YouTube vs. Ad-block | The battle for FREE online video

YouTube has been fighting against ad-blockers for years. In this constant tug of war, will Google ever succeed or will Ad-blockers continue to prevail?

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00:00 – The war for free online video
00:08 – How did we get here?
00:57 – Reasons why you’d use an adblocker
01:36 – Adblockers can increase privacy and security
02:19 – The key arguments against adblockers on YouTube
02:58 – Can adblockers increase low-quality YouTube content?
03:45 – Free online video hosting could become restricted
04:16 – YouTube is where all the viewers head
05:10 – Google limits adblock on Chromium-based browsers
06:13 – Could this spark a new monetization revolution?
06:36 – Google heavily pushes YouTube Premium
07:39 – The effect on YouTube creators and channels
08:50 – Ad-block improves browsing on the modern internet
09:13 – YouTube Vanced
09:46 – Can YouTube ever be “free”?
10:48 – The “Creator Ecosystem” and YouTube
11:12 – Our adblock recommendations
11:37 – Can AI fix this problem?

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38 thoughts on “YouTube vs. Ad-block | The battle for FREE online video

  1. Never ever will I pay for this shit.
    YouTube ReVanced is a way better app in way more ways than blocking ads.

    I barely use my PC for Youtube, but my Adblocker worked fine recently.

  2. I could lose YouTube, social media, or whatever that proves they don't want me as a customer. I follow, use, and all the rest, but advertisers download crap (and I mean in a derogative since). I remember before adblockers, I had to restore my computer at least monthly. Now, I rather leave the service(s) that will force this bunk on my computer I own.

  3. ANOTHER thing that P!SSES me off too is the 'Cookies Consent' on web pages… IT'S A MESS! There's no STANDARD to them, JUST GIVE ME – 'I Consent' / 'I DO NOT CONSENT' buttons!!! FAR TOO MANY TIMES I've searched for something, clicked a news article or gone to a web page and had MANY DIFFERENT 'FORMS' presented to me to scroll through to 'Untick' various 'Vendors'/'partners' or cookie features/options etc… THERE SHOULD BE A WORLDWIDE STANDARD!!! Like, the FIRST THING YOU SEE IS – 'Agree' (Accept), 'Disagree' (Reject) and a 'Customise'… There are STILL TOO MANY sites that you can't INSTANTLY 'Reject All', but are forced to click a 'Customize' or scroll for ages to 'Untick' this setting and that setting and the other friggin setting etc… ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ 

  4. With my disabilities I hardly get out of my house at all, so I use YouTube heavily each day, so I chose the YT Premium route. I also use the YT Music app too quite a lot. Now, IF Google reintroduced the cheaper plan (that had NO ads, no downloads, no background play etc etc), then YES, I would go for that instead (being I'm on benefits so it would help me financially) as I DON'T download anything, and background play is just something I don't do… IF Google took the p!ss and STARTED showing ads for 'Premium' members OR increased the monthly subscription TOO MUCH… Then, as hard as it WOULD BE for me, I would HAVE to drop YT Premium, Because I SIMPLY WILL NOT pay Google to show me adverts in 'Premium' mode when for years I have paid them to have the relief from the bombardment of crap I'M NOT INTERESTED IN AND THUS DON'T WANNA SEE!
    I have also changed my browser on all devices to Opera (the latest)…

  5. Happy with YouTube Vanced and now YouTube revenced since a decade I think.
    Used premium for 3-4 months when shifted to ios but that also don't have the sponsor block feature like vanced has.
    Now back to S23 ultra and happy with revanced again.๐Ÿ˜…

  6. I'll pay (not to Google) just to not have the AliExpress adds in my videos!
    Much rather have the YouTubers to have the videos sponsored and I'll better listen to them cause I usually trust them…

  7. I got rid of TV because of ads, maybe I'll get rid of YouTube and pass less and less time on Internet, generally my average time on Internet/YouTube is around 1 hour per days.

