Tech companies respond to repeal of net neutrality!

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Jayce talks about how tech companies have responded to the recent FCC ruling on net neutrality.


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34 thoughts on “Tech companies respond to repeal of net neutrality!

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  2. Authoritarian governments have historically controlled and manipulated the media to control the propaganda that would be exposed to the population of that country.

  3. All they have to do is wait. The publics attention span is about 3 minutes. When we begin to forget, they just have to phase the changes in gradually. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

  4. can i add that the anonymous group WILL, at LEAST try to hack the fcc's accounts and hold them for blackmail untill the appeal is removed and various other things, so i feel a lil' safer.

  5. Getting rid of net neutrality is not a democratic or republican issue. Its a freedom of speech issue. It's not allowing the government regardless of what side you are on to control allow or block content. Paying a little more or buisness growth should be at the bottom of the list of importance with this issue. This gives others the power to block information and allow propaganda to grow into a more dangeous tool our governemnt uses.

  6. Okay I am very one will be talking about net neutrality for long in the future…Thats what the fcc is doing…waiting for the public to pay attention to something else..

  7. Internet provider: "Yeah, we dont need this rules that keep the internet freedom of speech and access because we already follow them anyway. This is why we are spending billions to lobby the goverment to remove all of them."

  8. because you cant trust companies that are answerable to people who pay for their services, BUT YOU CAN TRUST the single government who is unaccountable?

  9. I am all for the removal of Net Neutrality regulations! Here’s why:

    1. The claim that the regulations make the Internet “neutral” are false, in fact it’s the opposite. The US Government is directly inhibiting the supply and demand that drives competition. This is not neutral in the least.

    2. Competition is necessary for an environment to be innovative, especially in technology.

    3. Further on the claim that the use of the term “neutral” is false: The big tech companies, companies such as Netflix, Google, Facebook, etc., massively benefit from the amount of money and content control that net neutrality regulations provide.

    4. The barrier to entry in the e-commerce marketplace as a whole is so low that competition is almost completely wiped out.

    5. Big tech companies lobby for these types of regulations for the sole purpose of further retaining profits and content control at the cost of the rest of the market place.

    Basically, although net neutrality regulations claim to provide a healthy market place, the reality is clearly the exact opposite. The businesses and consumers that are claimed to be protected are actually being exploited when these regulations were in place.

    Let me know if some of this logic is off, otherwise it is a sound argument!

  10. Can't, say Elon Musk, or anyone else, create a new internet company that supports net neutrality for the same price as the others that'll repeal it?
    Then they would loose all their customers to Musk and would be forced to bring back neutrality and make cheaper prices to survive, right?
    I don't know everything about what's happening in the US but what do you think about this?

  11. its not obamas net neutrality it was already in place since the 90s obama just re addressed some laws cause AT&T VIRIZON and Comcast were pulling shit they are gonna start doing now

  12. You need to get your self corrected not Obama. Its George. Bush Jr who put netnutrality please stop spreading the lie it was Obama when its not.

  13. Bro why did call it Obama's net neutrality its not an "Obama Era" policy. The policy has excised has in existence since the internet became open for wide spread use. Every president has signed off on it including trump till now

  14. If it's legal good luck enforcing not doing it. Moment some company shows money can be made using a throttle as a tool. The others will fall inline to compete by using it and exploring its potential. That's why enforcement is normally contained in laws, not the private sector. A simple change of CEO and any promise made here not to use it, disappears in a puff of smoke. Followed by the words "it's business".

  15. I mean, it might not be all bad. Maybe the internet will be too expensive for everybody to use and people will get reconnected with nature and communities. For too long the internet's been distracting us from our surroundings. This might be the critical global change we need.

    Or people will be enslaved by premium subscriptions because they just have to post that one tweet.

  16. Happy New Year! If net neutrality is not reinstated soon I will boycott Facebook, Google, and all those that can help keep the net Neutral. These texh companies must look out for the interest of tbe U.S. citizens (clientel) I encourage everyone whole heartily to do the same! I have already boycotted AT&T, Verison, comcast, and others because they are greatly responsible for the repealling of net neutrality. Ajit Pai is the currupt Chairnan of the FCC. He and his minions voted to repeal net neutrality. Ajit Pai used to work for Verision and has cooperate shares with Verision therefore he will profit from his currupt dealing in tbe FCC. We can do better!

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