Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs. Google Pixel 7 Pro – Which is the best Android flagship in 2023?

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When you think of an Android flagship, you’re probably thinking of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra or the Google Pixel 7 Pro. In this video, we put the phones head to head in order to find out which flagship you should buy.

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Author: Rafael


42 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs. Google Pixel 7 Pro – Which is the best Android flagship in 2023?

  1. Just to remind everyone that Samsung has an "Object eraser" feature in it's gallery app which does the same thing as Magic eraser (Which is now available to everyone on Android who has a Google one subscription)

  2. "Samsung-branded bloatware." You guys know the S23U is a SAMSUNG phone right? Right?! The bloatware is all the junk Google forces on Samsung phones. Samsung apps are better than Google's in every respect (save Maps), and interact better within Samsung's ecosystem.
    Funny, nobody ever complains about Apple bloatware on iPhones. 😏

  3. Been using a50 and tried pixel 7 and returned after a week. You can't move/remove or edit the small date widget on top left home screen, which is ridiculous. Doesn't even have own music player. Youtube Music? It takes 5 sec to play next song so f that. And for some reason, there's no option to enable the caller ID announcement. So I bought s23u and this thing is a killer. If you are used to samsung phone, don't buy pixel.

  4. I think you mentioned the S23 ultra doesn't have night mode for the zoom lenses. I have the phone and it does have night mode for all lenses. I'm not a fan boy of any company I just want people to know the truth. And no hate on you guys that's just an honest mistake.

  5. To start, and before trying to compare it to the S23 Ultra and other iPhone 14 Pro Max, the real question is, does the Pixel 7 Pro match the S21 Ultra?

    Oddly, only youtubers and pro-Apple people find Samsung's apps disturbing, otherwise, for me and the majority of people who buy (my client) and use Galaxy, it's the Google apps that appear as bloatware 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Fortunately, now in India, Google is prohibited from installing its applications on Android smartphones by default, and I hope that the EU will follow India's lead 🤧

    Also, it's borderline dishonest to pretend that the magic eraser and magic unblur are exclusive to Pixels, and also to pretend to forget that Samsung had them long before the Pixels.

    So-called Stock Android fans (which on Pixels is actually Pixel-Experience) are amazed by the new interface and new features of Pixels, but they have magically forgotten that the new shortcuts panel of Pixels is a copy of that of ZTE, and that 90% of the ''new'' features have been present for a long time on almost all the other Android overlays that they are supposed to hate so much 🤔

  6. I now have the P7Pro after having used Galaxies for the past 8 years. The Pixel is about simplicity and usability. The Samsung is always about lots of tech and features, most never used. The battery in the P7Pro is far better than any Galaxy I have ever used. It's not always about specs but about usability

  7. Google cant even send out their promised security patches and feature drops on time. There is zero communication from google. Samsung used to be be slow at this. They have surpassed google in consistent updates and bug fixes. I have a pixel 7 pro. Ive been a google phone user since Nexus 1. This will be my last google phone. They just arent trying to earn your money. Turning into apple for android

  8. I never had the Pixel 7 Pro, I did have the Pixel 6 Pro. I don’t even have to watch this video to know the S23 Ultra 💩 all over the pixel. I had the S23 Ultra for a week, I LOVED it. I returned it yesterday for financial reasons. I just bought the 14PM three months ago, after using some adult reasoning I couldn’t justify spending 2500 bucks on cell phones in a 90 day period. Assuming the S24 Ultra is even better, I’ll ditch iPhone next year. If I could trade the 14PM for the S23 Ultra I would in a heartbeat. Don’t anyone kid yourself, only get the Pixel if you can’t afford the S23 Ultra.

  9. I've been using Google phones since the Nexus 4 but the Pixel 6 has made me finally start looking at Samsung or iPhone for my next device. I think it's one of the most disappointing phones I've ever used. Screen is mediocre, auto brightness basically never works, drops frames like crazy. I enjoy the Google software experience but the hardware and chip is not on par with the rest of the industry.

  10. I don't think this is a fair fight. Yes, it's a comparison with what the best Google & Samsung has to offer but a fairer comparison would be with the S23+ instead.

    Perhaps a comparison with the iPhone 14 Pro Max would have been a better one (can't think of an Android equivalent for 2023).

  11. I just got the regular S23 and noticed something that applies to the ultra. Coming from an android I am very confused by the rivalry within the phone between Google and Samsung. I still have not really understood who is saving passwords and especially where pictures are stored as they appear in both gallery apps… Really weird

  12. The ultra is basically the old note. I owned a Note once. I didn't like it because it did too much and that too much kind of got in the way sometimes. Currently I have a Google 6 Pro and except for one annoying caveat I love it. The Caveat is how massively it overheats when I record in 4k. I have to put it in the fridge to cool down so it will upload to the cloud so I can edit it on my computer. that is really annoying. If I'm not in a hurry to edit then it is ok, but I am usually in a hurry. That said it is the only time it overheats so I have no issues at all any other time. I don't have that issue with 1080P videos;

  13. Pixel 7 Pro has connectivity issue for me. I often have to switch the preferred network to get the mobile internet to work. Recently I went to Vietnam and used same sim as my friends who are using iphones, my network is super unstable. My friend's iphone is showing lte and were able to use lte. While my pixel 7 pro is showing lte but no internet

  14. The problem with the Pixel 7 Pro is that it isn't available in many countries. And even if you get it from the grey markets, you won't be able to use many of the features it has because Google disables it on unsupported countries.

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