A federal abortion ban would be ‘inconsistent,’ should be left to states: Ark. gov. | ABC News

Martha Raddatz interviews Gov. Asa Hutchinson, R-Ark., on “This Week.”

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20 thoughts on “A federal abortion ban would be ‘inconsistent,’ should be left to states: Ark. gov. | ABC News

  1. I consider myself to be pro life but I think an all out ban on abortion is just ridiculous!! It's the same as the war on drugs!! It's not solving anything it's possibly just making the problem worse.

  2. About 39 years ago I was close to 13 weeks pregnant and had an abortion. Near the end of the abortion the nurse said 'Oh My God' and stared for about a minute then left the room. The doctor continued staring for about a minute or two longer. I saw they were in shock and knew they watched my baby die. My legs were draped so I could not see. Please read below the extremely fast speed of fetal development.
    Heart pumping blood day 21, brain waves day 40. see "Baby Center- Fetal Development Week By Week" which states on WEEK 11 the baby can FEEL if the belly is gently poked on mom, is kicking and stretching, almost fully developed. Look at the pictures – the fetus looks like a developed baby. I was told at the appointment the fetus was just tissue – the same lie told today despite the advanced technology showing the truth.
    Many women do not discover they are pregnant until 6 weeks have already passed. – heartbeat and brain waves are present: From the internet – "Many pregnant women experience some bleeding around two weeks after fertilization and mistake it for a light period, but a missed period on their next cycle will indicate a pregnancy." – (6 weeks is 42 days – heartbeat and brain waves are present).

  3. When the GOP gets its way concerning abortion in many states, Organized Crime will take over the abortion industry and they will stop anyone that gets in their way.

  4. If they do not want to have a baby, it's better for them to prevent getting pregnant.
    Killing an innocent baby, is murder.

  5. They will get with of Abortion, they will go after LGBTQ rights, the right to marry whoever you want (interracial marriage), they will do this, do not be fooled into thinking that your rights are safe with the Republican party unless you are a rich white conservative male. If you are not that then they want to remove your rights!

  6. "We" have been LYING at confirmations to overturn Roe v. Wade, is what they have done. Not one ounce of integrity or honesty came from his mouth.

  7. Huh. People who didn't want to wear masks were called vigilanties, because they didn't want others making decisons about their body.

  8. Think about it men – if RvW is gone, more of you MEN will be paying CHILD SUPPORT and continues for 18 long years, oh and wages garnished, pension attached, tax returns garnished, etc., if you think you can get out of it. And if you child goes to college you'll be paying even more – so don't worry about abortion – just be happy you'll have more of those precious children to abort I mean support!

  9. TRumpers raided our capital on 1/6. We’re not surprised they also fire bomb pregnancy clinics too. Right wingers, violence is not the answer.

  10. What a load of bs Even the travel argument doesn't work. Some states are doing anything they can to make sure they can still prosecute for leaving the state for an abortion. Other states will follow the lead. All of these politicians can say one thing while doing another. They won't get in the way of making abortion as restrictive as possible. They'll do nothing to lessen restrictions on rape and incest, or anything else. If a bill arrives on his desk, he'll sign it, whether it has exceptions or not. He'll gladly go along with a national ban.

    You can't show restrictions on abortion lower the abortion rate. The highest decline in the abortion rate comes from states that don't put restrictions on abortion. Some states, such as California, which made abortion access easier, saw a larger reduction in the abortion rate than states which enacted restrictions. On paper it might look good, but it'll be because you have no data. It'll just hide abortions. Out of sight, out of mind. Doing nothing except making some people feel good about themselves while making others miserable.

    They key word in all of this is "believe". We believe this, we believe that. This country will be a hell hole if we start writing laws based on beliefs. I hold beliefs I wouldn't inflict on other people. We all do, although some people will happily force those beliefs onto other people. Keep your beliefs to yourself.

  11. Every time a politician is asked a good counter point question they never answer directly….. Also if you look up phycological cues for lying it shows up in the same way

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