Was the Nexus really THAT good?

Did Google’s Nexus line match its hype?
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We all seemed to love Google’s Nexus series of products. They started a lot of us out on Android back in the day and we hold them in high regard. But is this legendary status legitimate? Or are we simply looking back through rose-tinted glasses?

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Author: Rafael


38 thoughts on “Was the Nexus really THAT good?

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  2. Nexus 5 in the mail right now, thinking I should have gone Galaxy Nexus lol. Sick and tired of the modern 6"x3" ten-pound brick being 'normal'. but then again, I'm a Xoomer who avoids my phone like the plague on society it represents lol.

  3. It took a few years but accomplished what it set out to. I had multiple nexus phones and use oneplus now aka nexus not fully run by google.

  4. This is a brainwash job right? The Pixel and Nexus line are/ were just not very good. Every year since conception the lines have been sales flops and hardware fault laddened devices.

  5. i still remember buying the nexus one from google website, i threw away the iphone 3gs and fell in love with android then ordered the Nexus S the curved screen was awesome, i still have running custom mode now.

  6. Nexus line was great, the hardware usually lacked in areas that weren't vital to a solid end user experience but the software along with how easy to root they were made me a big fan. The timely updates were icing on the cake. They felt like devices made for power users like me who didn't care as much about some of the minor features the nexus phones lacked.

  7. I had a Nexus 6p years ago, but as soon as I upgraded it to Android 8.1, I ran into the bootloop problem that you spoke about. It was such a shame as it was the first phone that I owned that had the beautiful Google camera software.

  8. Sending this video love from a Nexus6 in 2020. :~)

    Yes the phone runs better then new with Android 10 and my only complaint is battery life.

  9. I was in the final years of school during those times…had a feature phone and always dreamt of owning one Nexus with those bold designs but now that I am able to get much better things on my own, the Nexus line is no more. If it ever comes back, I'll be very happy.

  10. I had the nexus 6 Motorola. Loved it. Would have kept it till now even. Only reason why I changed was cos it didnt have a fingerprint scanner

  11. The Nexus 4 was so ahead of it's time. Anyone else have one? Mine still runs and although I have a Note 9 which runs circles around it and I don't do rooting and custom roms anymore, the Nexus 4 will always be my favorite. The clean glass front and back, the beach shimmering design, the rubberized sides, clean design (albeit chunky bezels by today's standards). A 4G LTE radio you could enable via root and even had wireless charging and NFC in 2012 with OTG support. All for a little over $240 for a 16GB model.

  12. I am still using nexus 5
    It great for developers first steps
    I love it + there are many Android roms with latest Android versions which helps me to keep up with the updates and I have a lot of memories with this device
    I can't just give away this device
    It is true the device heats so fast while playing games of high size or requires at least 2 gb ram but it's fine and I'm proud to say that I own a nexus device

  13. Another Nexus 6 owner here.

    Great phone, my first experience of a flagship device. Amazing screen and stereo speakers for that time and great for media consumption. It had its issues for sure but it was a great experience nonetheless.

  14. I have a Nexus 5 and a Pixel XL and both are still working as well as they ever did. What is not so good is that neither device still receives security updates. I am particularly upset about my Pixel XL not receiving support because it is faster and has more memory than most mid range android phones and so could easily be supported if Google chose to do so. The ending of support on my Pixel XL forced me to buy an iPhone 7 in search of five years of iOS and security updates.

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