Tablets: Why Don’t We Love Them Anymore?

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Jayce talks about what is going on with Tablet sales?

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28 thoughts on “Tablets: Why Don’t We Love Them Anymore?

  1. 2:08 4 years later now in 2019 I use an 8 inch tablet and a 6.3 inch note8… guess I might be one of the oddballs here 不不不不不不不不不

  2. Why don't you love tablets anymore? Because you are irrationally anti-Apple and all the underpowered, poorly designed Android tablets suck.

    Everything uyou say about lack of Apps, is an Android problem, not a tablet issue.

    I have a 4 year old iPad and it's just fantastic. I reach for it more than I do for any of my laptops or desktops or Kindle, because it is fast, highly legible and supremely convenient. Apple's Apps like Safari, Mail, Notes, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and iBooks really take advantage of the iPads Ui and large screen, as do all the Affinity Apps, Pixelmator and many more.

    So your "disappointment" is not with tablets as such, just your choice of Android.

  3. " Tablets: Why Don't We Love Them Anymore? "
    Answer : PREJUDICE . There are people out there who want the phone to be the go to device for everything .
    Otherwise people would still see the benefits in having an Android Tablet with an Android Phone knowing that they get the same experience on the tablet that they do on the phone .

  4. Yep, developers just aren't interested in a lot more work to optimize for one more device/form factor. It's the same reason Microsoft and Samsung couldn't convince devs to jump on their mobile platforms: devs can't justify the additional time and cost.

  5. I use my iPad for almost everything. I use it outside as well. Got an Huawei p20 Lite wich is a great device but I need the bigger screen for media consumption and my phone is mostly music, AR games and connectivity

  6. There is nothing wrong with tablets, only smartphones are easier to sell. smartphone is a evolution of phone, tablet is new type of product.
    `hey, you need a phone to function in modern society` versus `hey, you might like to consume content while sitting on cozy couch with this 10" screen thingie`

  7. Smartphones are good enough for the most part. Tablets are nice but not really nescessary. I've been thinking about getting a tablet just so my phone actually has battery when I go to leave the house but my phone's battery is pretty damn good now and I have a charger in the car. Bigger browser experience is kinda nice though

  8. The iPad Pro is a great device and is selling well. Apple has found a unique place for it in the Apple eco-system by adding features to iOS that only make sense on a large device. Most importantly developer support is phenomenal, especially for content creators. The iPad Pro is a laptop replacement, but not a desktop replacement. I use two Mac Pros for that. But this is my only large mobile device. I use it more than I use my iPhone. I edit 4K video on this device because the A10x SoC is extremely fast. Music app support on iOS is incredible. The tablet market isnt dead because theres no use for them. Its dead in the Android world because Qualcomm and Google dont feel like supporting them. Apple does. Thats it. No need to unsubscribe because someone uses an Apple product. Tech snobbery has gotten way out of hand.

  9. Google dropped the ball in a big way after Honeycomb 3.0 which was developed as a tablet OS. If they continued tablet app optimization they could've been a much bigger player in the tablet game. Apple doubled down on tablet app optimization and iPads have been very successful because of it. I still use a Nexus 7 2013 LTE 4 years after I bought it as a daily driver. My current phone is a Pixel 2.

  10. Really?
    I went thru a lot of comments and yes this is 3 years old.
    Android Tablets are disappearing because they just dont get updated o/s…. ever.
    Who wants to buy the same device 2 or 3 times a year????
    We have 6 here in drawers decaying for that reason, no more to be purchased ever.
    The lack of update support is the biggest downfall of any Android device. How stupid is that? I didnt know that when buying them, once bitten twice shy.

  11. I have an Amazon Fire which I keep my Kindle and audible library on, and if I need to I just side load apps when needed; For 89 dollars you can't beat the price.

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