even be a good touchpad.

  20. If Samsung makes the Dexpad work with any computer, I think Samsung will make this product more valuable and more profitable.
    Samsung would make money from the pad itself, a small charge for a dev kit, and maybe even if they play their cards right, their phones.

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