Samsung Galaxy S7 One Month Later

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge came out a month ago and we wanted to know what our Android Central forum members think now that they’ve used it. Good news, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are just as good now as they were a month ago…with some minor unexpected issues.

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Author: Rafael


29 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S7 One Month Later

  1. I honestly expected a lot to come out of my Samsung S7 (not edge) and it's mostly been good but with several downers that kind of make me want to switch back to iPhone.
    Within the first month, the phone black screened on me and although the notification light and the buttons lit up when I pressed on the home button to try and wake it up, it still wouldn't work and I had to look up a way to hard reset it. This has happened to me twice already and it gets pretty concerning considering I got the phone in March. The messasing app is crashing on me like crazy nowadays when I text a certain person that has sent me MMS messages in the past and I've cleared my cache and tried going back and deleting old pictures within the thread and everything but it seems like it'll only stop if I delete the entire thread itself. Even using the speakers I can hear static and when using headphones it's worse, although it only happens on occasion.
    You could say I'm a power user because I'm constantly using WIFI or internet, but it's kind of disappointing at how much this thing has let me down. It lags a bit even after I restart it which is weird. I'm not really sure what to do other than to go back to iPhone. Does anyone have any advice as to what I should do to fix all this stuff that's happening to my S7?

  2. I was happy with my s7 edge until it started getting laggy so I put it up for sale. of course then two days later it falls out of my pocket on to the gym floor and cracks the screen. it was in my speck candyshell case and it was the first time I dropped too. Smh. If you're worried about durability go with the regular s7.

  3. So when will HTC get on board and start making their phone Water resistant. I like the HTC brand and I tend to be loyal. I just don't want to go through the inconvenience of getting a new phone because chocolate or liguid got into the speaker area. its a tough choice because HTC has better speakers and its user friendly. im not a clumsy person. im an active person. is the Samsung quick to shatter if I have and OOPs moment and it hits the floor while dealing with one of those little brats in my classroom? ive seen nothing but broken screens from the Samsung Galaxy or Iphones every time I step into a middle or high school class. That's the main reason why I never bought those phones. Too fragile. Not rugged enough. HTC has guerrilla glass. never had a problem with the screen whenever there was an accidental drop. Has Samsung switched to guerrilla glass?

  4. Mine was defective, it would freeze and reboot all the time and sometimes it presented a super weird noise. this is my second smartphone from Samsung and it's the second time I have to replace it. I'm still waiting for them to replace my S7 Edge. It's quite ridiculous how horrible their quality control is.

  5. I got the edge first, but I hated it!! The side swipe menu kept poping up when Just holding it… I got the s7 and its waaaaaaay better!! Way happier with it.

  6. I am totally happy with my S7 edge. Only complaint is that the phone was in my pocket and didn't bump it or drop it or anything and when I took it out i saw a huge scratch from one edge to the other. My shorts are loose so there was no pressure on it or anything. Second Samsung I have that got cracked so easily. Would have put a screen protector on it but they still hadn't gotten any accessories for it where I am

  7. Yes boys and girls we finally have 'Peg worthy assessment. The S7 has an awesome camera but you have an even more awesome dog. You FORGOT to credit the AWESOME dog.

  8. Had every Iphone thats been released. Tried Android a few times over the years and always gone back to Iphone. Now have the Samung s7 edge and loving it. Its my daily driver and my iphone 6s is now sitting in a draw.

  9. Chucking the phone in to water with the sim tray out a rookie move? Um,….yeah, even a rookie would know thats a dumb thing to do. And a 12MP FFC?? Really?

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