Should OEMs put more priority on smaller smartphones?

Jayce talks about whether smartphone manufacturers should consider producing more one-handed devices.


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Author: Rafael


31 thoughts on “Should OEMs put more priority on smaller smartphones?

  1. I refuse to carry a small tablet around, they are unpractical cumbersome, I need something that functions well, and fits in my pocket, if I want to watch movies, or do serious work, I'll use my laptop. Thank you SONY for offering a "real small phone" still.

  2. 4.7 inch phones definitely need to make a comeback, it sucks having to shift my phone around on my hand just to use it one handed, or resort to using my second hand. if someone could just make a version of Xperia XZ1 compact that's less risky to root (Sony are kind of dicks when it gets to phone rooting), and comes with an AMOLED screen then I'll be happy.

  3. I yearn for the day where there are numerous small compact/mini smart phone options. I've been wanting a new phone for a while now and my little hands just can't take all these massive phones. There are very few options available now and often you end up paying an arm and a leg just to get something that fits in your hand.

  4. I'm still hunting a flagship.. In 4.5" screen size range. Phones bigger than 5" are cumbersome to use despite I have big hands..

  5. I could definitely see Microsoft and Apple going towards smaller phones again, since they push their connected suite of devices so hard, and having both a very portable tablet and an enormous phone is less ideal than having a hand-size phone and a tablet.

  6. I'm 6'8 so small phones seem like toys to me plus I read a lot so why would I want a small screen truth is though women tend to smaller then men and have smaller pocket/hands so they'll always be small phones because of it I say buy what works for you

  7. would love to see a change in todays smartphones. They all look the same these days. Why not design a clam phone where both halfs are screen, but smaller then present phones. For guys we always have a problem carrying the huge phones in summer in your jeans pocket as we do not wear coats.

  8. 4.3 to 4.7 inch is the sweet spot.

    Unfortunately our screen size preferences has been heavily dictated by OEMs. Even GSMArena's petition demanding OEMs to make "small" screen phone has failed.

    It is understandable some people prefer bigger screen over ease of use but OEMs should still give those who prefer a smaller screen a great choices to choose from. Currently there is virtually no high-end phone with under 5-inch screen other than xperia compact & iphone. A very little choices.

  9. Homework on a smart phone… That should work. Are you sure your children are doing homework, not just saying they are doing homework?

  10. I can't believe you thought smaller phones would be the way to go a year ago, maybe a new job is needed….I have been trying hard to find a 7 inch flagship phone found the P9 Max but it was not released in my country 🙁

  11. Although I am 22 and 5'10, I still have small hands, so even my old Samsung S3 at 4.8" was a little too big for 1 handed use. I was going to get the Z3 Compact but it was exclusive to Bell on contract (Canada) and I prefer not to use Bell. Then I got interested in Windows Phone, and the only decent option for a relatively new phone was the Lumia 830 with a 5" Screen on a Rogers contract. It's still pretty big for me, but I've managed so far. I don't care about a phone being 5"+ and super thin. To me that just means it's fragile. I'd rather a chunky 4.5" screen that can take a drop.

  12. I've been saying this for years. Give us high powered, high specked android phone that's more compact. While I've enjoyed using LG G3 and GS5 Ive actually enjoyed my new phone more. Internationally its known as a LG G4c (compact) but its secretly on Boost Mobile as the LG Volt 2. At 5 inches not truly compact but much easier. Check my review on my channel.

    I actually really miss those old heavy 4.3" inch HTC phones from back in the day. Update the specs….NOT SIZE and bring them back! 🙂

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