Top Five Pixel Problems and How to Solve Them! (Full List in Description)

In this video, Ryan will go through some common issues some users have found with the Google Pixel 7. We give you a few ways to fix the most common problems.

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00:00 – intro
00:45 – Having Trouble Charging?
02:40 – Sponsor
03:27 – Dropped Calls Fixed!
05:00 – Google Wallet not working?
07:17 – Fix Fingerprints
09:05 – how to fix lag or stutter when scrolling
09:45 – Enter Developer Mode
10:38 – Full list of potential troubleshooting

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46 thoughts on “Top Five Pixel Problems and How to Solve Them! (Full List in Description)

  1. I've only had a few stutter issues, but the main problems I've been having are: 1) the display freezes and I can't touch, scroll, or do anything really, I just have to lock the screen and unlock to continue scrolling or tapping something.
    And 2) my volume will randomly turn itself off and or switch to vibrate mode. I would get notifications and not know and it turns out my volume settings get switched to vibrate only or completely silenced.

  2. This damn thing drops the cellular network at random, sometimes in a little as 10 minutes and sometimes as long as several hours. Why is this the first handset I've had this issue?
    And yes I have tried just about everything, I've set the preferred network to LTE (no 5G), disabled 2G, disabling adaptive connectivity, disabled wifi entirely along with its auto connect, no wifi calling, my LTE APN settings are already correct and idk what else I can really do but maybe send it back. Sometimes when the phone connects to wifi it instantly drops cellular connection.
    My SIM card still works in every other GSM phone I posses. For those wondering it is an MVNO that uses the T-Mobile network.

  3. I have a problem with my google pixel pro 7. After years of using my Samsung smart phone I did the switch to google, I connect to my Rav 4 2020. I am getting duplicating text messages and it's so annoying 🤦🏽‍♂️I tried everything how do I fix this problem to make it only speak out the text message once? Please

  4. Not charging, while on charger is reality.
    Unfortunately, I found that when my phone was dying and I had to use my power bank. It didn't even detect chatting cable. I thought power bank died. Well… That happens.
    Bought charger… And nothing. It now detected cable, but didn't charge.
    Turned out, majority of chargers are not able to charge the phone. It needs to be PD standard, otherwise charging is under the question.

  5. The most frustrating thing so far in the pixel is the quality of the front facing camera when video calling on WhatsApp, quality is terrible – any tips about this?

  6. Mine has air bubbles under the screen above the finger print sensor. To fix it I can send my phone back up to 10 days or go to a shop and 1hour and a half away.

  7. It is such a joke that after this many iterations of Pixels, Google, the ones that produce Android, can't release a phone that just works. They even have their own custom chipset now and still it is littered with bugs. There is no excuse. I wanted to get a Pixel 6, but saw there are bugs issues. I waited for the 7 because there were promises about a better phone… I'll just get a fuckin iPhone or a Samsung.

  8. I have a pixel 2xl . the problem I have is with simcard. When the sincard is in the phone google apps crash, the phone runs
    hot . it says Google apps crashed. Anyyways when I eject the simcard the phone works fine on wifi. Frustrating.

  9. My issue is a sim card issue. My Pixel 7 detects the sim card, but it says No Service. It also says ATT Temporarily unavailable. So my brand new phone is pretty much useless.

    EDIT: I just saw the end of the video. It says "requiring software update" for my issue. How do I get that update? My device says I'm up-to-date.

  10. Those having issues with connectivity try turning "adaptive connectivity" off.

    Oh and other than excessive battery drain I have zero of said hiccups😁

  11. I used to be able to turn off my phone by holding down the power button but now Google Assistant has taken control and I have to tell my phone to shut down or restart.

