What is MicroLED (and why should you care)? – Gary Explains

Read the full post: http://andauth.co/IJChzM | MicroLED is a new display technology that is on the verge of entering the mainstream. It can be used in many form factors from small displays like watch faces, all the way up to large TVs. It also has the potential to be used on smartphones. It is similar to OLED (and AMOLED) but overcomes many of the disadvantages of OLED. Want to know more? Please, let me explain.

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29 thoughts on “What is MicroLED (and why should you care)? – Gary Explains

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  2. Micro LED is not coming anytime soon guys…dont wait for it. Sony's MicroLED TV (Crystal LED) took 6 months to create. And Manufacturing MicroLED with six sigma standards is extremely hard. Its more than 10 years out

  3. 1:64 "They are much smaller, and the reason they are much smaller is they are using inorganic compounds to produce the red, green and blue pixels". I'm sorry, what was that? How/why are the "irorganic compounds" of microLEDs causally connected to their small size?
    OLED panels use organic compounds and they also have very small pixels, but not because they use organic compounds. Your script apparently needed a bit better looking after..

  4. Dang 😒, 2-5yrs out. . .well, hopefully there will be some news regarding microLED during CES 2020. . .when it comes to price, I would be far, far more concerned about the price of a 55-75 inch TV price, than I would be about a 6.1-6.4 inch smartphone.

  5. OLED can also be "micro". I wouldn't call microLED the only technology capable of ultra high resolution. Also, there isn't much gain to be had in terms of thickness. Lastly, "90% less power than LCD" is stretching. Given LCD is 5-8% wall-plug efficient (due mostly to polarization, color filtering, full power on even for black, etc.) , to say 90% less power would imply LED displays using next to no power to generate light, but remember that light sources in back light units of LCD displays are also LEDs. Other than that, good and promising technology.

  6. After watching this video I think AMOLED sucks. I really hope this can comes to smartphones because it haven't even been a year since I got an AMOLED phone and now I already got burn in through the notification bar, a little bit more below but I wasn't sure, and some letters through the keyboards. I miss LCD displays because I never gotten burn in with it. Some people like having a AMOLED display but untill micro LED comes I would rather have a LCD display.

  7. I think that the power consumption is the only real advantage of it

    Burn in isn't really a big deal (it's kinda overblown) screens are already as thin as they need to be and I believe the resolution is just fine as good as it is now

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