The Budget vs. Mid-range vs. Premium Phone Debate

There are plenty of reasons to spend lots of money on a great phone — just look at the Galaxy S8+ — but these days you don’t have to spend a lot to get an awesome phone. Jacklyn looks at three phones, the Moto G5 Plus, OnePlus 5 and Galaxy S8+, to see how they compare!

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32 thoughts on “The Budget vs. Mid-range vs. Premium Phone Debate

  1. Oh yes for sure a $1000 flagship phone will be better than a $300-500 midrange phone. But it's not a linear value equation. I'm not spending real computer money on a secondary device for me. I'm just not. I'll take my $250 phone and do what I need it to satisfactorily and break out the laptop or desktop when I need actual horsepower

  2. "that plasticky feel really turns me off" proceeds to slap their phone in a case because they paid $800 on it and don't want to replace it because they were clumsy for a second

  3. Feel like this video was made too soon. Would have preferred the Oneplus 5T and maybe Motorola X4. Did not agree with everything you said. Some were simply opinions based more on personal preference. I didn't think the Oneplus 5 was a mid-range phone then, and definitely don't think the Oneplus 5T is today. I also have never considered the Moto G5 Plus as a budget phone, and most certainly wouldn't consider the newer Moto X4 a budget phone.

  4. Nice job. I think an interesting topic would be todays budget/midranger verse last years flagship. The v20 has halved in price since the v30 come out. Does that make it a better buy that todays brand new budget/midranger?

  5. Budget: sucks mid range: Great. PREMIUM FLAGSHIP: Yess. Yess. The best. Ohhh. My friend has a budget and all of us have a flagship we make fun of him and he has money. He has honor 5x

  6. I will never buy a flagship android phone if its not Pixel. To my opinion, I want clean software experience. I wonder why reviewers stress so much on flagship cameras; for God sake, you're not going to shoot hollywood movies on the phone which will never win a gramy award lol. The only important feature is IP water and dust rating and those gimmicks like squeez to do something, iris scanner, samsung Dex, moto mods are all crap to make money from consumers hard earned money. In 2017, i wonder the primary purpose of a Smart Phone.

  7. With the right tweaks on the S8+ it can be as smooth as stock Android by using 2 apps those being Nova Launcher and Package Disabler Pro. Nova can give it a more stock look and more customization options than stock Android launcher and Grace UX or TouchWiz plus Nova can make things run faster. Package Disabler Pro can disable all bloat ware completely all without rooting the device, you can also disable apps that you don't use that can't be uninstalled without root thus freeing up space and speeding up the device.

    This is why I love Android freedom to make it how I want it to be unlike iOS and great video I enjoyed it just wanted to say there are ways to make a Samsung device really good to me Samsung is the best but that's my opinion I like other brands it's just that I prefer Samsung devices over the rest.

  8. I like your/her confidence. Just talk slower sometimes and maybe try adding some interesting background and soft bg music for your videos. Cheers!

  9. one plus 5 is a flagship not midrange , mid range phones have most of the times cpu from 600 series from Qualcomm. Also the moto g5 plus is an a mid ange you have the categories wrong you should do low end (budget) mid range and flagships( high end)

  10. I appreciate this comparison but please know that the HTC One plus 5 is a premium phone at a mid range price. It's important that people know the difference. It's pound for pound the best smartphone out right now for the money and this is coming from a Samsung guy.

  11. Picked the most expensive phone in each category, and I don't think you're going to find many people that would consider the OP5 midrange in terms of specs or price. And, honestly, I think the Moto G is pushing midrange at this point. It's relatively expensive, all things considered. When you have decent (albeit malware infested) phones from BLU and non-diseased phones from ZTE, Honor, and Alcatel in the $100-$200 range, I'm really not seeing how the Moto G is considered a cheap alternative anymore. It's only cheap compared to the OP5 and S8, but it's twice the price of other phones in its category.

  12. I adore Jacklyn and usually enjoy her videos but have got to disagree with her about her choice of phones vs. tier. If she wanted to review a Budget or Entry-level device she should've selected the Moto E4 or the LG Fortune (family member just got one, she likes it) not the G5Plus which many – consumer and critic alike – consider to be a mid-range tier device. Also her review specifically of the G5PLUS she really liked it and now she disparages it. WTH? For most folks the Flagship tier I think starts at upper four-hundred for a low level Flagship which is what the OnePlus is. The S8 is the elite of the Flagship tier.

    I've got a G5Plus and it has to be the best phone that I've ever owned. Well maybe next time Jacklyn…

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