The future of Qualcomm Snapdragon processors

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Qualcomm has bought a company called Nuvia. Never heard of it? Don’t worry, most people haven’t. It was started by the former chief CPU architect at Apple, with the goal of making high-performance, energy efficiency processors. That tech will now be folded into Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors.

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44 thoughts on “The future of Qualcomm Snapdragon processors

  1. Yes Apple’s former Chief soc engineer, Gerard Williams III founded Nuvia and Qualcomm buying Nuvia is exciting and all but Gerard can leave Nuvia just like he left Apple if Qualcomm isn’t treating him properly. Let’s see how this goes!!!

  2. As transistor upgrades become more difficult, chip-makers have to bank on innovation to make themselves standout. This means there will be a focus on 3D chip stacking, more efficient system design approaches, and a focus on microarchitecture idiosyncracies (the apple m1 does this well with its wider core design, unified memory architecture, innovative cache design, and unique out of order execution approach). It is difficult for x86 to mimic the m1 because of its legacy baggage.

  3. Qualcomm will need to buckle up to maintain their lead and fend competitor's due to nvidia in the process of buying arm and even Samsung exynos may use AMD graphics insted of Mali… It is a win win for consumers….. Nice..

  4. The Question is if future gutgets will all get more powerfull chip or outsorce performance and stream everything per 5G, which would allow much thinner energy efficient gatgets.

  5. What if, the problem is Android, not ARM or Snapdragon. It's been 15 years, even optimization on high end hardware is still a step behind Apple, mostly GPU & ISP. Needless to say about midrange & low end

  6. Not necessarily 'choice' in price or versions, when you consider the two versions of Samsung phones, when the SD processor variants are shown to be overall better, but us in the EU/UK are forced to buy the inferior Exinos phones….. πŸ€”πŸ˜’

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  8. Can you imagine if Qualcomm , Apple , Mediatek and Kirin made a chipset thats sooo smooth and faster than any mac book existed!

  9. Great for Qualcomm!
    The power of the current Apple M1 is not fully revealed because most of apps & AAA games don't support it! Just wait for it to be supported to be amazed!! I wish the success only to ARM chips because it deserve it. It will help us pulling us fromt he nvdia & intel greed swamp! Nvida & intel producing slow advancement tech with compatability issues products for insane price. Nvidia & intel are the reason I hated my MacBook Pro & switch back to windows!
    I'm grateful to God to live & see these chip exist! This Apple M chips moments is actually as the moment as first iPhone released!
    I'm pretty sure not only me going to change to MacBook Pro later this year when MBP reveals the beast inside, most of the people are If the PC industry not going to cach the ARM PC version race!

  10. I personally feel Qualcomm want that huge server market they now have a very huge start leg over others and I really don't think they only buy to get the talent but the tech also that will help them get server market in their own way as this market is above $10 billion of revenue

  11. SOC inside coming Switch Pro this year much powerful yet advanced than Snapdragon 888 in playing handheld gaming

  12. single Core is false it is more single thread performance, ARM mainstream processor have only 1 thread per core but intel or AMD processor can have SMT so core too core performance need to take SMT into account. Also ARM processor are build using the last node available and it is good for consumers but for x86 vs ARM test take it into account because the trend could change and x86 processors could benefit from the latest nodes and therefore the performance differences linked to the node would no longer exist.

  13. Two questions for this

    1 Are Qualcomm gonna a be custom efficiency core ? like Apple does in their iPhone soc ?

    2 Are custom CPU core come with midrange soc or entry lvl too ?

  14. Gotta love the competition, it's just getting better for us consumers. And mega props to these Nuvia guys for leading the charge on multiple sides

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