What is the LG G6’s 18:9 aspect ratio all about? – Gary explains

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With the launch of the LG G6 we have a new phrase to add to our vocabularies, “18:9 aspect ratio”. What is an 18:9 aspect ratio? Let me explain.

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38 thoughts on “What is the LG G6’s 18:9 aspect ratio all about? – Gary explains

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  2. LG started the dual wide/ultrawide camera trend on the phones and they be also started the 18:9 aspect ratio – talk about them not doing it innovation ? seriously ?

  3. Ok! This video was posted on 3/10/2017 and I just stumbled across it right now exactly 2 years to the very day after it was posted. It's 3/10/2019 as I type this. So it's been exactly 24 moths to the day since this video has gone up. And the best Galaxy Phone that was available on March 10 of 2017, was the Samsung Galaxy S8. I'm here in the time of the Galaxy S10. And today we now have 19:9 aspect ratios on the Galaxy phones. And Sony even released the Xperia 1. A 21:9 aspect ratio phone.

    I wonder what the odds were of me just so happening to come across this video exactly 2 years to the day after it was posted. Hmm??? 🤔

  4. Easier to hold does not mean its the same size. It means it is narrower, therefore smaller in width, that is a FACT. So that argument is stupid, and nobody seems to understand that. I feel like everybody around me are simple minded sheep. So you get a smaller phone wth notification bars harder to reach. And everybody seems to like it. My mind will explode

  5. Now 1,5 years after this video was released it has happened! Now almost every new phone being released is in 18:9 aspect ratio (except Apple). Will there be 18:9 TV's next?

  6. Wont buy an 18:9 phone. Ugly! 5.5 inch phone is already small looking. A fully bezel-less phone with 16:9 will look sexier tbh.

  7. Your video is ok, but to me, istead of a Smartphone 18:9 they can produce a 48:9 with sharp edges, and put it up to their A$$
    This format is so bad that's hilarious, i have a smaller screen in a larger phone, it does not fit in my pocket, is harder to carry it with you, and is less resistant to damage.
    Next dimension my A$$, a phone must be portable

  8. "Easy to hold in your hands" Bro, i don't give a shit about that.. No ofenses, but i don't have female hands.
    I will miss 16:9 wide screen so much..

  9. Funny how ppl claim LG is trash they actually seem to be one of the innovative android manufacturers they have actually started a lot of trends but when they introduce these features they are called gimmicks

  10. Which mobile can read NTFS driver inbuilt without any 3rd paty apps ?
    & it(mobile) can play smoothly 12bit (hevc) 4k / 1080p NTFS torrent movie file (more than 4gb)

  11. That turning point where a couple of men at a table makes a decision for the rest of us – and in turn makes you not want to keep up with the technology. tall and skinny phones are silly. Don't be a follower; If something doesn't make sense, Let it be known with the power of your voice and lack of your dollar….

  12. Actually lol, this is a cost cutting/profit measure.
    Less screen real estate and more $$$ for licensing and other garbatge.

    Nice try LG.

  13. Hello Garry, I am waiting to see your review of the New Huawei Kirin 970 in full details as well as the comparison between it and the Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 835 and Apple's A11 Bionic

  14. 18:9 is bullshit. if I compare the screen real estate of a 2013 note 3 5.7" vs a 2017 S8 5.8" the note 3 will always have the advantage, even if you zoom in with the S8 to 16:9 you are now cutting out detail at the cost of adding 0.1".

  15. im guessing that because the big guns like samsung and LG have already started using it, im pretty sure it will probably end up becoming the norm soon enough. smaller companies always try to replicate at least some of the 'new' tech used by the big guns.
    if it were a smaller company trying out 18:9 first, say for example xiaomi trying it out, many would probably call it a gimmick and just brush it off. but because it is samsung trying it out, it is an outstanding innovation

  16. Fun fact: If the G6 was 16:9 instead of 18:9, the screen would be > exactly < the same size as the LG G2. Pillarboxed 16:9 content on the G6 is 5.2"

  17. well, the "next dimension" was actually long time ago. LG has been a purveyor of elongated screen (BL40, GW990) but neither made an impact in mobile phone realm so I don't think G6 would either too. it's time to eliminate the top and side bezel like what LG did in Japan as a mainstream brand offering such feature before the Chinese brands take over.

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