The Notch Fix is here!

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Author: Rafael


47 thoughts on “The Notch Fix is here!

  1. Yes, you're correct. Essential did the notch first. Apple set the trend for others to follow. I think some of you care way too much about a notch.

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  3. I don't inherently hate the Notch, but I do still think that it can look ugly if the Interface is not designed to accommodate it. A Black Status Bar is a way to solve the ugliness of the notch.

    I actually despise pop-up cameras much more, because they add moving parts to a phone, that don't need to be moving, and make the phone much more vulnerable to damages and shorten the lifecycle of the phone, unlike the Notch.

  4. I hate the notch because it makes 99% of phones look fucken ugly! Not including the one plus 6t i like there notch it looks good 👍👏.

  5. The bad part of notch is many vendors are too into this build and phone without notch are become more less and less. It's hard to find a well-quality phone without notch in some of range price.

  6. nacho notch is a great app.
    its black out the status bar so notch is disappear.
    my android is 8.1 oreo.
    the question is,
    android oreo adaptively change the statusbar color and text based on the app/background color you open, so when I on the dark colored (rgb) app like whatsapp, facebook, youtube the nacho notch works perfectly fine. but when I on the light colored app like phone settings, google keep its blackout entire status bar so the clock, signil, wifi, battery precentage is invisible.
    is there any solution for this? please help me.
    sorry for my bad english

  7. I don't understand how to calculate the inch och a phone with notch…. is the indication of the display measure all the display or just since the notch?

  8. Apple Notch : Reducing 18:9, cropped the screen, you lost some part of the 18:9.

    Android Notch : 18:9 screen with extra "ears", you still get full 18:9, with extra part on top left n right. And its benefit for extra information. VIDEO AND GAMES etc still in full 18:9 no lost no crop. And you can disable the notch where you can remove the "ears" and your phone will look symetrical exactly like S9.

  9. Apple is not the first one to introduce notch, it was rolled out by Essential for the first time. Apple just followed them understanding it's potential to increase utilisation of screen area.

  10. Personally, if I were to design a bezel-less phone and I want to avoid the notch, I would honestly go to the Mi Mix route, but in reverse. This means there will be no bezels on the bottom, left, and right. The speakers and the sensors, let alone the bezel, will be on the top.

  11. My Hatred With Notch is infinite…. well at least nokia, moto, samsung & xiaomi stay with their design not riding apple trends…..

  12. I don't much care for all the hate towards the notch. If done right (Essential Phone and presumably OP6) I have no issue with it. I'm not a notch lover, I just have no issue with it. When done wrong like with Apple, then I get the hate because in that specific case the notch takes way too much space and starts to impact the user experience, to me at least.

  13. The venom for the notch is that it literally adds nothing to the user experience. In my opinion this is true with the 18:9 trend as well. Symmetry is beautiful and we're giving up symmetry for literally no reason. We're rounding corners and making them less functional. We're removing bezels so now you have no place to rest your hands. We're changing the screen aspect ratio from 16:9 which almost all media is in, to 18:9 so now you get bars on your video or the feature to crop out some of the video just to fill the screen. Not to mention we've given up headphone jacks. All for the relentless pursuit of no bezels in a way that's functionally less useful. It makes no sense. iPhone users typically won't switch to Android no matter what Apple does. Android users are not used to the industry doing something so off-putting almost universally. A couple of years ago I found myself making 1 or 2 compromises to get the best phone for me. Now that list is filled with things like notched displays and rounded corner displays.

  14. I don't see a purpose for the notch when I'm watching videos I don't want a big chunk of it cut out by a notch so I crop it in. So the notch loses all purpose for me right there because the "increased screen size" is negated by the cropped video. Also when doing anything in landscape it just feels off when viewing anything. That's my problem I don't know about anyone else.

  15. The notch is very ugly aesthetically to me. It does not have to do with others are saying, I truly find it ugly to look at.
    BUT! I would find a small notch(like Huawei's or Asus's) a great idea, if and only if, you could blacken the two sides next to the notch.
    In most phones, the battery indication, the signal, time etc eat screen real estate and most of the time the black bar they're in, is not full.
    So give me a notch, but let it be a small one, and make it so it looks invisible when I watch my videos, play my games or scroll through my phone.
    Thank you 🙏

  16. Phones are expensive nowadays and we expect it to be nearly perfect. Then when you watch your phone screen, there goes the notch. Your eyes hurt.

  17. I don't like the notch because I watch a lot of video on my cell phone. YouTube and Netflix eat up the majority of my free time. The notch, as miniscule as it might seem, is like a fly in the middle of the screen to me, it's in the way. It's the illusion of more screen and quite frankly, it looks stupid.

  18. the notch is useless… what exactly do you gain? 2 little piece of screen? interrupted by that protuberance in the middle?? theres absolutly not screen gain with the notch, just the ilusion

  19. Here me out here. What if instead of a notch, you put the front facing camera and other sensors behind the screen and in those parts of the screen there are pixels that can be transparent when necessary. Probably some R&D will be required to get this working but I think it's a good concept to look into.

  20. this is just a middle stage going for 100% bezelless display no serious mind could just accept it and be fine with it its not one year or 2 from now you are going to look back and spit on that design its not ok its ugly distructing and anoying and the most frustrating thing is that china copy central just doesnt even think what users want they just copy copy copy 2018 is a pathetic year for android users

  21. It's simple dude. Because every fu*king phone looked from the front looks like iPhone X. That's why if you were so curious about it. If you like it good for you. Look at Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S. That's innovation, not the notch on every other android phone.

  22. I just don't see why we need the asymmetry and unusable area of screen that's in the way. I'm perfectly happy having more bezels as long as they're not gargantuan. Bezel-less phones are overrated. So no I don't particularly hate the notch, but I feel it doesn't bring anything to the table. That little bit of the screen on either side of the notch on iphone X serves very little purpose. It can't even show the battery percentage. Why go to such limits just to look different?

  23. As many comments point out, it is NOT an "irrational dislike" of the notch. It is quite rational, logical, and has clear design aesthetics underpinning the opinion. Please don't insult your viewers.

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