Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Vs LG G4 – Quick Look!

We see how the latest Sony flagship fares against the competition, in this quick look at the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium vs LG G4!

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Author: Rafael


47 thoughts on “Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Vs LG G4 – Quick Look!

  1. The biggest difference is the quality of sound – on the LG G4 the sound is phenominal – rich, indepth, orchestral quality, whether headphones or loudspeaker

    Where as the on the Xeperia Z5 Premium, the sound is just AWFUL! On loudspeaker it literally sounds like someone poured water in and damaged the volume, as its like barely above a 1, its so low

    On the headphones its much better, but still a very marked difference in comparison to the quality of the LG G4

    The Sony is a total nightmare to get the sim card in or out, as you have to grow sharpened cats claws to fish out the sim tray which is not attached to the flap as a pull out tray

  2. It doesn't have a 4K display that is just a marketing strategy although it is still impressive whithe ultra hd, if you don't know the difference 4K is about 4000 pixels horizontal vs 4 I'll hd arangements

  3. i owned Z3 and i liked it , ut it got ruined after i went inside the pool ,, and now i own a G4 , but i guess im buying another phone which is z5 prem :),,

  4. Wh don't people say the real facts about these phones? The G4 isn't limited in the expandable storage department to just 128gb. It's like they're trying to make the z5 sound better by saying the z5 can have 200gb and the G4 only 128gb. When I'm pretty sure the G4 can have up to 2tb, whenever 2tb cards are available. A lot of you tubers do the same thing. Still good vids though

  5. All I'd like to know is if the charging port on the latest Sony phones are more solidly built?

    My current phone, Xperia SPs port, is on its last legs and I'm expecting it to just stop working altogether at some point.

    Lastly, is the Lg G4 a reliable phone to consider a purchase?
    I've a few phones narrowed down that would suit my needs, just need some unbiased opinions from anyone who owns/owned them.

  6. I buy g4 because of its removable battery😃 and im a gamer im playing while charging so if anything happen to battery i can easily replace it

  7. a premium full review please… after you tested it…. You already have several videos talking about what it could be.

  8. In my opinion,seriously z5 is a killer it has a larger battery then g4,more brighter display then g4,it is also waterproof and dust resistant and yea it has a fingerprint scanner beside that z5 UI is just so terrible and yea it is also very heave 180grams :3 WTF :/
    I will choose g4

  9. Really conflicted on these, I currently have the g2 and fell in love with the G series, skipped the G3 and decided its finally time for a new phone, was set on the G4 for a couple months, but now the Z5 seems to be a contender for me. They both have features I want, if the Z5 has as good a camera as the G4, then it would be obvious, as a person who takes lots of pictures, a great camera on my phone is a must. I loved the knock on feature as well and found out that the Z5 actually has it.

    I like the Z5s style, its a beautiful phone and as a huge gamer, the playstation integration is a big plus…..It's a toss up for me atm, I love the G series and would hate to leave it, but Xperia seems to be creeping in ahead.

  10. Personally I think the regular Z5 looks better. I like that frosted look more than shiny.

    But who are we kidding, it's going to be in a case anyway lol. (and i want one that covers that fingerprint scanner)

  11. I've always wondered why Sony don't promote their phones to become compatible with vita games. I mean I normally mount mine to my dual shock controller. I hope this would happen in the future

  12. Nothing is best than the fingerprint button on the face in front of your eyes. There are reason for that : place and use your mobile phone in a car or a bike docking station (not easy to reach and see where the button is placed when driving). Best : when you run with a protection band on your arm and the phone is placed inside (if the fingerprint is placed in the back side)… On the Sony (fingerprint on the side), almost all docking station on the market will hide the button as they need to hold the phone on almost 2 sides. You get it?

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