Should you buy the Google Pixel 7 Pro? (Review)

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The Google Pixel 7 Pro promises to be a more polished flagship compared to its problematic predecessor. So does the phone live up to the hype, and should you buy the Pixel 7 Pro? Find out in our review video!

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00:00 The Pixel 7 Pro is here!
00:19 Google fixed the Pixel 6 Pro problems and more (Performance)
02:10 Improved camera system
05:52 Bigger and better (Design and display)
06:55 Battery and charging
07:33 Memory, storage, and colors
07:55 Some design quirks
08:43 Tensor G2 could’ve been better
09:29 Should you buy the Pixel 7 Pro?

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Author: Rafael


39 thoughts on “Should you buy the Google Pixel 7 Pro? (Review)

  1. My only hang-up with the 7 Pro is that it has a curved screen. Sure, aesthetically it looks nice. But it makes it very difficult finding the right screen protector for it. Otherwise I would trade my S22 Plus in for it.

  2. Loving my first ever Pixel. Love the photos it takes and believe it’s the best point and shoot for stills on a mobile phone in 2022.

  3. The fingerprint sensor is faster to not recognize your finger

    The modem locked up twice on my first day of use. The only way to get it to work again was to toggle airplane mode.

    The camera takes terrible flash pictures. I assume that's why it defaults to night photography instead of turning the flash on

    I returned mine back to Target. I'll try again next year

  4. Buy a cover. I like the curved edge. It looks great. Fingerprint magnet, c'mon. I love the experience. It does everything. Screen time is more important than benchmarks. I love my 7 pro.

  5. Despite its good points
    it's not all peaches and cream , the pixel 7 pro has the worst lens flare of the big 3 , but still a problem they all have , watching plenty of comparisons, it rarely gets a mention.
    The curved edge screen is a bit of a downer too, that single con would have been the straw that broke the camels back for me.
    It does look an improvement over the previous model.
    The big shiny camera visor should have been matt black imo.

  6. Awesome video, great work as always. Most definitely thinking about getting the Pixel 7 Pro or at least the Pixel 7. Glad to hear that Google has fixed the issues that plagued the Pixel 6 series.

  7. Im coming from a OnePlus 8 pro. The oneplus is a better phone. The OnePlus is less buggy and faster. Pixel refresh rate feels sluggish compared to the OnePlus. Even though they are both 120hz. The glass feels sticky no idea why probably the coating and the OLED has way more radiation than a OnePlus. Pixel 7 pro hurts eyes and my OnePlus is neutral both are set to eye safe mode?! But I'm hyper sensitive to there you go. OnePlus is better by far except for the camera. So pick your poison. If I had to pick again I would go for a OnePlus. Learned my lesson again. Don't believe the hype it's good but not perfect.

  8. When a iPhone 14 is more customizable than a pixel pixel is going the wrong route. First Lock Screen on pixel sucks nothing to do no customization 2nd why in the pixel launcher I have a trash widget on top and a fk search bar at the bottom, I can’t delete change those widgets you must be kidding and 3rd why can I change the icons on the pixel launcher why this is shit. I’m forced to use a third party launcher and whit that and gesture enable the fluidity becomes trash is just suck. So until Google doesn’t force me to use what they want I’m never using a pixel phone seem like Google is locking you more than Apple does. Google your about freedom well with this rules is not. Fyou Google and your pixel. Btw this video sucks.

  9. Heard many issues with this phone. Bad battery life too. And the fact it still doesn’t support usb-c transfer from phone to phone, and doesn’t support usb-c otg storage drive which every android phones can. Greedy Google probably block it so people have to buy their cloud storage.

  10. I sold my s22 ultra to get one and I'm impressed with it . Way smoother than the s22 , better speakers ( but not great ) , better haptics , slightly better battery life , brilliant voice to text , clever software integration and more .

  11. great video! I think I'm getting it. I'm starting to feel like Pixel phones are picking up where Onplus left off.

  12. I have a Pixel 6 Pro Max 612GB and I don't think that I've ever punched a phone as much as a piece of garbage. So either you're a shrill or someone who clearly doesn't know any better.

  13. Can someone tell me why pixel photos are usually dark? I see a lot of people praising the pixel cameras but when I put it against every other phone the photos are not bright, sometimes weirdly dark

  14. New Pixel user, long-time iPhone user. I’m very impressed with the 7 Pro. It’s a better value than the iPhone, and it’s so nice to be able to charge with USB C. The Apple ecosystem still holds me captive, but today it’s less because I prefer the products than it is they make it difficult to leave. Long term, that’s not a great way to run the business, Mr. Cook.

  15. Yeah hardware could be better. Also they seriously need to offer longer Android support, it's sad Samsung is ahead. It's Google.
    Also sad here in Europe where I am it literally costs 50% more of it's MSRP hah.

  16. I said i need upgrade from my p40pro with Google play services to pixel 7 pro,
    But i need say i am little disappointed about what delivery pixel 7 pro.
    Device Security unlock not working like on my p40pro, and cameras i can said not happy.
    They promised security services better then rivals.
    I don't know if i will upgrade for diferit phone.
    Just iPhone 13 pro max and 14 pro look better

  17. If you want to be a part of a flagship beta test then buy the pixel 7 pro. its about 80% done. So, maybe theyll take your input and fix all the crap like photo app crashing, slow scrolling, poor battery, haloing in fotos, huge purple lens flare at night, poor ability to or losing focus in zoom and other lenses. The list goes on. I have the pixel 7 pro. Upgraded from the pixel 3. Im seriously considering just sending the 7 back. It;s not ready for prime time at all

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