  12. Anyone else getting really bad battery drain from mobile signal on the pixel 7 pro? It's using twice as much as my display for the same amount of time used which seems wildly disproportionate

  13. The biggest issue and complaint I have with this phone is the fingerprint sometimes, but mostly an issue with Google Maps or Waze. I'll be trying to navigate somewhere and then it shows me not moving anywhere even though I am. So I have to cancel the route and start over. Seems to mostly happen while using Android auto though which is also annoying, but that's more of an AA problem and not the phone. First android in 4 years, while I do really like it, the issues with AA are annoying when I used to use carplay constantly without any issues.

  14. I haven't had any of these issues. I did have a weird glitch with a clock widget causing the screen to flicker in lock mode. But I just got rid of the widget.

  15. i haven't experienced drop calls. it's less about the phone and more on carriers. Verizon has achknowledged that it's working on their service. A article was written the other month on people experiencing worse service since 5g push on all phones on their service. I have had no issue with google pay working at all. i use a glass protector and haven't had a issue. it works all the time like my 6 pro did. i always use multiple prints. learn this from my s21 ultra which helped. i have had some stutters. i noticed it only happened with certain apps. like 2 that i use.

  16. Pixel 7 pro here, something's I have noted. No screen protector..

    1 adaptive charging will stop the phone charging, you plug it in and it shows the plugged in screen morph but does not charge, just shows connected.

    2 sensitivity of the screen at the top is lower than at the bottom, in some scenarios the answer call screen shows at the top along with screening options, it can take many taps to get the phone to accept the call often it fails too. I found thumb press does not work 90% of the time, it needs the top of a finger and make sure your skin is not worn as this has an effect also.
    Setting screen protector mode helps a little, however it has me thinking would it get worse with a screen protector installed?

  17. Hi my issue is connectivity issues constantly losing wifi signal and 5g/4g just happens randomly throughout the day maybe 7/8 times a day and it's really frustrating as I use my phone for work.

  18. The solution to the dropped call issue is to cut your losses and get another phone. The iPhone and Samsung both use snapdragon x65 modems in their latest phones. Google uses exynos 5300 modem in the pixel 7 and exynos A5123 in the pixel 6, which are just trash. Got to ask yourself the question, why won't Samsung put the 5300 modem in their flagship phones in the US? I own an S22 and really wanted a pixel 7, but I did my due diligence before I spent that kind of money. THE MODEM IS THE PROBLEM!

  19. i have a strange issue – every other they the caller cannot reach me, just got the notification that someone tried to call me but couldn't.
    I don't know if it's e-SIM related or not (didn't have that problem with my P5), but is strange.

  20. My trouble with charging hasn't been about the chargers, but with the cables themselves. Anker Nano ii charger works great, but using an Anker USB c cable gets weird. It will constantly show the animation that like I'm just plugging it in, over and over. Tried it with several cables from Anker, and I kept getting the same result. Replaced it with a Google USB c cable, and it works just fine. Kinda annoying

  21. 8:20 my problem with this is that I already tried 3 screen protectors from the "Approved by Google" list and I still have problems with it. Sometimes it works perfectly fine and other times, it'll just crap out and either say "Too many attempts" or ask me to put my pin which defeats the purpose of it. I wish it had a physical fingerprint sensor.

  22. The fingerprint sensor on the Pixel 7 phones has serious problems. I heard people have had issues where fingers that weren't registered would still unlock the phone. A few weeks ago I saw a video of it. Then just a few days ago I tried out a Pixel 7. I registered my right thumb but I was able to unlock the phone using the thumb on my left hand and a different finger. That's far worse than the sensor being slow or requiring multiple attempts.

  23. I've had basically zero issues save an incredibly annoying adaptive brightness bug. When I'm in a dark or pitch black room, upon unlocking the phone, it inexplicably pumps the brightness up to precisely 92%, blinding me amidst the dark environment. Tried many fixes, nothing helps yet!

  24. Only major issue I have is that the equalizer in Spotify and Apple Music doesn’t work well when turned on, the sounds becomes muddy , low volume and trashy. I had to download a 3rd party eq as a workaround.

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