Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC review: Terrific value at a cost

The Poco X3 NFC is the best at its price point!
Read: https://andauth.co/PocoX3review

Check pricing: https://geni.us/5ZVz

Xiaomi’s Poco X3 NFC comes in at just €220. For that money, you’re getting a good screen, great battery life, and loads of features. It’s certainly one of the best budget smartphones that you can buy right now. Would you pay less but accept ads on your phone?

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Author: Rafael


32 thoughts on “Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC review: Terrific value at a cost

  1. you can turn off the ads by stopping the app from the settings > passwords and security > Authorization & revocation > revoke permission from msa app .. you can do few other things too if u want to remove ads from Mi apps but stopping msa is enough.

  2. I can tell he hate this phone right from the beginning lmao. I would like to copy Esdras's comment again, "You analyzed this device looking from top to bottom, you are used to Premium cell phones. It happens that the person who buys this cell phone thinks about the cost benefit, and does not compare it with a Premium cell phone as you did. Bad analysis."

  3. An Absolutely Splendid Phone…At A Very Good Price…One I'd Definitely Consider Alongside The Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Series…I Have The Marvelous Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S…

  4. always funny to see someone review mid range phone and compare almost all aspect to flagship phone and tell u the phone is bad in those aspects

  5. Just go and review premium phones mate. You are suggesting %50 more expensive phone(Pixel 4A) to a budget community and also comparing this phone to 400-800 Euro phones. 230 vs 350 Euros? Smh…

  6. Also why do these reviewers complain about the 732 chip.? I've got a samsung A71 it can handle every game i've thrown at it with a midrange chip. Think these reviewers need to do some homework on these midrange devices because they don't know anything

  7. Odd every other user who used the phone & didn't make assumptions actually found it did not 'crumble' or lag with heavy game usage,raved about the display, & also knew how easy it was to stop ads in the settings ;o)
    Seems someone leans alittle to much to 'names' & brands lolol. The Pixel phones have lesser battery & display in reality.

  8. Pleaseeee start talking about the volume of phones, where their speakers are etc. Please. It’s my number one and I can barely find any info, especially for budget phones. Help a hard of hearing girl out.

  9. It is good that u use the perspective of someone who is used to flagships. But please add the perspective of someone who has previously used a budget mobile. I am upgrading to the Poco x3 from a Sony Xperia x Compact -17 as an example. Cheers.

  10. There's just one thing that, almost, none of the reviewers realise. What buyers is this phone targetting? For its cost – it probably won't target flagship buyers, right? People buying this phone won't really have high standards for phone, so they'll be happy with it. And as a cherry on top, they will be very happy to experience the 120 Hz display.

  11. I love this channel, But seriously why everyone and their grand mothers are comparing cheap-budget phones to their highly expensive counterparts. Is common sense taking a fall as a whole? What am I missing. I mean why do reviewers even mention that "this" feature is quite better in this iphone or that pixel or whatever.
    At " this phone is a beast, a super beast to be precise and that's all that matters to us poor folks. Can you believe that I can't even afford this thing even though I have a 3 years old Mi A1. Yes, economy and life are quite hard at other places so please famous youtubers you should all keep that in mind.

  12. Geez, do a quick google search and you will find very easy ways to disable ads. I would expect that from someone who does a review….

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