Samsung Gear S4 / Galaxy Watch Leaks: Wear OS or Tizen?

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Is Samsung poised to release the next flagship Wear OS watch, complete with Bixby on-board? There are strong cases for and against — either way, the rumored Galaxy Watch looks like being one of the top wearables of 2018!

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Author: Rafael


45 thoughts on “Samsung Gear S4 / Galaxy Watch Leaks: Wear OS or Tizen?

  1. Ask Yes Tizen Sucks !!!!! So bad … wants you use a Apple Series 4 Os Tizen like a first gen watch it sucks peroid … The functionality sucks compare to Apple etc.. I am Samsung fan have all things Samsung etc. Bbn ut there wacth is Horrible !! Sub pair a best been having the Frontier 3 for 2 years good watch Sorry Os .. pisses me of ! APPLE Series want me to switch back to a Iphone to use there watch lol … last Iphone 4 lol baaah

  2. I don't like tizen os… Very stupid like sistem! I need same app like Ok Google. I bought these smart watch because I using a scooter and for me is more easy

  3. Samsung fked up the weather app on the S3 watch and they refuse to fix it despite numerous people complaining about it in Samsung forums. It stopped working after the latest Software update for the watch.
    Their solution? Factory reset which doesn't solve the problem because when you update the weather app, the problem will reoccur.
    THIS is why I hate Samsung. Useless software!!

  4. The lady they has introducing the watch was very painful to watch you could clearly see that she couldn’t say anything without reading off her TelePrompTer

  5. I own Galaxy S sport (with tizan OS). I have no clue why Samsung would shift from its successful Tizan OS to android wear?
    I really love how they implement there current watches, would be excited to see how that evolve over time, but shifting to wear OS?

  6. Tizen OS is worthless…we would not be here if the Original Galaxy Gear S would be running Android Wear! Beautiful screen and watch gone to waste, because of the Tizen OS.

  7. Imma be mad if it turns out to be android wear instead of tizen. Tizen is sooo much better even witgout as much support for apps like android wear

  8. Like you I have the only good looking android watch out there, the Huawei w1 I really hate the 2017 versions all thick & black sporty, let's hope with the new chip we get slimmer stainless Steel smartwatches,with sleep tracking.

  9. I'm coming from a Moto2 360 to a gear S3 frontier and it's not even close… Tizen is soooo much better than Wear OS…
    The only downside is there are more app options with Wear OS…
    If you could get the Google Apps on the Gear S3 it would be the best watch ever

  10. Including me, everyone who uses samsung Gear loves tizen wayyyyyy more than android os. It's just simply better os… and everyone knows. there's no way samsung will throw that away.

  11. Please no bixby…..I know Samsung loves doing its own thing. But for god sakes. Google assitant. There is NO comparison. Just use that please. Bixby/Siri/Cortana/Alexa all suck ASS compared to it

  12. I loved my gear s fit 2, perfect size, lovely screen, decent features, decent price. Then the charging points basically melted from my sweat and because it was out of warranty they wanted to charge me the price of a whole new device to fix it. Samsung lose a customer. Going by the forums, I am far from being alone on the issue.

  13. have gear sport… best smartwatch.. 50m waterproof even with saltwater and i hope it gets bixby in 2018 sometime only problem that it doesnt have a speaker but s3 has

  14. Isn´t there supposed to be a Pixel Watch in the near future? Maybe that´s whats going on. They´re allowing them to use Bixby on WearOS just to popularize WearOS at any cost.

  15. I can tell you why they are going is google. The apps. As it is Tizan is very weak in apps, like OS google and apple watch has a very strong app lineup.

  16. I like Tizen. But I wish for compability with google assistent and maps, also better smart home integration. Wear os is compatible with every smart home device, wereas Tizen does only support a few products.

  17. As long as they can't add the ability to control and view the camera like Apple watch they won't succeed. It's annoying to take this feature out and allow Apple watch to compete with them.

  18. Personally I rather it be Tizen with Google Services, mainly GPM. I'm not convinced Wear OS is close to being a better solution. Then again I'll probably stick with Garmin if they add Music to the Vivoactive 4, those watches seem to have a battery that last more than a week.

  19. Are you guys that it will be Android Wear, ealier in the year the rumor was Samsung was testing Wear Os, and then decide to go with Tizen again.

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