Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X

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The Samsung Galaxy S9 brings some welcome changes to the camera but keeps things from getting too radically different. Apple, on the other hand, made some big changes with their 10th anniversary phone. Let’s see how they do against one another as we put the Galaxy S9 up against the iPhone X.

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43 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X

  1. Let's revisit the age-old debate of Android vs iOS! But let's also ponder for a second what Samsung would do with their 10th edition Galaxy device? If the iPhone X is such a radical change from everything that came before it, imagine what the Galaxy S10 will be like!

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  3. I have been using iPhones since the iPhone 5. even though I think the s9 and the pixel 2 are better than iPhones now, the fact that app developers build their apps for iPhones, the fact that iPhones get iOS updates to make it better overtime, and the fact that I have never had a negative experience with my iPhones make it almost impossible for me to make the switch.

  4. Check out Tailosive Techs latest video titles “iPhone X is super dead” that will apply a little clarity as to what the “average” consumer wants!! Josh V smashing it as Always brother!! Massive respect to both platforms, no slagging here!

  5. I would like to try the Android world but so confusing as to what is the best Android phone. Ouch🤷🏻‍♀️ not sure if Samsung is where I want to start my Android experience I hear so many negative things about Samsung. Lag issues after only a few months yuck I would not like that. So I’m think google pixel 2. Don’t want the xl because it’s the same big size as my iPhone plus would like a smaller phone that is easier to handle. So google pixel 2 or Samsung s9?

  6. Really like your videos. It become such a hard decision when you switch from one eco system to another. I have always used Apple devises but would really like to try Android. Here’s where it gets really tough. There are so many Android phones which do I choose?

  7. I'm trying to find iPhone X review by Android Authority, I literally can't find it…no joke. I was trying for whole 15 minutes

  8. Android ecosystem is becoming friendlier to users and also applicable to IOS… I would like to see how adaptive Apple is to the ever growing android system … Samsung is definitely leading the way is adapting to user experience… Been using Note series since Note 3 until Note 8, and it becomes easier to use …

  9. all people flaming and making fun of apple
    why do you care so much which phone other people use? It's everyone prefernce, I love my iPhone X and would never go back to android bc I think their phones are ugly and wannabes, but just my opinion.
    And 90% of people making fun of apple never had an apple device before or just can't afford it, many friends of mine were like that and almost eveyone of them switched to apple and wouldn't go really back.
    Just accept other peoples prefernces
    I don't care if you prefer the S9 more or what benefits the S9 has, I wouldn't buy ir

  10. I switched from apple to android a few years ago but I miss the colour curve, or whatever it is, that apple uses for its camera images. The tones looked so knocked back and natural, whereas samgung images just look over processed to me. My dad and brother use iphones and I notice it when they send me pictures on whatsapp.

  11. 1:39 "If you want to get to your notifications, which is a fairly recent development–" I knew going into this video that it was going to have some bias but did Joshua seriously not know that iOS users have been able to check notifications since 2011? JFC.

  12. I'm still so torn between the 2. I've been with Galaxy always and truly love all the features. But am intrigued to switch over to the iPhone. My main issues with the Galaxy and all android is no FaceTime. I know there are other options, but most of my friends are iPhone users and I hate to ask them to download a special app just to video call with me. I wish video calling came standard between android and iOS like regular phone calls are. My hesitation with iPhone is the storage. I love the SD card feature on the Galaxy. And my last main dilemma is the curved screen on the Galaxy. I currently have the S7 and feel the curved edge has made it so much more fragile. I've never cracked my phone so many times then with this phone. Also because of the curved edge I haven't been able to find the best case and feel the iPhone has better selection for them. So any suggestions for the cases of the new Galaxy S9+? I'm hopefully buying a new phone this weekend, Thank you for your video

  13. Samsung:

    Great hardware, shit software, no software updates, Little support for older models, lower resale value, known lag on every device made by Samsung.


    Expensive, notch, smaller display, powerful, fast, good resale value, good support, lots of updates, dedicated apps, Apple care, ecosystem and all of the modern hardware available.

  14. I went from the X to the s9plus and back to my X,I just couldn't get use to the s9 plus,I've had Iphones forever and wanted to try something new.

  15. So I preordered the s9+ 2 weeks before release then canceled it the day before delivery and ordered the iphone x and damn i am glad its my fisrt iphone and Best phone i ver had worth every penny flawless fast device

  16. switching from iphone to s9 are scalating and counting.. iphone x is a good featureless phone, but not reasonable to its high price..

  17. My Galaxy S7 and S8 got burn in in less than year! S9 Plus is no deal for me now! IPhone X uses AMOLED as well but I haven't heard complaints about burn in! Probably getting X or 8 Plus, but I'm probably more into the X

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