$3 trillion spending plan

White House officials are working on a massive plan to boost the economy. ABC’s Faith Abubey has the new details.

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46 thoughts on “$3 trillion spending plan

  1. Hello friends near and far in the United States today I have a little problem I would like to share with you that hope you understand and support our Vietnamese community living in the United States, honestly I am very much. sad to say this but it has already happened so I hope everyone understands my thoughts and thoughts, just recently since the new President inaugurated as Mr. Biden, during this time Vietnamese people Our men living all over the United States suffer a lot in this new presidential election, whether property is plundered, business malfunctioning, and the bullying of our Vietnamese women even. beaten and threatened, we don't understand for some reason that we suffer so much unnecessary pain in the United States, when before that our hometown often praised America as a free country. free speech and freedom in all aspects and what we are learning is polite and honest civilization etc. First let us tell us why we Vietnamese were present in this US because America had invaded our Vietnam and American soldiers were present all over my territory and they were. has brought a lot of education to our people and indirectly let us learn and we realize they are not bad people but they are giving us an educational platform for us to emulate. follow the example until all the American soldiers withdrew to the country, we found our government's rule too strict and not as free as America, so we fled the country to cross the border By sea, although we know that it is 99% risky to die in this way, we still boldly leave from time to time. after that, and it was as if thousands of people left, only a quarter of them scattered all over the world to only three-fourths had to perish on their own. In the sea and most of us Vietnamese asylum seekers in the United States, for others like they get married with American soldiers, after 5 years they sponsor their relatives to settle in the United States. our father before 1975 served for the US government and after the US government ordered all American soldiers to withdraw to the US and the rest of the officers at that time had devoted both Thanh Xuan and good time. their blessings and then these officers they were captured and imprisoned by the Communist Party of Vietnam and I say for example 1000 soldiers and officers arrested and imprisoned they were brutally tortured 1000 thousand people tortured Tons of too many dead, injured to handicap and only less than 200 officers left alive and my father is also among them the rank of my father is only Infantry Captain, which my father commanded in the office However, my father was imprisoned for nearly 15 years when they released my father, his father was only 30% alive and 70% was out of treatment … until 1985 h ay 1987 something the US government issued an order to guarantee that all the officers previously devoted to the government could go to America and support the house. We were young but still aware of our country. I am not living freely and facing many difficulties, so our brothers are very happy, but it is also my parents' worry that I do not have money to do paperwork and health check because of the money to do the records. The communist state of Vietnam had to accept a bribe, but my parents made an application but they did not approve the application, so that dossier lasted for more than 2 years and fortunately my father had a nephew of this person at that time. Calling you, you have a lot of acquaintance with the Vietnamese government leader, so he bribed my father for about 50,000 dollars back then in 1989, this amount was too much for my family and in the United States. At that time it was possible to buy a new house and pay the debt, so our family's records were approved and they sent back papers saying our family went for a health check and every time we went to see our family. I had to pay more than 1000 dollars and I went to see it every 6 months for 3 years until our family got on a plane, the first time it was November 1992 we did. I'm happy and sad that the class has to be separated from relatives and friends, and the class doesn't know when they will return to Vietnam and the class doesn't know what our family will do, and then live again, I don't know anyone, no one will support and I wonder where we will go in the future so many questions are in our heads without knowing who to ask, and the first thing we set foot on the United States it was winter snow all over the road and We drove and after a month we were granted identification, my parents had to go to the kitchen to clean the dishes so that in short, whatever my parents would do to have money to support us when the government supported the family. Our family foodtamp and medicare because at that time I was only 16 years old and I had a 6-year-old brother so I had a little support and the rest was my parents separated to work part-time to have a surplus and at that time Our brothers and sisters went to school for a few years, I also went to work and my sister too, our family has four people working and notified the government We know that we do not need that support to help others and this is the awareness that our family has learned in this foreign country and there are many other families like theirs. me too, all have to make ends meet with my hands and genuine labor to rise and we have never raised our hands to ask the US government for a penny so try to ask all the Americans in the United States. What crime do we have to discriminate against us, we have done nothing wrong, we like so many other Americans also go to work and pay taxes fully and obey the laws of the United States also talk about In the face of fans or beliefs, each person has a right to choose who they like and who they do not like in September, October 2020, until 1-20-2021, the election of the new President will be. If I like someone, we vote and they are now citizens of the US, we have the right to vote for whom we feel they deserve and Hung I chose to vote for the Republic and on Democrats we did not choose not to hate anything but if we see who deserves it, we sister and vote for that person the result is the opposite of what we vote. But also affecting our people and communities across the United States is a robbery of our inn shops that beat us and raped Vietnamese American women. We even stigmatized and cut off their brakes. They wanted to bring our Vietnamese community to the dead, so let us ask the US law so that no one will handle it, but Vietnamese people are guilty. criminals were imprisoned and deported back to Vietnam so we asked what the Statue of Liberty in America was for and what was the Blindfold in his hand for the purpose and Mr. Martin Luther King chalked Fight for a lifetime to get 3 words without discrimination so are you all right or not but we guarantee that we still obey the laws of The United States also talked about this year the COVID-19 outbreak is that everyone in the world knows where this corona comes from and whoever brought it into the United States needn't be discussed because of all. Everyone in this United States travels in Vu Han and when they come back they bring in, don't blame the Vietnamese community, we say that there are eyewitnesses that nothing happens, it blames the community. We Vietnam and do not foolishly hold all the people living in the United States to be held accountable and we try to ask how many percent are genuine Americans then do not discriminate against us. Our father is dedicated to the United States, we enjoy our own freedoms and I just give a brief summary of what each of us living in the world is living and doing. be responsible and your own words should not for some reason deny your responsibility cause people to spend valuable time watching the My sharing wishes everyone a lot of health

  2. Money is a social construct, all the capitalists getting triggered clearly lack any imagination that humanity is technologically at a point where that old economic system is obsolete and something better will take its place.

  3. the tax debt per american for the last stimulus was just over $5700… now this one will be a third larger. but i mean hey, we have that $1400 to help put toward that so…. and at least we have earmarks back so we know itll be spent right 😂

  4. Biden spent 86 million dollars to house illegal immigrants that have tested positive for covid but the american people can't even get there stimulus check ✔️

  5. It's just a dead end reprise of the Keynesian economics of 1932-1980 . . . minus the progressive tax structure to fund it. It's the worst of all worlds, in a way. Capitalism continues to make its own rope.

  6. You indirectly hurt the poor by taxing business/rich which leads to less jobs and eventually all of us dependent on stimulus/UBI. This will pass because this is their plan.

    The stimulus is a clever lollipop to distract us while they steadily gain ground. They don’t care about RFIDs and new world order BS… this is simply for Power due to greed and indifference to you and I.

  7. Comments show adults acting like children. Black againt white is the oldest trick in the book & you idiots are falling for it… The government is corrupt, left or right doesn't matter.

  8. Over 90% of the 1.9 Trillion previous bill went to other countries not to Americans, I guess this will be the same kind of bill that will not help Americans only since Congress is borrowing money to give to other countries, get serious!

  9. Great! More money printing equals more inflation and more interest rates. No thanks. I don't want any stimulus check anymore, I want a job. Create jobs dumb biden.

  10. Venezuela was spending a lot initially "free everything" until inflation and a bankrupt economy was the outcome of their progressive stupidity! Now the biggest thing their are the food lines and unemployment. Biden's behind the scene progressives will destroy our country !

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