Trying to find a stolen phone… (Android vs. Apple)

Someone stole our phones! In this video, Harley and Ryan try to look for a missing Google Pixel 6 and Apple iPhone 13 Pro to determine which platform can help best recover a stolen device. Apple Find My vs. Android Find My Phone. Who will win? You’ll have to watch to find out…

00:00 Someone stole our phones!
00:35 Where could it be…
01:08 The “Dirt Bag Thief”
01:50 No signal
02:14 Apple “Find My” Network
02:51 Android “Find My Phone”
03:27 The Pixel 6 is on the move!
05:03 Remote device lock on the Pixel 6
05:58 The thief has plans
06:35 Trying to find the iPhone 13 Pro…
08:26 Selling phones on the black market
09:00 Two factor authentication is key!
09:37 The problem with Android ‘Find My Phone’
10:27 Getting closer…
11:02 The iPhone speaks!
12:37 We’re going to get fired
13:17 Ultrawide band implementation would be nice
14:16 Is our phone on a plane?
14:52 Comparing the location of the Pixel 6 and iPhone 13 Pro
15:49 Getting really close…
16:46 The thief hides
17:00 We’re in the area!
17:35 Break time
17:51 Where is it…?
21:08 Six minutes left…
22:43 What we learned

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Author: Rafael


36 thoughts on “Trying to find a stolen phone… (Android vs. Apple)

  1. How old is this?
    I thought phones kept sharing location after powering off.
    My ios16 phone states the location is still broadcasting while powering it off

  2. The fact that you had a Galaxy s22 ultra and didn't compare it to Samsung's finder feature is unfortunate. I think it works way better than Google's. I can't compare to Apple's though cause I've never used Apple

  3. Once I lost my Galaxy SII 4G in the middle of a snowstorm because I dropped it and the snow muffled the falling sound and I happen to login into the Find my Android phone feature from my account and it located it's last spot with a precision of about 15 feet. Luckily the snow was covering it and nobody picked it up.

  4. 2FA is a major flaw. if you don't already have another Android or Apple device signed into your account, these features are basically useless because you can't sign into another device without authenticating from the device you lost 🤦‍♂️

  5. Once you reached the actual devices, did either service indicate that device's specific location? Or, we're they still indicating a general location?

  6. I think maybe you uncovered something in this video. When you said that this would be great for if you left a phone somewhere then yea retrace your steps and you'll find it. However, imagine the bad press that google or apple would get if you actually tracked down a thief, confronted them and got hurt or worse. All over a phone that you could essentially make into a brick remotely. Oh, and did I mention that the google or apple can now potentially make another sale.

  7. It's not just about finding location it's also about having a central register so that when the phone comes back online anywhere it can be reported to the police authorities.

  8. You should continue with the situation that the thief already had the phone and you locked it, which phone the thief can reuse by anyhow, And see if it's possible to reuse!

  9. I appreciate the commitment and all but this video is just horrible all around. Bad acting and horrible planning etc etc.

  10. Won't the first thing a perp do is to remove the sim.
    My phone was snatched from my loose shorts pocket while cycling last year. I was about 200m from the nearest police station and instantly went in there to report.
    By the time my friend reached me & I logged into find my device (just 10-15min), the phone was last seen about 500m down the road and they probably threw the sim by then. No chance to even wipe the data let alone track them for a few hours.
    They'll definitely just wipe the device before ever connecting to the network

  11. I lost my iphone on a boat journey and found it before the boat took off again. Find my failed me due to 2 factor authentication and a lack of time to get home and check the iPad. In the end it was my (non-Apple) smart watch which located it. It wasn’t stolen!

    Had it been, the phone would be switched off 100%. SIM card removed (unless it’s an e-sim) and then it’s sold for parts. Also, I imagine even if it’s an E-sim you would request a new sim and disable the old one which also kills off your chance of finding it – lose-lose scenario.

    Truth is, both manufactures need to allow disabling of switching off phones first. The minute I hit lost mode, the phone should not switch off until dead. Also, if my phone was android, you would just flash the ROM and the person who stole it can sell it as working 😮 iPhone definitely wins here!

  12. You know the video is biased if you say its shit bc its iphone. Without even trying. Also just giving up on the first attempt to login to find my. Find my doesn’t need 2 factor you can just click on it 🙂 And in my knowledge the iphone will only ping other iPhones in case it got lost and is in lost mode. My partner also lost their iphone once and it pin pointed it exactly.

  13. To be fair anything that relies on overhead signal can be thwarted by going underground first and then putting it in a faraday bag. After that you go above ground essentially untraceable. Shielding bags are pretty cheap too

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