Should you buy the Google Pixel 7? (Review)

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In this video, Harley reviews the new Google Pixel 7. Does it fix the problems of the Pixel 6, or is it another bug-filled release? Find out in our review!

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00:00 The Pixel 7 is here!
00:27 (Slightly) improved design
01:13 Still has a nice display
01:36 Improved fingerprint sensor
01:53 Face unlock
02:14 Tensor G2 performance
03:10 Battery life
04:58 The Pixel 7 takes stunning photos
06:38 Video capabilities and ‘Cinematic Video’
07:47 Pixel UI on Android 13
08:06 Pixel-exclusive features
08:32 Software and security updates
08:38 Pricing and configurations
09:00 Should you buy the Google Pixel 7?
10:05 Should you upgrade from the Pixel 6?
10:28 What are your thoughts?

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Author: Rafael


27 thoughts on “Should you buy the Google Pixel 7? (Review)

  1. my 7 has the worse Signal of all my phones. 14 PM and S22 have 4-5 bars. Pixel has zero-1 maybe an occasional 2 in my home.

  2. Was the Pixel 6 a darling of the Android market? I was under the impression it sold rather poorly and had a number of annoying hardware bugs.

  3. I trade in my 5yrs old pixel 2 for pixel 7. i think this is a good phone ,screen smooth, nice color contrast performance is good. i have [no problem with connectivity.

  4. I have gotten the Pixel 7upon release and been using for the past two weeks and pushing it to its buttons
    1) Wireless Android Auto doesnt get as hot at all and battery life has been amazing
    2) Battery life has been superb, went to a Disney trip and lasted me 16 hours with lots of video recording and photos
    3) Beautiful display and audio speakers, been making looking at videos really nice
    4) Face unlock, been nice because that fingerprint screen has not been the best (coming from pixel 5)
    5) Speech to text, been 100% accurate and has not missed any of my words
    6) Charging, the phone has been pretty good at charging quickly with my 30W & 45W battery brick

    1) In-screen fingerprint scanner, god how much i hate this but it works i would say about 75% of the time, when at Disneyland I notice a good 2/3 pass rate and luckily quick access to camera and loading I didn't miss a single moment.
    2) Phone sizing, I'm use to and only like small phones so that is a personal opinion.

    Overall, loe the phone and has been working amazing for my day to day task but specifically been amazing for my road trips lasting that 3-4 hours on android auto!

  5. No, stick to Galaxy S22 Ultra. It's better in almost every regards. I had a Pixel Pro and returned it due to poor data connectivity also buggy camera,etc…..

  6. I would say that the main issue with G2 SOC would be the long term performance
    how 2 to 3 years down the road will feel?
    that's the main problem that made me not getting one till they make a real update to there CPU/GPU I'm not getting one

  7. I purchased a OnePlus 10Pro earlier in the year, despite the "meh" reviews. The feel in hand for such a large device sold me. I seemed fast enough, other than the screen never seemed super smooth all the time. More than likely OS related. I picked up a Pixel 7 the other day, and it is all around a smoother experience. As mentioned in this review, you cannot bother with benchmarks here. This phone specs have been shown to be far below the 10 Pro I have, and even the regular 7 here, runs circles around it in everyday use.

  8. How many years of Android OS and feature upgrades guaranteed, to go with this hardware? Not security, but actual Android OS feature upgrades.

  9. I bought the Pixel 7. For me battery life, connectivity & performance are excellent. Very fortunate to have gotten great trade-in value for my Pixel 5 from Best Buy.

  10. What are you talking about the 24 frames per second is not cinematic? That is the standard frames per second of all motion pictures. They still film at that speed today. Even with digital cams and stuff it’s still done at 24 frames per second. Even with 4K and 8K cameras those are still done at 24 frames per second. That is the film industry standard. Because 24 frames per second give that classic movie quality motion that people look for when going to see a film.

    I would’ve thought that somebody and video production would’ve known that.

  11. I think they will have the black camera visor and two tone color for the 7a. They should bring back the accent color power button on all models though.

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