  8. You know what also ruins the modern internet, hosts that think adding music to their narration is a good thing. Let me say, "No it does not." Regardless of the music choice, playing music while one is narrating a video about DIY or ad-blocking is extremely annoying. So, please, do not do it. And closed captions, since they are auto-generated, do not do a good job. For example, one aviation guy I watch (not so much due to his music addition), used the word 'fore' in his narration. So while I am reading along since I have the video muted, the captions show 'four' which of course is not the same thing. Yes, I knew what he meant, but being forced to read stuff instead of listening to dialogue just makes the experience less than good.

  9. if it was just an ad at the beginning and the end of each video i would not mind, it is ads all over the place several times throughout videos and half a video talking about sponsors that annoy me. premium costs too much and does not stop half the ads and you still end up with half a video talking about sponsors.

  10. Ads are obnoxious. They pop up too often. They're unskippable. 99% of the time, they're uninteresting, and the same ads repeat again and again. No incentive to view them. Plus sites just put ads wherever they can, making it more obnoxious. Again, I feel like this is just a reaction to adblockers. They get less revenue, so they have to put more ads. But at some point they have to realize that it just makes it more obnoxious for people who watch the ads and just turn them to more adblockers. Yes, I use adblockers too for this very reason. It is obnoxious.

    I also really don't like sponsorships. Once upon a time, they were OK. Often a short segment at the beginning of the video or at the end. But nowadays they put them everywhere. At the beginning, IN THE MIDDLE, at the end and just self-promotion or ads anywhere they can fit it in the video. This has also become obnoxious, so now I am using Sponsorblock too.

    And of course I'm using Ghostery. Why reward these greedy companies who just wants to gather our data and sell it when we get nothing in return? I would rather not deepen the pockets of these companies whose primary goal is just money and don't care about their users.

    That's my take anyway. And I don't feel sorry about it. But I do feel sorry about some sites and Youtubers are put in an unfortunate situation because of today's web situation.

  11. Jesus, just buy premium for a few quid/bucks or whatever currency in a country far far away using VPN once using your bank card. I recommend Ukraine, family premium under 4 euros, less than a burger these days ๐Ÿ˜‚

  12. I'd consider paying for premium but the value proposition is awful. $12CAD/month and I get no ads. That's way over priced. I shouldn't have to pay to download videos. That's insane. Let me download it with the ads and I'll be fine. Same with background playback. There's no technical reason I should have to pay for that feature. Most video on my phone can be played PIP-style except YouTube. They don't even make money off it that way. In PIP mode, I'm still watching the video and I'm more likely to not skip the ad (if they're short and not 45 minute videos I HAVE to skip through. I once found myself 20 minutes into a manly sweater ad because I was washing dishes and couldn't use my hands to skip and 5 minutes in I forgot i was actually on an ad and was watching something else when this started. The video continued for like 40 more minutes according to the timebar. Why was that an ad?).

    And last but certainly not least is paying for streaming music is (admittedly in mostly my opinion) stupid. I HAVE my music. I curate my music and download what I like. I pay for MP3s and FLACs and I listen to them. Getting access to a music rental service that by definition will not have the music I like because it's too unknown or the artist has a bad deal and took their music off streaming is just the height of foolishness and lack of control. My songs, My playlists, my time, paid once.

    So in the end I'm getting one service "Ad-Free" for $12/month. It says something about how awful the ads are on YouTube that I even bothered to finally look up the price. Because nah.

  13. Paying $12.99/mo CAD for a "Premium" subscription seems quite excessive. I current have 3 months of Premium for free because I purchased a Pixel 8 Pro at full price, but once that runs out, my billing will be at $12.99 + applicable taxes. I understand why ads are important but I also think Google's approach to preventing the use of ad-block is a little too aggressive. If Premium was at a reasonable price, I could justify paying but at the current rate, once my free trial runs out, I'll be looking at other options

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