Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rumors – Your Burning Questions Answered!

More on the explodey Samsung Galaxy Note 7!

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Author: Rafael


49 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rumors – Your Burning Questions Answered!

  1. I hate when people talk about note 7 it was so long ago I love the note Sierra got the 5 their is no 6 and 7 love the pin typing with it right now

  2. I tried the iphone7 plus after giving up my note7. Man I feels like I trade a gtr for a civic 😢. it's slow at times, updates take forever to restart and reboot, and it crashes with certain apps, the charge takes forever. I miss the note 7 I had more fun taking pictures and videos.

  3. Galaxy 8 Is the Phone Craze Mania going on.After They Safely Recalled there Previous Note for Battery Fires There into waterproofing and going all out by putting all there Bells & Whistles on making this Tech Savy phone to remember by.

  4. Guess you were asleep when the Samsung Note 8.0 came out 2013 March. 😉
    It was pretty cool, but without a digitizer caljbrator it was another slap in the customers' faces from Samsung. 🙁

  5. phone manufactures like apple and samsung etc etc should ignore deadlines and stop with their road runner coyote
    tech races each year to try to avoid tech mishaps that might occure in changing the smartphone design iteration
    every few years ( antennagate bendgate exploadgate and so on.
    the note 7 was an excellent phone thought no fault of it,s own only had a bad heart it,s battery and deserves a sequel with the galaxy note 8.

  6. I had 2 Note 7's being there were 2 recalls. I literally HATED giving it up – I LOVED THE NOTE 7. I think it blew up because the phone was to powerful. I can't wait for the next Note available – I WILL BE THE FIRST ONE IN LINE…..

  7. I just gave up my note 7 for the edge way to small I was forced by Samsung to give it up for a smaller weaker phone they better give me a killer deal or like my 2 brothers and 2 sisters gave up on samsung and went to other brands.

  8. I really hope they release a note 8 this year because I'm due for an upgrade from my Note 5 in November. if it doesn't come out then ill stick with the one I've got.

  9. it's funny how the iPhone 6 and 7 have been "exploding" too but no one talks about it. Samsung kept 70% customer loyalty and still #1 mobile manufacturer even after the note 7

  10. Can't wait for Note 8… although doubt that people will forget the Note 7 that quick, we are reminded again and again when at the airport boarding the plane…

  11. Will Samsung make good with it's Ex Note 7 Buyers. When the phone come out I cannot upgrade, because I have to buy out the phone and then try for the new one. Since we had to downgrade to the S7 Edge, why can't we go back up to the Note Series. I just would like for Samsung to allow us to be able to get the Note 8. I have has the New Note 7 and the Second Note 7 and they bother were bad. Very painful to downgrade and go through all of the change overs. There are many things that were on the Note that the S7 Edge does not have.

  12. The biased presentation was foolish showing media plays off of sensationalized and ill founded stories since there has never been a validation of actual events versus people wanting 15 minutes of fame. Android Central has much better reporters than this one. Note 7 is the best phone ever and my 2 have never had problems. Report facts and not stupid video.

  13. what I want to know is: why aren't the Note 7 software features on the Note 5? IMO: The Note 5 is still a very capable and nice phone.

  14. Yes totally.. Note 7 was a complete phone.. and note 8 would be a wonder. I mean, expandable storage, water proofing even the S Pen, form factor, dual edge, and that canera, god if only I could sell my Note 5 (not if it had an expandable storage). So I am saying, there are just two phones I will look upto every year One Plus 4, 5… for its awesome built, and LIGHT and SEAMLESS UI, and affordable price, and the Note 8, 9, 10.. for everything else. If only Samsung could make the UI light and fast like Oxygen OS, without compromising with the essential features of S Pen and innovative ideas like Gif capture etc. If all that happens with Note 8, I would sell my Note 5 immediately

  15. Samsung has shit software, shitty camera processing and poor support from Samsung. there's a stupid beauty mode enabled all the damn time even if u disable it
    Never gonna buy a trashsung.

  16. I hope samsung does come out with a plus size phone, I use a iPhone 6s plus and don't see myself going back to a normal size. If samsung does make something like a galaxy s8 plus then I may actually switch back to samsung.

  17. I believe Samsung will follow suit with their naming convention of the Chromebook they just released and instead release it with the S8 brand. Galaxy S8, S8 Pro/Plus — Pro/Plus being the SKU with the S Pen

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