Sony Xperia 5 V in 5 minutes: ULTRA enthusiast phone?!

Is Sony making the only Android phones for true smartphone enthusiasts?!…


0:00 – Intro
0:22 – Bringing back classic features
1:28 – Fit, finish, and form factor
2:59 – Shady software update pledge
3:49 – BIG battery
4:09 – Cool camera tricks
5:24 – Final thoughts

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27 thoughts on “Sony Xperia 5 V in 5 minutes: ULTRA enthusiast phone?!

  1. I have a XPeria 5 III and it's pretty good, I even don't mind the tall form factor the way I thought I would. My one complaint, and I know this sounds minor but it really bugs me, is that the corners are not rectangular. When I bought the 5 III I thought from photos that it would have rectangular corners instead of the annoying curved ones all other modern phones have. It turned out to have curved corners just the curves are smaller, which is still distracting. Looking at this video it looks like they're still doing the subtle curved corners? Sigh

    I still miss my Xperia X Compact!

  2. as much as I would love the headphone jack on my next phone I can't just because of the terrible software support.
    right now 4 years of software upgrade is the minimum for me

  3. I have a Sony Xperia 5 II, and I have been very satisfied with the phone. But I will never buy a Sony Xperia phone again, with only two software updates. That is just so lame Sony.

  4. I've had several Xperias in recent years. They start off relatively strong but the lacklustre software support really kills the experience. Updates often introduce new bugs rather than fixing them and their support is subpar.

    They have done the same with their headphones (look at the Sony headphones subreddit regarding WF-1000XM4 battery isues).

    I like Sony products in theory, but the reality of my experience means I'm wary of buying their devices in the future.

  5. 2 OS Updates in 2023… Sony 😂. They could have been great but they still don’t want to align with most people needs. I will stick to Apple, Samsung and Nothing.

  6. 999 Euro for this…. Here we go again, Sony pricing themselves out. Holy 🦆 can they get competitive? They really have 0 idea how to get market adoption. You can get the regular Pixel 8 or Samsung s23 for cheaper and arguably more value adds.

  7. Love sony and Lg phones A Lot. Lg is gone and sony is unfortunately unavailable in india😢😢😢. Hope sony will come back at least for few people via pre orders or something. Till then i am adjusting with cheap brands like xiaomi.

  8. I can tell you that many Xperia fans really dislike the removal of the 70mm telephoto lens. Otherwise, it's decent. Maybe wait for discount to get this phone.

  9. I wish the sony xperia phones still had the sony gallery app and sony video player app on there newer devices. I'm glad that sony still has the walkman app since it's still my favorite music player from sony. I miss the older sony software since it reminds me of the playstation 3 and playstation 4 interface with the sony sound effects and interaction like the playstation 3 and playstation 4 but running android. I wonder what it would be like if sony made the ps vita 2 that plays ps vita 2 physical copies of games but running android just like the ps vita but with the standard micro sd card and usb c for charging instead of the proprietary sd and proprietary charger. I wanna be able to play god of war, the last of us, gran turismo, and ghost of tsushima etc. on android if sony made a ps vita 2 running android and have physical copies of games that are similar to the ps vita with the modern graphics. Android apps works with the Intel and amd cpus on windows 11 but I rather use android than windows 11. Windows have become mac os and I don't like mac os. I use windows, android and chrome os. Certain models of chromebooks support games that can be played from steam but google has to do an over the air update for making playing steam games on chrome os with select models of chromebooks.

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