The Real Story of Elon Musk

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50 thoughts on “The Real Story of Elon Musk

  1. So he took “almost $300 million and turned it into $160 million fortune” so losing almost 50% of the money he had and you say that like that’s an amazing feat? 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

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  3. Elon musk did not create
    Tesla. He bought it, fired the founder, then sued him out of existence while taking credit for the creation of the company.

  4. i was looking for something to affirm david i saying he's a fraud on shaun attwod.. after watching elon for years and listening to your video, it's obvious you are an idiot. but thanks for confirming elon is not a scam

  5. He was already rich as a kid so being rich isn't novel. And his ego is freakishly on par with many other megalomaniacs.
    He's all over the place as a way to cover up the long term doom that are most of his businesses. None of them would survive in state and federal US government didn't create laws that pay him: state carbon credits last quarter meant they sold $600 million and still ended up with only a 100 million profit… if you sell something for over half a billion and still can't turn a profit on top of selling your actual primary good… your business is a financial disaster.
    It's why he's had moments of psychosis tweeting that Tesla stock isn't worth "that much".
    He knows it's all a gimmick.
    Space X but any space company won't exist without governments as they're the primary customer for such expensive negative return on capital ventures.
    His Tunnel quackery is a nonstarter just as the prior hyperloop nonsense.

    He's similar to Elizabeth Holmes, only that he was able to con some big wigs for hundreds of millions before he went on to conning even bigger financial nut bags for billions.
    As far as getting car companies to produce electric… nope. They have always made nods to that end, but they never fully amp production because… there's too little market, they're too expensive for most people and will only become more expensive as they require 140 pounds of lithium and the same amount of cobalt in each car minimum and always will based on physics. Lithium is 5 times rarer than copper, and Cobalt even rarer still. The price will only go up.

    Anyway, we can all pretend I suppose that some super hero isn't conning us.
    Until the con is exposed.

  6. I think hes an ancient or has learned how to obtain knowledge from aliens or his past lives. Or hes a goddamn ANCIENT

  7. As long as he can get free taxpayer money he will continue to blow it

    Take away the tax money and his pie in the sky nonsense will end

  8. I'm concerned with the space x programme, and the artificial intelligence experiment. Didn't he say on AI is like summering the devil, that's a wake up call

  9. Musk is a monumental fraudster, a man drunk on his own past triumphs, surrounding himself with sycophantic shills who await to stand in the light of the next big success, much like true believers in a cult. He over promises and under delivers. He is a carnival barker who must keep inflating his massive stock bubble with nonsensical schemes like HyperLoops, solar rooftops and 100 passenger ships to Mars made from steel or risk being swallowed up in it himself. Aided and abetted by politically motivated government pork barrel handouts (initially), greed and an incompetent, credulous and insipid mainstream press incapable and unwilling to call out his schemes for what they are. What is more, he has torn into and silenced just enough knowledgeable detractors with over the top legal bullying to deter further public outcries. More disturbing than anything, he is a phenomenon made possible by a dumbed-down population mesmerized by and increasingly incapable of understanding what is becoming an overly complex world and only too happy to trust such self proclaimed Gurus to show them the way. Just my opinion….

  10. Don't blame Elon he is going to be your hero…. Late comment compared to your video time-line… But I wanna say it.. So have my comment..

  11. Plot twist: the elite who are really calling the shots on changes in the world have chosen elon because he has the right qualities to be the messenger.

  12. Elon Musk was right, top gear producers did slander him and they did lie, but Elon lost both lawsuits against them. This is coming from an Elon Musk admirer

  13. i think Elon Musk is not an Entrepreneur at all, he is just a face for the big corporations. They used his name earn and put some sort of cases and all and all other sort of stuffs. But whats common in all of these is that we all people read about it hear about and watch about it, which is directly proportional to the publicity of the companies, by which they earn. You can just imagine none of his near past endeavour has came out as a success. Talking from the Boring company to Hyperloop to Tesla cars, spacex and many more to come i guess, they all are just in talks, non in business because they dont need to with publicity they are earning enough.
    its pretty simple, look at the latest unveiling video of the tunnel made by the boring company. It was just ridiculously hypothetical concept impossible to imagine in real life, which has thousand of loopholes and million of cross questions. Elon musk is creational hype to earn money thats it.

  14. Elon Musk is crazy but he’s also absolutely brilliant. At a certain point, you can’t be that brilliant without being a little crazy. He definitely has boundaries and he most likely is meticulous about exactly how crazy he looks to the public. You can’t predict the moves of someone who’s play style seems insane. And he’s doing it purposefully, with direction to it.

  15. Wow he sold a game as a 12 year old, maybe have a look at a look at Europe during the home micro era, 12 year old programmers were a dime a dozen.

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