Why does Apple care more about users than Android OEMs?

Read about the report: http://andauth.co/XfWhqu | A recent security report has shown that not all Android OEMs deliver timely security updates. It even suggested that some OEMs plainly lie about which updates have been applied. This isn’t an accusation that you would hear leveled at Apple. So what is the difference?

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Author: Rafael


41 thoughts on “Why does Apple care more about users than Android OEMs?

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  2. I'm patiently patiently when Google will behave like Microsoft. They have total control of the OS with no skins and UI crap. I hope Fuschia solves that problem especially Chinese crap phones.

  3. Software is not a reason to exclude an oem from customer focus. In the reverse consider the alternative at lets take sprint. Android devices offer hpue which only happens because they work closer with carriers to bring better options for customers or at Sprint with 600mhz. I do agree with the cost analysis to which cost of devices tend to measure specifically towards length of software/security support.

  4. I was a long time Andriod user but due to this very problem of missing security patches, andriod upgrades I made a tough decision to move to iOS. My priority was security and updates and hence, iOS was best for me. I still do not like it as much but it servs my purpose. All the apple products communicate so very well with each other that the eco-system grows on you. I just bought an iPhone first, then did Apple Watch and also Macbook Pro without even realising I am now in Apple eco-system. To be honest, I am overly happy now than I was before with devices from all the different manufactures. I have tasted both eco-systems but nothing can match the Customer Service, Support and longetivity of Apple devices. The higher cost over time feels miniscule.
    Samasung Flagship sells for almost at same price as top tier iPhone but the later are supported for more than 4 years while Samsung goes dead in 2 years.

    Make a wise choice and value your money 🙂

  5. I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on people being able to use custom ROMs to receive updated security patches and how that fits into the mould, given its not for the everyday person

  6. I have a LG v30 I'm on 7.1 and I have a January patch. My older Huawei mate 9 is on Android 8.1 and has the latest patch. Im so disappointed with LG my next phone is just gonna be a Google pixel phone. I'm done with the bull shit of taking your money 900.00 dollars and you don't get any updates.

  7. Bullshit……apple would be the last one to care about customers…..they just want people to pay for each and everything…. closed eco system….no choices with products…..
    and about updates….the scenario is changing with Android phones

  8. I think the carrier problem is specific to the US we don't have carriers that limit our update and I don't know why they'd bother to try to control the updates. Maybe to get people to buy new phones I guess.

  9. why Google don't do the way Windows updates the computers even as old as 10 years you can still update and change windows, they just making excuses to consumers, so I also not a fan of increasing prices of phones then not updating it after a year or 2.

  10. In India we don't have that kind of Carrier locking system if any Carrier try to do this no one will buy it ……

    This is how we told companies to what they should do .

  11. I dont understand how you can list Samsung and Sony as good examples of shipping security updates in time… Sure they do it for high end devices for a limited time but then they start slacking. Not to even mention their low end devices. Support is next to none after initial launch.

  12. How do you compare one company with 100 other companies ? Apple have 3 models a year so there update system isnt that hard to do. While Android devices come in from so many different companies with so many different configurations that it's harder to make update to all of them. And apple does only flagship with premium+ price tags and extra for the brand while you get even 2018 year android phones from starting point of 60-70 euro and there is lots of android phones that cost under 300 euro from any brand 3-4 models at least.

  13. Why can’t google code android like windows or Linux where it no longer needs manufacturers or carriers to tweak the phone? All it does is force bloatware on to the phones and take months after the latest updates to come out. Which could potentially be obsolete by then.

  14. Wow. Are you crazy making this video.
    I smell lots of money in your pocket.
    Apple gives you a updates to slow down your phone, try to fix your iPhone will cost you a arm and a leg. Plus all extra wires you need to make the icrab to work. Come on.
    Woke up and smell the coffee.

  15. Coming from an x android lover I can’t imagine going back to just android I love software updates hardware ages badly and only stays relevant if software continues to be updated and patched so if I do get another phone it will be a pixel I can’t go back to long waits so iPhone is my way to go

  16. Apple cares about their customers?
    That's a good one
    Just see what Louis Rossman thinks about that.
    Pretty much says that you must run away from Apple products

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